Vinz's medals

    Former Staff Member
    This user used to be on the Hive Workshop staff.
    Craftsmanship: Master Designer
    This user has contributed to the aesthetical aspects of the Hive Workshop, and has crafted original art designs that have become integrated into site's user interface.
    PayPal Donor
    This user has donated to The Hive.
    Modeling Contest #33 - Winner
    Eldritch Covenant
    Special Effect Contest #6 - Winner
    Heaven's Gate & Judgement
    Modeling Contest #32 - Winner
    MM20 Stormforger
    Special Effect Contest #5 - Winner
    Fountain of Souls & Kingdom Come
    Techtree Contest #13 - Third Place
    The Starfall Empire
    Modeling Contest #31 - Winner
    Ember Forge & Ember Knight
    Special Effect Contest #4 - Second Place
    Modeling Contest #30 - Winner
    Blood Elven Voyager
    Merit Badge - Dignitary
    This user has proven to be extremely valuable to the Hiveworkshop Community.