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  • Running another update here, the marathon has been approved by Ralle so I am given ability to 1 post 1 day.
    How do this things work?
    First off, I will put a calendar in the main board. If you missed out a day, you can click on it to link you back that post.
    The today entries will be display unspoilered in main board. Once that day is done according to (GMT+7), It will move to the post in the same day.

    That's all the news, see you in a few hours.
    Alright, I have an urgent news for you here. Nothing so shock here but The Drawing Board is going to have a remake overlay. I am also give the pastebin the same treatment too.
    The other is that I be shifting focus to artworks than texturing for a while. Feel free ask about the skin/Texture anytime though.
    Right now the plan is that every day I will make a post in Drawing board to update the daily work but end up having conflict with site rules 2 days gaps unless someone would response or drawing board got a lot of traffics. To that I ask Ralle for a temporary exception. If this wasn't work, i try my best notify new works. To that, the Marathon will get their own category to keep them consistent.
    Not only that, it also depend on the author itself whether they are going to update it or not. Even you think this icon is beyond saving from approval, they still have a chance for something interesting or encourage to change it.

    We can't force them to change it if what they are upload aren't illegal to submission rather than approval.

    Of course, they are people who throw random stuffs barely sweat an effort and reviewer left with their mess. Even reviewers and moderators are volunteers, you don't deserve to be treated like this,..... or do you?

    If something was left awaiting update for let's say 6 months - 1 year maximum, It's best to immediately move them to U/S rating because even the authors were active, they have abandoned their work to something else or leave them be. Also I don't think Mayday should be limited from reviewing the SD since he can do that to TP as well. Maymay, get your hand with those stuff, some of them need to have their misery finished.

    My conclusion or opinion is that I think Hive need another Icon Reviewer. You have so much stuff on table overthere that they can't be given a chance to at least have an eye on it. (2/2)
    Personally, I am somewhat a vigilante in Hive. Maybe part of our blood have something known as self-policing here. Maybe I am the least warcraftish person you can imagine but I keep my comfort zone as good as I need too.

    What am I having a concern here? 14 if not more pages worth of pendings in Icon Section. Now you probably thinking?

    "Wait a minute Shido. You don't even get an icon overthere and you are a texturer."

    It's true but did you know my first resource was an icon, that stuff was deleted many years ago because I end up too disappointed to the point I couldn't stomach it for so long.

    Back to the topic, why are those still left pending? The Panda (TP from here) is a hooman like all of us, you can't expect him to act this immediately, also the action for reviewer/moderator following the Resource Submission Rules as ordered and issued. (1/2)
    Alright folks, I hearby for every living soul out there that you are allow to edit my resource but you are not allow to upload it as a Hive resource without my permission.

    Not everyone is a texturer and some of us want to learn about it. You can start recoloring the original warcraft models in there, either using RMS or Magos to start with it. Grab any painting program and start working around it. Highly not recommend using MSpaint to do it unless you are strong enough to challenge with it.

    Once you felt like you have achieve something, go beyond with it. Show the world that you can bring yourself a talent to shine.
    "What a sore loser Shido, you think your grey men entry can easily win this contest? Ha! Ha! What a joke. This is about Hive baby and not just Archie."

    You're right, it's not just about Archian, it's the community. We have rough history each other but I will tend to have soft spot to him because I care the Hive too. I talk about this the last 4 profile post explain why I choose him. He is basically half of the site, our director and he deserved something to expand the world of Hive. To present him in true fashion for Hive compassion and meme with cult like following, he is perfect to this. Because of that, I draw a lot of stuff to give people joy and making a warm hug for this community. My dedication will not go to waste and I love both him and Ralle like the warchief that I take order in willingly.

    I, myself has some selfish goal in Hive too, but fate make me gone down the path to force fight where I stand. If I won, I save myself. If I lose, I lose myself. To them it's a paycheck but to me,... It's a life-changing thing... that I won't getting them soon.

    This is all i need to say about it. I'm afraid I will accept my failure. Oh well, wait for a next fitting contest.
    "But Shido? Why are you matter about vote? They only took 30% and both god can put knee on anyone entry to lower down some point drastically."

    That point is true but only the case where the entry was bias. I don't care if people aren't voting my entry but I give a damn if the poll was inconsistently edged. You know the one I feel bad the most? ~Grendel. He was busy at work and consider if he could do in the rush and just remove the background, he still worth slaying the contest. You tell me you disqualified him for not removing background? Okay, If I found out frosty entry sell on merch was stretched thin, I will call you out for good.

    Call me bloody stupid but all he did is fill whatever wc3 building he can draw on that H and its cause visiblity issue. No matter how much details you made, It will blend the other nearby color. His entry is going to bleed.

