Happy Holidays 2020!

The strength of the Hive lies in its community. Let's raise a toast to those who made excellent works in spite of the year's trials.


Element TD 2 - the latest rendition of Element TD!
by @Karawasa

The Cave - RPG joined the Hosted Projects roster
by @Glorn2

Bosses of Warcraft ORPG joined the Hosted Projects roster
by @Sverkerman & @Endless_Cola

Chronicles of the Second War joined the Hosted Projects roster
by @Bagysta, @Moonman, @ShadiHD, @Tamplier777, & @Triceron


2 Player Human Campaign - Reforged by @TheSpoon
Second Undead Book of Arkain (Patch 1.29.2 or newer!) by @Shar Dundred
Sunken City 2.4.5 by @SpasMaster

Apart from collaborations, spots have been limited to each author's top bundle.







Description said:
We aim to recreate the campaign of WarCraft II in Reforged, giving it fresh gameplay, custom assets and extended lore. The project was set in motion for years before Reforged even came out, meaning that a solid foundation is set in place. This is a tremendous task which requires a lot of skill, resources and time. Everything is put into motion and we have a solid "pool" of assets so far. We do appreciate your support and donations to help us compensate our efforts and dedication in delivering a fresh experience of Blizzard's old game to the newer generation.

by @InsaneMonster

Description said:
Re-experience the prologue campaign of Warcraft III, Exodus of the Horde, in a truly reforged fashion.

Currently the first, second and third missions of the Prologue Campaign, Chasing Visions, Departures and Riders on the Storm are re-reforged and available to download. You can also download a completely new map acting as interlude between the second and the third mission of the campaign, Maelstrom. This map refines some lore facts and contextualize the events of the second part of the prologue.
Description said:
Following the war with the Burning Legion, the Alliance and Horde's forces were diminished. With both factions debilitated in their ability to reinforce Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, the Horde came up with a plan to secure Kalimdor and elicit a political crisis in the Alliance that would lead to its downfall.

After luring a majority of the night elven forces to Silithus through misinformation, the Horde seek to hold Darnassus hostage and use the political crisis to sow division in the Alliance...

- A recreation of the events seen in World of Warcraft.
- Play in over 7 maps, including 4 chapters and 3 interludes.
- Featuring stunning models, terrain and art.
- Witness the Azeroth-shattering events in classic Warcraft!

by @Shar Dundred

Description said:
The Undead have destroyed an entire legion of Demons, yet the war is far from over. The Human Kingdom of Lor has finally fallen and the Dead Mountain, home of the Undead, is now completely surrounded by the Demons and their slaves. The Undead must fortify their defenses and continue their war against the Demons, but they must not forget that there are also other enemies lurking in the dark.

Command the endless legions of the Undead to fight against your countless living enemies. Unleash new monstrosities like the world has never seen them ever before to wreak havoc within the ranks of your enemies. Use the undead masters of magic and blacksmithing to create new items for your powerful heroes and improve existing ones.

Will you be able to overpower the living of Arkain? Will you return balance to Arkain or will you look for other ways to restore order and bring peace? Or will you abandon the mortals and go your own way instead? Only time will tell.

by @Warseeker

Description said:
Dawn of the Twilight's Hammer is a singleplayer custom campaign that follows the story of World of Warcraft after Wrath of the Lich King as Deathwing makes his return to Azeroth. The gameplay is to complete quests while revealing the story similar to Blizzard's original campaigns.

by @Mythic

What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

by @Mythic & @Murlocologist

In a flash, the panda and his tank powered through the arena and the storms beyond.

@Murlocologist went on to make a winning Stormforger icon set for the 20th Icon Contest.

by @Moonman & @Tamplier777

In the time of Reforged, a champion has risen to defend his homeland with all the might that magic can offer.

by @tillinghast

The world of man trembles in face of this horror.

by @Gluma

Call the warbands and watch as Gluma awakens the beast within.

by @Murlocologist

The passage of time has only hardened the Admiral's heart.

by @Kaziorotto

May this blade aid you in achieving your potential.

by @Darkfang

The fires of the damned will show you where your doom lies.

by @Sun gate

Slow and steady wins the race, with every mouthful of your fate.

by @PrinceYaser

When the cold winds blow, the wolf survives alone.

Doomfire Spirit

Allure of Flames


Death Brand

Wrought Chaos

Chaos Meteors


Fel Infusion


Living Bomb

Gravity Lapse



by @chopinski

Explosion Rune

Living Meteor


Lava Elemental

Sulfuras Smash

Molten Shield


by @Tasyen
Description said:


TasItemShop is a Frame-UI System for Warcraft 3 V1.31 or higher. The System's purpose is to have shops that can sell/fuse more items than the ones Warcraft 3 nativly provides. In the same time more accessable with search&filter features.
Shops are still meant to be units in this system.​


