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    (Post) His dark secrets ability has been changed, it now adds damage to ur attack and allows your attacks to steal a % of the damage dealt to the enemy
    No worries, I am merely informing you for now.

    And yes, hopefully it won't happen again :)
    Hopefully when I get used to this the comment button won't get moved again.

    If some other Admin hasn't already told you: There is a difference between the "reply" and the "report" button.
    Report is reserved for reporting problems, and will generate a report to us, the Administration, not send a message
    to the person you are trying to reply to. To reply to VMs, click their name and write on their profile page.
    Sorry..... I'm used to the reply button being under the comment.... Please understand I am not doing this on purpose and I hope it never happens again.

    The thread you started in OT, I guess it's some sort of RP? We have a dedicated forum
    for threads like that. If you don't mind, I will be moving your thread over there.
    Heh, hard to believe it's been almost four years. . .

    I've been doing well, how about you? May I as well ask how's your map projects going? =)
    1.5 Released. New kick down ladder function, ladder ai, view locker and much more!

    edit 9/29 : 1.6 Released. A lot of work to the spells/tooltips.
    Damn, 1.3 the same? I'll check again for memory leaks but the ai should be clearing the groups and points. I'll even try turning the collision up on uruks. I also want to optimize the ladders to have an alpha plane that I can place with them, should help cpu without gaps and Units won't fall through.

    Edit: all the stairs are being made invisible ramps to go with them. The lower poly and smoothness should help fps a lot. Also the ladders got reworked, made some models for it. No more siege tower transport :)
    Hmmmm, it's tough for me to test fps as I only have 1 pc and it's a little on the high end and I only test single player. I believe it has to do with the number of orders being given to the AI at one time. At what points did you notice the most lag? I notice fps drops when there's a lot of units in one place. I might make stairs unwalkable and use invisible platforms but I don't believe that's what's causing it. The functions for the ai are pretty fierce right now, I'll make that my main concern to simplify it for v1.3. I feel there's a lot that can be reworked but it's gonna be a bitch haha.

    Edit: Made some major adjustments to the AI to try and smoothen it out, less uruks further apart seemed to help a little, but the major problem was that trolls, banner carriers, wargs, and crossbowmen didnt have a food value, causing them to stack up in count over time. I fixed that and it seemed to run much smoother throughout. Also helped to balance the game out a bit. you now get double points per kill with less uruks too. Anyways let me know if This runs any better please and thank you!
    Thanks for the comment! Just released an update with a bunch of new animations, bug fixing, and balancing. Couple new models sprinkled in their too. You can check it out Here.
    Hi there clockwork. I'm just cycling through random users. Would you like to join Strategy and Risk players? It's a group for people who like strategy custom maps. Link on image!
    <span style="font-size: 12px">
    So far, ultramarines for space marines, world eaters for chaos, idk about orks yet.
    If there is space I might add blood ravens for space marines, anyways they are getting a grey knight unit. Space Wolves are probably the most different chapter of the SM so that might be a good option.

    Basically there will be 3 races at start, SM, Chaos, Ork. If people like the map and there is space, I might extend it to others.
    Shape is ok, needs more detail to look better.
    Here is how its supposed to look like.
    Also please use the texture I gave you, It needs to be used so all guns have a common texture in my map to save space.
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