    Also here's a bonus point i need to make here, If he sent PSD in both RGB and CMYK version, technically he violated the variation rules set that he cannot have more than 3. Plus that's not what I call a WIP, that's like layers upon layers frame by frame and we have no idea how he managed to make the H shape like that.

    "Alright (x3), I have to rewrite some point i originally made because it's pretty annoying to get in the wrong meaning."

    To be fair, I am not one of those people who can buy Hive Merch or make a monthly upgrade for Hive Heroes because... unemployment and disablity. But I am sane enough to tell something is fishy about the poll.

    Let me get the throat straight that my voters are friends and follower as well. But I didn't force them to vote on mine because I do care for Mr. Ralle and Archie to assist them the fair and square with quality. If mine wasn't good enough then they can choose something can be work best.

    Currently, 45 (44 if you don't count BlazeKraze, personally contestant should not vote other too.) of all the voter in the merch contest, 7 of them are what I call them the Silent Hiver, a kind of people going to Hive but rarely interact anything but Hive related. They just do what they want to do for their warcraft stuff.

    Ah blunder, i get to extend til September. Still, i will dig for a job.
    Anyway, have you question yourself about grey hair at youth? Maybe we have been a night owl or too much thinking.
    Oh boy. Do i wish i don't like bring bad news but.... I have a death clock. I have til end of July to get a job otherwise I will be boot out by my mom. With my loss of being a normal person already worse, losing a home to be sleep is way more pain to deal with. Idk how would I deal woth but i'm afraid time is short. If i somehow unsuccessfully get one by the end, don't worry. There will be something in July to promise here. Even it maybe our farewell too.
    Now now, I need to point out that don't bias-voting on my entry in that contest, please. I get everyone be thristy about grey man here but what entry you like you should be vote on it.
    Archian and Archimonde maybe the same person but both personality have some differences. Both are one-man army for their profession, they both have serious persoanlity and of course they have ROCK HARD Body. You can tell how I rarely draw him silly or too happy compare to Ralle happy go lucky personality. Interestingly, The Buff Archian and Ralle Splash is also contradictory twist to their personality and tone. Given how the original Archimonde hard to express facial emotion so I give him one. Heck, since this event take place in summer, he is also get to wear a speedo and free tats from UwU overlord.

    Now here's where the real meat came in, the art style that chosen for this contest. To be fair, most of my work is made in and with strong outline make the entry visible to far-view. Originally this can go full beyond full on detail like other entry but this proved misleading focus view for him so I play sharped color and limiting some color choice. Adjusting even more for cmyk friendly to fit for printing and keeping people for expectation leading away.
    If the whole point of theme is Community, then I can put another expansion that the meme, the cult, the charm and the contradictory. This is Shido afterall, she tends to hide some surprise us a lot UwU right? What if she actually put the theme up to 11? Presenting us the buff Archian from the summer splash last year. He went from background character to main character (or already? maybe not protagonist but deutagonist to the Hive). With the moose got all the glory from the community, even the Grey man deserved to stand out if not equal to him.
    So I work on him, finding the pose and see how he look like. Know you probably thinking? Then why aren't you just draw "Archimonde"?
    The first thing is read what the contest demanding and think what concept I was planning. Originally, I could make a group of hive people make it a mini version of Hive banner. But.....
    It's share a problem that some entry in final stuff making that mistake, too much stuff in that picture. Especially on shirt, any entry should have a focus point where what is the first thing you see on that picture. And it's have to be something people familar with on a larger side.
    The second idea is having a group people do all the task resource in Hive but this is way to generic for expectation and also lacking focus point because every resource category has their own charm.
    Until I have a brainstorming idea.....
    You're all being waiting for why I use Archian as the entry for Merch Contest and it's a long story but risky move to do that. Personally, i don't expect a full win but probably convinced you enough tho.
    It's started way before this contest existed, I was begging for an art contest because the last one (Concept Art Contest) was over a year since completion and nothing have been extablished to open another. So long and behold, a man step up talk to me and put a pinkie, the grey man himself told to me that: "We are planning to host a concept art contest very soon FYI".
    Ultimately, they decided that they can use artist skill on other field: "Merch".
    So the moment deepstrasz toss me the merch contest, I suddenly awake my 3 AM sleep and hop in right in the start.
    (part 1 of this, part 2 of 4 parter coming up)
    Here I would toss in Moon Well & Ancient Protector:

    Both texture fit their color language, one is warm and bright and other is cold and dark. To be fair, Corrupt Ancients are run by satyrs and skeletons serving Burning Legion. You can see Ancient Protector have fel flowing from his nose run through the bark and the arm too. Of course you can see the eye glowing the rest of its body make it scary contradict its kind-spirited protector base version. Corrupt Protector want to bash, Base Protector want to hug. :xxd:

    I run back for mountain giant again and while his stone is alright to keep it like this, he could make this colder or MG's stone turn black like Ancient Of War. Depend how he approach, it's possible to be approved if his recolour passed the usefulness.
    Personally, I don't hate recolour and CnP, I see good one take on cropping out and then adding themselves to match the wrap. I'm not a skin moderator but this has many level of differences and qualities.

