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Model checker

Welcome to the HIVE Workshop Model Checker also known as the Sanity Test! This tool is designed to help you identify issues in models (.mdx, .mdl) and textures (.blp). If you're testing a map (.w3m, *.w3x), all of the models and textures contained within it will also be thoroughly examined.

How to Use the Model Checker

Using the HIVE Workshop Model Checker is straightforward. Here's how to get started:

  1. Open the Checker: Simply click the button below to launch the Model Checker.

    Launch Model Checker

  2. Load Files: To begin the testing process, you need to load the files you want to examine. You can do this by dragging and dropping the following types of files onto the Model Checker page:
    • Local files from your computer.
    • Links to Hive forum threads or pastebin attachments.
    • Links to Hive resources.

Understanding the Test Results

The Model Checker will provide you with a detailed report for both models and textures. Here's what each category of the report means:

For Models:

  • Errors: These are critical issues that will cause the model to either not load at all, crash the game, or the World Editor.
  • Severe Warnings: Issues that are likely to cause the model to render incorrectly.
  • Warnings: Less critical issues that might not significantly affect the model's behavior.
  • Unused Objects: These objects are either genuinely not used or flagged as issues due to errors/warnings.

For Textures:

  • The texture test is relatively simpler, and specific rules are less known. As a result, any issues found will be reported as warnings.

Reporting Issues

If you encounter a model that works in the game but does not pass the test or a model that passes when it shouldn't, please report the issue in the Model Checker thread. However, before doing so, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser's console (usually accessed with the F12 key).
  2. Copy any errors displayed in the console.
Please note that if you encounter problems with the viewer itself rather than the test, it's preferable to post those issues in the viewer's dedicated thread.

For further assistance or to report any issues, feel free to reach out to the HIVE Workshop community.