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May 26, 2008



Image is courtesy of iSOLence


Create a Genie and its container. The character should NOT be based on a narrative universe that already exists (Aladdin, Harry Potter, Dragonball, etc.). The concept-art must portray the character of the
Genie coming out of its container (lamp, chest, bottle, etc.): Think of a Misty Fox figure trapped inside a music box or a fire looking demon stuck in a microwave. Get wild with your ideas, anything is possible! :)

What is a Genie?:
A spirit of Arabian folklore , as traditionally depicted imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned.


  • Trying to manipulate the poll in any form is not allowed.
  • If you're aware of ip-sharing with any voter, for any reason, you should contact the staff.
  • Harassment towards others to influence the result will lead to punishment.
  • A neutral recommendation to take part at the poll isn't problematic, though.
  • Voting for yourself is not allowed, and will lead to a malus by 5%.
  • Participating in the poll does not explicitly safe one from being disqualified.
  • Judges are not allowed to vote.

Breaking any of these rules may lead to punishment in the judgement score, up to disqualification from the contest, depending on the weight of the issue. In case of doubts towards a certain rule you are very encouraged to discuss it in the contest thread so others and judges may help with sorting it out.

You are very welcome to make a statement when voting, so contestants get a bit of public feedback!




  • First Place: 50 reputation points and your entry on the award icon
  • Second Place: 35 reputation points and an award icon
  • Third Place: 20 reputation points and an award icon
  • Judges: 5 reputation points


  • Hemske
  • Heinvers

Does the artist take advantage of the theme, or is the vision unfitting?/10

Does the artist display the design in an effective manner, or is it hard to tell what is what? Are artistic techniques used effectively to make the character interesting, or does the style deteriorate the concept? Is the appearance of the design objectively pleasing, or is it of low quality?/25

Does the design offer a new creative approach, or is it generic and cliché? Does it have character, or is it just another boring design? Does the design make sense and fit the description, or is it necessary to read the title to understand?/40

Does the design balance, or are the proportions impractical? Is the anatomy or construction correct, does it allow the character to move as it should, or is functionality disregarded entirely?/25

  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
Final Score = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Judge Score/100)


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Jun 4, 2009
There are lots of goodies here of which those of eubz, morbent, Shido, Murlocologist and Maxwell got my most attention.

