Hosted Project: The Cave - RPG



  The Cave is a classic RPG that blends the style of World of Warcraft with Diablo II -- created in the Starcraft II engine, using Warcraft III art, and inspired by decades of playing classic Blizzard games.


  "A mysterious cave, a cast of wonky and unusual characters, and no idea how you got tangled up in this mess. 'The Cave - RPG' will lead you on an epic adventure to figure out 'Why am I on an adventure?' Tears of frustration and awkward looks from loved ones as you sit in your chair and giggle to yourself won't be your only takeaway from this game; I hope. Designed by a gamer, for free, for gamers. If you enjoy RPG games, then this was made specifically for you."
-- @Glorn2   


  • HEROES - Watch your hero evolve as you progress through the game. There are 15 final-tier heroes, touting 10 abilities each, with stat allocations based on the path they took to get there.

  • ITEMS - RNG-based loot with hundreds of potential combinations, unique mods, and drop rates high enough that you're never just grinding for that specific item.

  • CUSTOMIZATION - Heroes are able to customize/alter the effects of their abilities with glyphs; they have ample stat points to allocate as they wish, special item modifiers, and more abilities than you can shake a stick at, allow you to create and play a hero how you want it.

  • BALANCE/META - The game is designed in a way that there is no "meta" for builds. No blowing up monsters 2 screens away, no perfect builds. The situations are loose enough and variable enough, that there is no set way to do things. Play how you want to and remember - you can't DPS if you're dead.

  • WORLD - 35 large zones with a "simple" boss per zone; and 11 dungeons containing 3 unique bosses each, designed to scale and allowing 1-5 players to complete them.

  • QUESTS - 140 quest, create thick quest density. You will never need to "hang out and farm for a while" to progress. At worst, you may need to explore little, or party up for a tough one. quests are rewarding, and progress the story.

  • ENDGAME - The story is fun and cute, and not too challenging. The real game begins when you complete the game. To test players' skills over their gear, all regional bosses and dungeons become reinvigorated as "Heroic" forms, with additional strength, abilities, and AI -- as well as a "Legendary Mode" designed to truly test your prowess. Raid bosses bring that concept to an entirely new level, as they spawn randomly in the world, scale from 7-10 players, and have intricate mechanics and strategies.

  • REPLAYABLE CONTENT - Though the game is intended to end, a few things freshen up the game, if you have invested 1000 hours and just want to keep going. Legendary dungeons have random modifiers to them, and cycle through every hour. An "Endless Waves" dungeon allows you to see how far you can progress against randomly generated waves of monsters and bosses.


  "It has the nostalgic feel of old Warcraft 3 RPGs, while blowing every other SC2 RPG out of the water. You can build any hero at least 4 different ways and it'll be viable. The progression to end game is fun and doesn't feel grind heavy at all. End game dungeons are a real challenge and very rewarding. Raid bosses give you and 8-9 friends a real challenge."

"You can literally say you made some advanced AI mechanics, since your bosses abilities are so diverse and well randomized -- so hard to predict in some cases."


"Old School"

"Game's epic as shit"

"RPG, old style, Diablo 2 with World of Warcraft dungeon gear hunting"


Play it on the Starcraft 2 Arcade!

NA: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/305693
EU: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/214321
KR: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/131660

Alternatively, you can search for 'The Cave - RPG'.

Starcraft II is free to download - and Arcade is free to play!

 Check out the project forum to keep track of the latest progress.

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Level 14
Feb 19, 2009
I'd like to thank the Hive team for all the wonderful, creative work they create and spotlight and how fantasticly they've contributed to this community.

But even with all that, their best contribution to the community is releasing these new project updates to bury all the depressing, miserable, disappointing updates Blizzard makes to Reforged. I forgot that I lost my soul!
Level 7
May 15, 2009
I would like to thank the guys at the Hive for hosting this. They bent a lot of their rules to allow me to progress my project with their endorsement, and to bring this map to a much broader audience. I hope that you guys take the time to check it out; even if you don't have SC2. Install it overnight, and check this game out. It was inspired by many of the great RPG games that came from this community; and is the the culmination of 6 year of aggressive work.

I found an old screenshot that I think says a lot: The large golem (The size of the castle) is un-scaled. The small golem, is the scale of units in the game.
It's about equal to 1000X1000-1200X1200.

Level 7
May 15, 2009
This is good for single player, right?

Also, my weak shitty laptop can barely handle SC2 before - I hope it can run this decently

You should be able to complete the "story" of the game, which is a good 40 hours, completely solo. I would only suggest that for an "Easy" experience, dont pick a pure DPS class or pure support class. Since your hero evolves as you go; it isn't an immediate choice you need to make; you will see as you play.

A couple of my beta testers are playing on integrated graphics, and don't have issues. A lot of effort has gone into making sure this game has really good performance. I havent encountered another game on SC2 that can touch the performance of The Cave. I run at 120-160 FPS on ultra settings.