Hive Cup 2020: Melee Mapping Contest #6

Create a brand new 1v1 melee map, or nominate an existing one of yours. Any entry must not have been used for any previous Hive contest.

The top 5 submissions will be featured in the qualifier rounds and the final cup, as with last year. Let your creativity reign while ensuring the map is balanced for competitive play.

The tournament will be played on Legacy/Classic/SD graphics, so you should aim for best performance in SD. Previews and screenshots in Reforged are not encouraged.

Helpful Links: Melee mapping - The reasons behind common aspects of competitive 1v1 maps

Competitive Melee Map

  • Your submission must follow the site rules and map submission rules.
  • All submissions must follow the current theme.
  • The submission must be posted in the map resource section and linked in the contest thread before the contest ends.
  • You need to have proof that the map is yours. If the judges are unsure about ownership, they may ask you for to provide a link to an approved map on this site, a post containing a WIP, a WIP file, or screenshots of one.
  • Your final submission must be bug free.
  • The map must satisfy the "Melee Map: Yes" condition as determined by Warcraft 3.
    • No custom imports are allowed.
    • Triggers are not allowed.
  • Only one entry per contestant.
  • Judges may not participate.
  • Teamwork is not allowed.
    • Finding testers to help you with your submission is not considered teamwork.
    • You may not base your submission off any map by Blizzard or anyone else.

  • 1st place: 50 reputation points
  • 2nd place: 40 reputation points
  • 3rd place: 30 reputation points
  • 4th place: 20 reputation points
  • 5th place: 10 reputation points
  • Judge: 15 reputation points per entry
The five winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.

Do creeps have proper aggro? Are neutral buildings and expansions placed properly? Is there adequate spacing?/35

Is the creeping fair for all races? How is the creeping flow? Are the item drops balanced?/35


Is the map visually pleasing in terms of terrain, doodad placement, and overall theme? Is the map repetitive? Is the aesthetic well designed but not overly obstructive?

Creativity & Uniqueness
Does the map bring something new or creative to the table?/10

Bugs and other technical issues will negatively impact the score of a map.--

  • Judgement: 80%
  • Poll: 20%
FinalScore = (20*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (80*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)

The contest shall conclude on 13th September 2020 GMT (day is included).

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Level 20
Sep 24, 2017
just to follow up on Tenshi a bit:

I agree, just slamming boats or other exotic stuff without thinking it through will only hurt the map. However, I don't want to discourage the usage of such stuff. Remember, if there wasn't the iniciative from mapmakers to promote boats, we wouldn't have the boat patch. You just have to know how to use that stuff and that's a harder task than making a regular map imo. Maps play an important role in balance and in warcraft 3 in general and a mapmaker can influence the balance greatly.

Another thing I'd like to address since there's some new faces in melee-mapmaking, read those guides that are below mafe's posts. Don't rush the map (sounds hypocritical from me :D ), don't get discouraged by criticism, even consult the maps, whatever, there's no prize money in this contest and I just want good ladder-viable maps to come from the contest.

Last thing I'd like to ask you is if you could please add like a sentence or a small paragraph describing the map or the general idea behind the map (be it here or in the map description). I'm in no place to demand such stuff but I'd like to prevent confusion in judging like that time where someone used custom groups and one of the judges didn't know about that stuff. Plus it would help me understand why some things were done in such way etc. Of course you're not obliged to post anything if you don't want to.
Level 22
Nov 9, 2006
Looks playable.
There's some visual stuff you can improve on, i doodled over the image in paint.
When it comes to gameplay i'd remove the alleyway to the creep camp.
Because if you get creepjacked you need to have a TP or it's game over.
Maybe add some rolling hills or even cliffs for the sake of height variation.
Overall i feel it could use a more visually distinct shape as a whole, right now it's a squared island which makes it look artificial.


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Level 22
May 21, 2013
im not sure what to pick: Black Market or Shallow Grave

if you are asking others opinions about yours maps, Is hard to tell, both are good.
I can think 3 reasons why I like Shallow Grave more, but If you want to know those reasons, I better write by vm, I dont desire risk being offtopic here or put very subjetive statements that may biass other participants.


Site Director
Level 43
Jan 1, 2006
Well, currently there are two Fountain of Health placed on both sides of the map relatively close to the bridge that connects the two sides. The idea is to promote battles close to this location, with the defending player having the advantage, but players can also retreat back to his side and heal (provided the Creep Camp is cleared).

Level 22
Nov 9, 2006
They work because of said "allieviated" reason, but that doesn't mean they add to the game in terms of fun or balance.
WC3 is a game that is at it's most fun when you fight around bases, shops or in the open.
If you fight beside a fountain you need to back the off because whoever holds it first wins.
Which is why you can never have only 1 fountain, unless it's 4v4 where anything goes.
I can only see them being detrimental in 1v1.
Level 13
Sep 4, 2018
They aren't even balanced.
The regen rate needs to be changed to hybrid flat/percent.
It can be allieviated by putting them on the sides, but then they're not getting used so what's the point.

As we've seen from Blizzard recently: crazy things, from tech trees and huge racial balance changes - to boats and merc camps, can be changed or updated. IMO - just a matter of time before Fountains get their turn as well. I wouldn't completely ignore their existence yet. Finding smart ways for them to work is the goal. Numbers can always be tweaked.


Site Director
Level 43
Jan 1, 2006
Another way to enter the other side, besides the Eternal Brigde, is to take this Way Gate across time and space, to another dimension.

There are Way Gates on both sides of the map, which takes the player to a third "island". From here players can walk across and enter the other Way Gate to the opponents land.

The question is, this third island should be worth fightning for and control. So my question is. What is worth fightning for? Gold Mine, Hero Tavern or a Fountain of Mana. Or Creeps that drop unique loot.