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hello man

I've created some SIMPLEBUTTONS because I want to go outside the 4:3 ratio of the screen. But when I click on them in the trigger I can't have the
BlzFrameGetName on the clicked frame. I checked in my trigger the BlzGetTriggerFrame() is not null.

But the function BlzFrameGetName returns a null value....

Is it normal?
Thanks for your help.

PS: Each simpleButton is described in an fdf file. and the parent of my buttons is ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI

BTW with your help you can see some of my work on my albums :D (I would never be that far without your help, so thank you a lot man)
For some reason a simpleframe does not know it's own name.

non simple Frames can leave 4:3 too, I just weren't aware of it for a while. You need to create the Frames as child/inside a (sub)layer started by for one of them: BlzGetFrameByName("Leaderboard", 0), BlzGetFrameByName("Multiboard", 0), BlzGetFrameByName("ConsoleUIBackdrop",0)
Leaderboard/Multiboard would have to be created with the none frame api first.
ConsoleUIBackdrop is only for Warcraft V1.32+

Nice work, good luck.