Hive Workshop Cup 2020 – announcement

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Apr 5, 2011

Hi everyone,
Like last year, I'm glad to sponsor and help organise a professional Warcraft III tournament, to be played on Hive-made maps.
The maps were selected in the 6th Melee Map Making Contest.

To disclose the relevant info about the tournament:

  • Main event: 12 and 13 November 2020.
  • First two of the five qualifiers will take place next Monday and Friday, i.e. 26th and 30th October. Starting time is 17:00 CET.
  • The remaining three qualifiers are planned for 2nd, 6th and 9th November. Due to a busy schedule, these dates may be subject to change.

-Main event
  • 8 participants, double Elimination. Played online on European servers.
  • 7 maps, 5 winners of 6th Melee Mapping Contest, and last year's Brightwater Oasis and Gold Port.
  • All games are Bo3, except the grand final which is Bo5.
  • Prizepool of 500€ distributed as (place\€): 1\240, 2\120, 3\60, 4\40, 5&6\20.
  • Top-3 players of last year's cup were directly invited: Happy, Foggy and Hawk. Remaining 5 will qualify via the 5 qualifiers.
  • Free to enter for anybody willing and able to participate. Played online on European servers.
  • Single elimination, Bo1 for early rounds. Bo3 starting quarterfinals.
  • Each qualifier centers on one map (e.g. on 26 October it is Tortoise Haven). All Bo1 games are played on it, Bo3 games start with this map.
  • Prizepool of 50€, which all go to the winner. The winner qualifies for the main event and is barred from participating in subsequent qualifiers.
Links to qualifiers:
  1. 26 October, Tortoise Haven
  2. 30 October, Shattered Exile
  3. 2 November*, Talonrift Coast
  4. 6 November*, Zul'Alor
  5. 9 November*, Last Snow
(*date to be confirmed)

Special thanks to the amazing Back2Warcraft for again being partners and co-organizers of the tournament!
And thanks to Mythic for the cool banner :)

:goblin_yeah:Long live Warcraft!:goblin_yeah:
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Apr 5, 2011
Qualifiers! Please register using the links below.
  1. 26 October, Tortoise Haven (additional maps Shattered Exile, Talonrift Coast)
  2. 30 October, Shattered Exile (additional maps Talonrift Coast, Zul'Alor)
  3. 2 November, Talonrift Coast (additional maps Zul'Alor, Last Snow)
  4. 6 November, Zul'Alor (additional maps Last Snow, Tortoise Haven)
  5. 9 November, Last Snow (additional maps Tortoise Haven, Shattered Exile)
Start time: 17:00 CET. November dates are provisional.

Please download the maps form this post, this .zip is final and official.


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Apr 5, 2011
The qualifeirs have ended! Main event begins on Thursday, 18:00 CET.
Below is a part of the tomorrow's larger announcement on the main event.

Qualifier #1 took place on the sun-bathed isles of Tortoise Haven, a map made by Kaer. The invited judge of the 6th Melee Map making contest, Neytpoh, took the very first qualifier, securing the spot in the final event. MisterWinner's famous human rifle push felled another prominent Night Elf player, Sonik, but he couldn't win agiainst Neytpoh in the semifinals, despite winning map #1. Neytpoh then proceeded to beat the undead TGW in the finals. >Replay pack.

Qualifier #2 was centered on the 4-player Shattered Exile. The map was made by mafe, whose another map Brightwater Oasis will be featured in the main event. Sonik again met MisterWinner, this time in the semifinals, but luck favoured the Night Elf in his second attempt. In the finals, he beat TGW, who won in an Undead mirror against Sheik a round before.

Qualifier #3 was decided on the windswept hills of Talonrift Coast, Cigaro's creation. For the third time TGW played in the final against a Night Elf player, this time the Swede Starshaped. On his third attempt, the luck finally shone upon the Scourge as TGW secured the spot in the main event. MisterWinner, the only player to play in all 5 qualifiers, was less lucky and again lost to Night Elves – Starshaped beat him 2-0 in semifinals. >Replay pack.

Qualifier #4 saw Zul'Alor to be it's main map, the grim, circular battlefield of Mr.Henci's making. Sheik would reign supreme, beating two prominent players of other races. First the orc Cash, who won against MisterWinner in quaterfinals, fell to the Russian Undead. The finals ended in Sheik defeating the human Blade 2-0, even if the Moldovan player lamented his unstable internet. >Replay pack.

Qualifier #5 was the final qualifier, to be played across the thawing valleys of ossavi's Last Snow. The semifinals for the second time saw all four races: Cash played against the French Undead Krav, while Blade battled with Night Elf Stranik. Whereas Cash managed to beat the undead, Stranik again lost the semifinal to the more experienced human. So it was Blade and Cash clashing in the final battle, and after a close series of three games, the victory went to Blade. >Replay pack.

Thank you all the parties involved, especially the map-makers:goblin_yeah:
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