Of these, the battle in my mind was between Murlocologist and Maxwell.
The result? I'd love for it to be a draw but sadly, that is not possible, thus: Murlocologist.
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Dec 21, 2013
This feel so fast o.o
Although Morbent’s looks amazing, but it feels out of focus for me. Maxwell’s is really fancy although it’s less ‘genie’. And only one female genie, from Peekay :( (or its 3? has 3heads).
My vote goes to stein123’s because it looks great as usual lel. It has unique design.
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May 25, 2017
A jinn with such demonic appearance that make Jafar just flat out look like weakling, that a yes. :D
I love how it something feel inside the smoke from Morbent's genie quite spooky scary, that even more yes. My question mark is that background look little weird, i thought it as forest ? No, stakes ? No again ?Maybe i looked it wrong, you can correct me. Overrall, A great work from him and may his best to inspire his viewers for more of your work.
Huh, my guess is that mummy looking genie were not suppose to be gigantic right ? I know this wasn't complete but i'll do my best to give some great point and deal in this one. I love the smoke and ember looking effect when releasing the genie. That was something i can't be good at it and you make it look much easier. Its container look... kinda nice, i think the smoke was travel one side of the pot so point for smoke logic. Eubz's genie is imcomplete but scary and ... adorable (at least imo)? Maybe one day i will try making his genie out of paper mache out of it.
Hey, viewer. I won't miss the concept, just have my eye wide open.
So Flyphor's genie is suppose to look like Marvel's Vision. Sound tricky but MCU make Vision the best husband so why the hell not to be a kind genie concept. Sure, the guy who awaken him look afraid but i gave him credit for aknowledging what happen if you actually meet a real genie. His container look like some barrel of energy ? or maybe a battery. Maybe my review on Flyphor is wrong entirely because his entry is incompleted but enough inspired me what if genie was futuristic.
Internet Genie! Before Akinator was a thing, there were Internet Genie. Probably one of my favorite entries because how cool is this concept could have be when completed. Somehow, the genie look like an evil employee who connect the soul of internet and spread around like a virus. I love it, wish GOP complete it so that like the newspaper style art of " Hey, i'm Ghost Of The Past. I brought to you this product called "Paperjam" ". Pretty great concept and talented man as you are.
:peasant-grin:Oh man, what i gotta start with you.
This is most hillarious looking genie that i have ever seen [R.William: TRIGGERED]. Like Bob Ross in heaven would be proud of you about it. Genie in this one is simple, he is holding some plant and i can't know what the Sunflower genie smoke tail look like a bush ?. To be fair, I can't write this review properly because how funny and awfully badass over it. This is insane and Shido approved your sunlight.
" All you have to do is practice, there is no limit here. " - Bob Ross
First off, extra point from Mr. Goblin approval. :D This is spooky scary, fortune seeker like appearance and omen of the dark feel. I notice some web around his headware too, horror style way of making genie is amazing. However, i do felt that container have a hole too. So, smoke should have around the genie hand or leg. But regardless, one of best entries and wish you luck.
This is a unique genie because it felt like wish granter can manipulate and yes, "your wish, my wish, screw you master". This explain how genie is human as well and two side personality. I like the detail of treasure around her too, not much outshade the genie herself but gave in a deep atmosphere. Great work Peekey :D, she's scary but hot.
Now i'm understand you were having a bad time in RL to complete your entry. I understand, i caught the same thing as you are and hope the best in real life inspire your children.
So this is by far my favorite container, it look super unique and i have never thought on combining sea smoke style to make such an amazing genie. The weird part i can find that can't telling what creature the genie are, dragon ? shrimp ? could be any sea creature (deepstrasz, jump in to explain if you can) but i gave it a pass because its awesome.
It still incomplete in my opinion but hence i mention stein, color may ruined it so yeah. I like it, hope you have a great day.
You do mention it as Soul Eater. Yes, i see your genie is OP but he is more of a level of Final Fantasy Ifrit

Notice how similar is it? Okay, i'm not judging, i'm reviewing and what concept i can look into it. I love how one guy on a left like: " Ah hell no, i'm not wishing for this." But i usually think that if you invest to complete, it would stunning and terrifying. But it feel out of focus from behind (i caught the same problem like you so... fair :pgrin:). Anyway, i found it interesting despite you wasn't complete it.
This is by far the most handsomest genie i have ever seen and wish for drink with him (maybe around 5 years or more, i'm still 16). Genie isn't the most soberest people in any universe because sometime their mind isn't awaken.
And that true, take Disney's Genie example, he is never really serious about everything around him, he just lived happily around and grant wishes, but when Jafar order to grant him wishes, his mind awaken and must do what he actually is. So normally this philosophy went in, Maxwell's Drunkest Genie look awesome but sad as well. (Now i'm wondered, what was he thinking of drinking his own container). I surprised how Maxwell made it less than 3 days, that look great. The art style /visual is comfortable and feel like you can make this as poster in your bedroom with friends and family in every game and party. (idk, just don't say that you drew this. Maxwell deserved more credits than that.)
Overrall, this is my one-personal chosen to vote here. Shut up and take my vote.

And that is my main review, i absolutely love them and learn through all of them about visual. Still, Maxwell is my man to vote.
Well well well.. throwing my humble personal opinion here.

My top 3 would be morbent, stein123 and PeeKay. The others' while being certainly good entries, do not seem very well/properly executed in terms of design, form or color in my opinion.

Thus, if I have to choose one, it would definitely be morbent's.
Tasty one @morbent !
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Aug 7, 2011
No multivoting? Damn.

Shido, the background was not well thought out, it was supposed to be broken wood, like the small house foundations of the person who just activated the lamp or something of that sort. In the end I just threw in some silhouettes to think about later.

I'm a bit torn between RedLord and stein.

RedLord's piece has this amazing acolyte-praised, soul consuming genie and the composition helps a lot to pitch the mood. Even though it's a sketch, one can see that it's headed in a great direction and there's a lot great about it already. Unfortunately, it's just not finished enough to better represent it's ideas. Definitely deserves more votes though... we need multivoting.

