Arena & Mini-Contests


The Arena & The Mini-Contests

Mini-Contests have been added to additional sections of the Artists' Discussion parent forum. Formerly, only Triggers & Scripts along with Terrain Board were hosts of such contests, but now Modelling & Animation Forum, Screenwriting, Storyboarding & Concept Creation Forum, Concept Art / Fan Art Forum and Texturing & Surfacing Forum will be boosted with the respective Mini-Contests.

There are plans for other sections as well, such as Sound / Music Art Forum, Map Development Forum and Roleplaying Forum. Most possibly, Starcraft II section will also receive its own mini-arena that doesn't come in the form of a forum, but mini-contests as well (since the modding activity of which is moderate and so is the expertise, unlike WarCraft III's), however, this is not official.



  • Most Mini-Contests will begin with an idea already shaped (not always, see current Terraining Mini-Contest for example) and the contestants will then have to follow the theme. For example, Story & Lore Mini-Contests will have a quoted sentence or paragraph and those will be the lines for the entrant to pick and create their entry. Additional example of the said mini-contest type is this.
  • Each Mini-Mapping Contest gives 25 reputation to the winner and 5 reputation to everyone that participates (ie has a finished entry, which has been judged). This is for the introduction of the mini-contests. Later on, it will be decreased to 3 reputation points, so that the Arena contestants receive 5 reputation points for joining.
  • The Mini-Mapping Contests will be based 100% off a judge's review, thus, there will be no public polls.
  • The winners of the contests will be posted in a sticky thread, commonly known as "The Victorious" (sample).
  • The Mini-Mapping Contests do not offer an award to the winning entries, their duration is lower than an Arena's contest and their frequency will be higher.
  • Since the Map Development Forum will be having Mini-Mapping Contests integrated within, but the latter have been part of the Arena's contests already, the previous awards called "Mini-Mapping Awards" will be renamed and the category of those awards will close, since those contests' purpose will be served within the Map Development Forum.
  • Arena now comes with events; so far one has been finished (the Christmas Arena) and one is still in progress. Additional events will be hosted in the future and they will be having certain features that can affect the Arena in one way or another. However, since the mini-contests are sectional contests, they will not be affected by any event whatsoever.
  • A judge that has been approved under the Can I be a judge? sticky will require the double amount (20) of mini-contests to receive the Emblem of the Golden Dragon.

The Arena


  • Our fellow member Jazztastic has proposed a new feature in the Arena, the Dual theme. The idea behind it is that a contest can alternatively (as opposed to the classic set-up) have two themes and contestants can follow one or another to make their final entry.


    More about this idea can be found in the original suggestion thread.
  • From now on, every user that participates in a contest will receive reputation. Works in Progress do not count, only finished entries. The reputation amount will be equal to 5 for the Arena and 3 for the Mini-Contests.
  • As you may have noticed, I skipped the old logos and fonts, but this is just me. You are not forced to be using the same resources; however, for those that are interested, I will create an Album on my profile, which will contain the resources.
  • My main plan at the moment is to spread all of the awards that have not been given to the winners yet from past contests. Therefore, I want you to Visitor Message me with the following:
    • Award Icon that you would like (no pastebin entries please)
    • Link to the Contest's Results
    • Link to the Contest's Poll
  • I will once again remind you of the Can I be a judge? add-on. The reasons behind it are:
    There are those that can't provide an insight of what they see (inability to pick the right words, inability to perceive those 'details' that the common eye ignores, etc.), the ones that are competent to provide decent reviews, but they only have a basic knowledge in the fields, thus unable to make suggestions that go beyond their skills and finally, the ones that are experts in their fields, but several random things prevent them from shedding their light of expertise in the public.

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