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Sep 19, 2011
Jun 14, 2005

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Sep 19, 2011
    1. Thunder1
      Hello bob you released your campaign bloodstone Isles ? i really want to play the campaign .
    2. Hayate_ayasaki22
      Can you help me about game cache...I'm new and confused...when i saw your tutorials i dont know where to find the Action trigger and variables
    3. The_Silent
      Never knew there was a moderator named Bob27. Hope you return, I'm sure you're a user worth meeting.
    4. Ralle
      Just thought of you bro :)
    5. RED BARON
      I still fondly remember asking you the same question as player on mail, and to my surprise received a splendid reply :smile: That was back in 2007 I believe :smile: Hope you'll return again.
    6. Player
      Bob I have been reading your tutorial about "Creating the Game Cache" and found it very useful but there's one little thing that I didn't understood - how to restore my hero from the game cache - see you have written only how to restore your resources and hero name but not your hero; could you tell me how to do that or/and add it to your tutorial?!
    7. Amargaard
      Hey Bob27! :)

      I've checked your 'The Sound Editor' tutorial and I have a simple question which I can't ask in the thread couse it's closed now so I VM you instead: When playing a normal sound using triggers you have to create some variables too, though I do not remember which ones. Can you add that to your tutorial please or simply tell me here? :)
    8. MasterHaosis
      Bob27, hello man! Long time no see!
    9. KOYK GR
      KOYK GR
      em hi man you have the turorial map for the multiboards? caz the ling is dead plz help me
    10. Bob27
      @ tommynator
      That would be because you haven't created campaign buttons for them yet. You should be able to create new buttons in the Loading Screen Tab, by right clicking and clicking 'New Button'. However your campaign should still save regardless of whether or not you have buttons. If there is a map in your campaign which does not have an attached button, then a prompt will appear when you try and save the campaign warning you of this, but it should still save.

      @ Rui
      I've been good. I've been visiting the site but haven't really been doing much posting at the moment. I haven't really done any mapping in Warcraft for a while now, but looking forward to Starcraft 2 :)
    11. tommynator
      Hi bob27. I was wondering if you could answer a question? I try to create an campaign. I have added two maps and have tried to save, but it does not. It says that there are two unused maps on the campaign. Do you know how to fix it?

    12. Rui
      Hi! How have you been doing? I haven't seen you around in a while! Have you been posting?
    13. Hawk
      Are you good at cinematic ?
    14. Craka_J

      I'm on Skype sometimes more often than MSN. You can add my Skype: Frankie Hutzler
    15. Craka_J
      In case you haven't paid much attention, Wc3:WoW is back in action and you can see some of its sexiness at the Mod DB page. When I'm done with Thunder Bluff and get a bit of work done with Barrens, I'll be asking for your help to make another YouTube trailer for Wc3:WoW's new terrain... will probably have some nice gameplay in there too by that time, so yeah.
      And what's up!?
    16. Vengeancekael
      OMG you're still alive?(by that i mean that you're still online) Good lord...
    17. -ALPHA-
      Hey, I was reading over (and learning from!) your campaign and game cache tutorials. I was wondering, however, if you could update them because the current patch took away the "Save Cache" trigger. Is there a new way to do it now?

      Right now I'm just using the file from this as a workaround..

    18. The_Grapist
      Hey,how are u?
    19. AzNGuNzFoo
      hey, i just read your tutorial on multiboards, and I thought it was great! One question though, can you help me or give me tips with making a multiboard that shows DPS (damage per second) and HPS (healing per second)?
    20. Bob27
      Lol, I'll see if I can get on a bit more :)
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