Stein's piece has the best balance of design, level of finish and professional skill in representing anatomy, pose, etc. It's just an awesome piece overall. Not really my type of design for a genie, but personal opinion is irrelevant - it's a great piece and the undead vibes would fit greatly with something like nerubians or egyptian genies. Also, I love the lamp design, this vase idea is just close enough to a lamp but unique enough to be amazing, especially considering how simple it is, just a plain old vase. Marvelous :D.
All in all, I cast my vote for stein.

I quite liked Flyphor's entry as well, great pose and composition, really makes the human feel small and pressured. Could have been pushed even more when it comes to the human pose, but overall I'd say this piece has the best genie pose, just feels very natural and well flowing. Similarly to RedLord's entry it's a bit lacking in finish though. Not that that's a problem for concept art necessarily, but at this state it just isn't fully fleshed out, as a concept.

Murcologist's art is quite amazing as well, probably a close third. The design is all over the place going for that Matrix glasses vibe, the afro and the plants, but that's precisely it's strength in a way, it's funky, weird, quite unique and well made, in terms of colors especially.

Regarding Peekay's, I don't think the treasure, woman body and arches behind fit all together well with the creepy ogre/troll faces and the masquerade renaissance-like masks. Maybe these elements can be made to work but perhaps it would require even more finish to unite all these aspects designwise. The strengths of the piece though come from the great colors and color transition that give off a great dead vibe. The masks and the smoke part is amazing as well, great brushwork. I should mention that the light from below was a great way to pitch the creepiness and further the mood, few people consider lighting as a tool to pitch design when it comes to concept art :D

Maxwell's piece has the most character and just a great mood.

GhostofPast's is a close second in character, although it only comes from the face.

Shido's has the best sense of scale, the small objects really help push that aspect, something I forgot to include in my own piece and many others as well. It's an attention to detail that requires patience and with most of our entries being in half-finished states, this important aspect to pitch POWER was overlooked by most :D

eubz's has the creepiest alien vibes going for it, interesting face idea, could use further development to better pitch that with the rest of the piece though.

moyackx's has a lot of texture and materials attention and gives off a neat lobster-insectoid vibe, I just wish it was a bit more clear, whether through color, shading or line thickness and other methods.
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Oct 17, 2009
Of the entries, morbent, peekay, and stein123 stood out to me. Morbent's is easily the best on a technical level but is pretty generic. I like stein123's concept and design the most. Peekay's entry is also really good.

All three I find to be neck and neck but if I were to vote for someone it would be Peekay since I like his entry a bit more than the others.


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May 26, 2008
I'm not judging, I gave the job to other moderators.... they haven't gave me any news. Thus, I have been trying to get in touch with the judges for the past 3 weeks. but in vain. If I don't get any news I'll have to judge myself even though I dont have time for it. Thank you for your understanding.
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Sep 17, 2010
We're almost march 2020, i mean, these are just drawings, not cinematics with custom made musical pieces, or advanced techtrees with a lot of work on balance and stuff, or scratch models with custom textures and animations and effects :/
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May 25, 2017
We're almost march 2020, i mean, these are just drawings, not cinematics with custom made musical pieces, or advanced techtrees with a lot of work on balance and stuff, or scratch models with custom textures and animations and effects :/
Maybe I will stick with @Heinvers scores only because Hemske was pretty much inactive.

This contest take like 2-3 time than other one that was suppose to be way harder than this D: ?? ? ?
Summon Lord Hein-verse
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May 25, 2017
You called?
Who made a decision for adding a “2nd judge” ? I understood for variety judges but this one is outta nowhere for 4 months without telling that person. (Coronacation or something)
Scrap that,

This one start Jun 18, 2019 and the poll start around September 4, 2019 due to extended entry til 16th August, 2019.
The poll closed like September 20 and you have done judging for roughly 3 months.
So we waited like other one for like 5 months and no sign. No offense to @Hemske but I was like overhyped for results so long that i keep asking here D:

Maybe i am just being a tantrum, impatient spirit but I was like why the heck the contest still haven't release the result for too long that start explain here. I could be wrong but ain't worth this waiting at all.
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