Thalorien Dawnseeker (Request)

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Request for a Blood Elf version of Thalorien Dawnseeker.

Nothing else but a blood red armour/cape and green glow was done to this skin.


Body (Texture)

Body Glow (Texture)

Cape (Texture)

Cape Glow (Texture)

Icon (Icon)

this easily gets 4/5 until tested, but i was wondering about the sword? can it be something else? :smile:
Sword makes perfect sense if you know the lore:
Plus I like the contrast of blue to red. Having it all the save colour can get confusing if you want to distinguish units in an entire faction of blood red units.
Level 2
Mar 15, 2020
I think this skin fits better than the high elf one.
I guess, although yet again, I don't think a ranger would wear red colours, if you see WoW Blood Elves, they wear all sorts of colours, this is just their flag colour.
It is about matching the faction models, high elves are based in blue and blood elves are in red, for this game anyway. A blood elf version of sylvanas or Janella would be cool because then you would now have three heroes that matched. on the other side a high elf version of the spell breaker and lieutenant in the blue armor would be cool to have too for the same reasons.
Level 1
Mar 17, 2020
oh my... since i found Hive i had opened a whole world of REAL ART
and want to say special thank for adding Q'D
Level 4
Feb 1, 2012
This is fantastic and I'm certainly going to be using it in my blood elf custom race. As others have already stated Blood Elf versions of Jenella and Sylvanas would be awesome but also Kelen the Seeker. And a high elf version of both the Blood Mage and Kael'Thas would be cool. Honestly I feel like it was a stupid move of Blizzard's part not to just make 2 versions of every high/blood elf so we could just tick the roc/tft box to change them out.
Level 4
Dec 3, 2014
Hello, I downloaded because i wanted to see what is different in the mode but i couldnt figure out what path i have to use, does he swing with 2hands?