Shows current buyable Items in a scrollable list of Buttons.
Customizeable to some degree, without touching the system's code (might require some fdf knowhow).
Can be used by any amount of players at the same time. Each with their own shoping.
Supports Items crafted by fusing other items.
Complete fusions - pays for missing items, if the shop can sell the material.
Can disable the usage of other players items as fusion material.(You have to handle item ownership using SetItemPlayer, this feature can be disabled)
Can Defuse items.
Can Sell Items to a Shop.
Multiple Units can contribute materials for a ItemFusion.
Has Reference Buttons to show upgrades, materials, current items in inventory and your shoppers.
Item Reference Buttons can be left clicked, to navigate the shop.
Item Reference Buttons can be right clicked to quick buy it.
Items can be filtered by categories. (There can be upto 31 categories)
Supports multicategory in which items have to fullfill all selected categories.
Item can be searched by name or parts of their name.
item Infos are taken from Object Editor.
Can have different Shops with different prices and itempools.
Such Shops are setuped by Unitcode and have either a White- or BlackList.
Shops can have Gold/Lumber cost factors for anything or/and different price factors for specific items.
Can be feed by GUI. (Some features are code only)
^^ The GUI part can be removed quite simple, if not wanted.
Works during Game Pause (Sadly not the quick buying with right clicks).
Can Undo all Buys/Fusions/Sells/Defusions done aslong the TasItemShop was not closed. Undo gives you back the gold/Lumber, items used and removes the gained items. (Undo can be disabled) (When this feature is enabled material-Items are not removed until the Undo becomes unuseable)
Abilities/Buffs can change the prices in TasItemShop.
Can sell you any items not added to the item shop, but can navigated to (has to be enabled, connected with ignoring what shops can sell/craft).
Can Set ShortCuts for buyable Items on a Player base (this can be done by user and by Code)
Makes your map some kb heavier and adds several hundreds of lines to your map script.​

by @loktar

Description said:
  • Batch processing.
    • Drop files/folders on the window
  • Reforged support
    • MDL output can't be read by Retera's Model Studio 0.4
  • Check the tooltips for more info about the options
  • Separate CMD executables
    • --help for info about the options
    • Drop files/folders on the executables
Description said:
W3X Tools is a tool to generate code based on a map's preplaced world information like terrain, units, items, destructables and rects.
The goal is to copy a map's layout in its entirety and store it into code.

The benefit of having a map's layout (terrain, units, doodads, ... ) stored as code is being able to load it dynamically in game. It makes it easier to make a map with an easy, middle, or hard world terrain, for example.

One could also parse though preplaced information, like Destructable -variation, -scale, or -facing, to generate code to fill a table an map start. Data, which isn't accessible dynamically in game.

by @mori

Description said:
Ceres is a stand-alone scriptable build toolchain for Warcraft III maps. It provides a way to quickly and easily build and package Warcraft III Lua maps, as well as various other utilities and tools.

It is scriptable and customizable using Lua, and can be used to orchestrate whatever you want, including:
  • Building a single Lua map
  • Building multiple Lua maps
  • Editing your maps' Object Data using Lua
  • Managing imports
  • And so on
Description said:
JAST is an open-source Java based tool for writing and modifying JASS code, and includes many different WC3 related utilities. This tool provides the ability to format, merge, rename, optimize source code, and more. It includes a full syntax highlighter with custom styles, autocomplete, a JASS function browser, a syntax checker, a rawcode extractor, a string hash compute/breaking tool, and more.

- Open and view JASS source code files with syntax highlighting
- JASS function browser with Autocomplete feature
- Rename/refactor variable names and function names
- Format code to correct indentation and make it readable
- Optimize some GUI triggers into a JASS-like equivalent
- Merge code files together, handling function main and config properties
- Scramble all variable/function names to obfuscate script
- Calculate and break Stringhash values
- Executes PJASS to check syntax
- Extract critical map files from WC3 Map Archive automatically
- Extract custom objects from WC3 Objects file (.w3u, w3a, etc)​
Description said:
Intuitive lab is a novel script compiler development kit, including effect designer, scenario designer, AI designer and UI designer, which aims to reform mapmaking experience and enables mapmakers to edit maps in an incredible way that they cannot ever since. Visual editing makes users need not to know programming such as Jass, Lua, or even Warcraft III. High speed one key code compilation greatly improves the efficiency of mapmaking.

You do not have to write scripts, check and fix syntax errors and debug, just generate optimized standard code in one click. Map makers are left with the task of drawing terrain (no brain), which greatly speeds up the development of the map project. The use of this software suite will make your map development fully visual design, and the efficiency is expected to be more than 800%. If you are a novice, it not only enables you to complete the map function development, but also surpasses the programming expert in efficiency.

Now, if you still choose to write code, you may be out of date. This tool makes it possible for a novice or even a child to surpass a master programmer easily. Have you ever thought that a person can quickly complete the workload that used to take a studio one year to complete in a week. What’s your feeling at this time?

Excludes Top Rated showcases.

Top Downloads

Description said:
What is the campaign?
Its a hosted hive project in which you are able to play through Blizzard's campaign which a friend.
- On missions where these is only 1 hero, an extra hero is added with new abilities.
- On missions where you have a base, you now have 2!
- On most missions, each player's gold income is halved.
- For those looking for an extra challenge, the insane difficulty is added which adds new bosses, encounters, spells, AI

What's different about the 2020 project?
- 3 difficulties (normal/hard/insane) and you can change anytime
- Insane mode is harder with more custom heroes to fight
- The culling, fall of silvermoon and siege of dalaran use their reforged map data
- The save/load codes are saved to a file
- New interesting spells for most heroes
- You can stack potions/scrolls
- Tomes are tracked between levels and awarded to both players
- Hidden artifacts in every frozen throne mission
- Its all made by Spoon now!

by @Stefan.K

by @Moonman

by @PrinceYaser

by @chopinski

Rain of Fel Fire

Fel Beam

Fel Presence

Doom Curse

Fel Blast


Cleaving Attack

Onward to 2021! Never stop being awesome.
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