    Why am I talking about this subject? Because i dig into Corrupt Night Elf bundle and see if this is possible to be approved.

    The resource submission rule explained specifically under Skin Section but the main point is this line:
    Skin recolours may be accepted if a skin's usefulness outweighs the fact that the skin is a recolor/copy-paste work. In this case, moderators will note that the texture doesn't fully adhere to the rules, but is approved due to it's usefulness/demand.
    What's this mean? It's possible you can get something like Corrupted AoW approved if recolor is significantly good. But you must be considering the color choice of the theme given and of course the efforts.

    If your skin changes indifferently to the original skin like Mountain Giant with purple leaves. It's definitely not enough to call this Corrupted MG given the whole point of Corrupt NE is corruption and the tone of the stone should be lower down.

    (part 1 done, move to part 2)
    While I would support extension of a contest because it wasn't received enough attention, I told Archie already about promote the contest top of the page but nah. Indeed extension mean more people to rival out but I vote for support to help who already jump in have time to notice it and finish their stuff. I just do not agree this method of anyone think extension make them immediately come in at near deadline. Not only i call this practice a fully d*ck move to the one who prep the whole month, but to the ruining practice of make sure deliver product ON TIME. This is my opinion about merch contest so far.
    A big red fire ball shine above us.
    No matter what you are, sunlight will react everything.
    Even you are covered in vantablack, you still get reflective by sunlight.
    Bring your sunscreen next time.
    In the past, i make skin with 100-95% compression, which result the skin file being too high for a skin.
    As the result, all skin of mine will use 92%- 93% compression.
    And remember, all of my stuff will come with its icon.
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    As for right now, all skins file size has been reduced by 35~ 50%. Except for the last bloom couple and the dune reaper.
    Sorry for the burnout heating-up period last week, I wasn't in my moral agency well and probably gone sick because of that event happen. As always, have a nice day and thank you for your flowers.
    Look, if the extra brownie point modifier from the Hive Hero isn't removed, I am pulling the plug by removing every resource i have made and delete my Hive Account. I wasn't joking about losing half of sanity because trust me mate, i fking cry the day moosey forced me to undervalue myself even more. Shame but what else the reasoning for me to stay.
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    Hey. Don't feel bad about lame politics. It's part of humanity. The only way to change things for the better is to ourselves be better and try make others better.
    For the better, for equality at least. It's like i can't afford to buy a new shirt like everyone yet i can still chin up.
    Hello, Master Shido. Can you planning to make the skin recolors and redesigns ? Here's the list:

    • Tree of Life to Winter Tree of Life (TreeOfLife.blp) skin (dark gray bark, without leaves, without vines)
    • Ancient of War to Ice Ancient of War (AncientOfWar1.blp) skin (ice form)
    While both idea are decent, i think there is already a winter related skin for both of them. (well not really for ToL because that texture is huge.)
    Removing leaves may not be possible because the model itself include it, you need something to replace it or alternatively, make a model instead.
    Yoga WP
    Yoga WP
    Thank you.
    Skin itself can have personality. No matter you put grommash voice on Oni, the skin will still have some form of incompetent or comedic vibe.
    This is also why most recolor without some major change don't felt something special to it (exception does exist). There's risk when doing it and you will embrace the flaw of it to make one.
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    skin is like camo, giving a uniform a specific camo, the capabilities of it with surrounding differs, but just recolor a camo with another color scheme may or may not work, much like how camo works irl and in mgs 3, unless we're talking about digital camo
    I must share you some fact about myself:
    I never visit the Texturing & Surfacing area. So in reality, i never use a blueprint.
    I didn't want to over complicate stuff because you should be relax when making them.
    You run into flaws of every model and you tried to figuring out what concept work and what won't work.
    I know i was told to take the blueprint but i was quite adventurous about it.
    I glad that i didn't take it, i have so much fun doing it and hopefully the horizon of imagination will keep expanding.
    Despite the undead model, The Groom is not a deceased person but rather human lost the physical form and flesh because of the torture. But he fought back the traumatic event and remain conscious at a price of being bound dried to the bone.
    Even though the skin main color is water blue, Last Bloom is not an ice skin.
    it's worth notice i do have flaw in making skin is large file size, i will revisit all the previous skin for minor change and size reduction. Additionally rework description and reduce file size.
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    Are you working on some kind of projects too?
    Maybe, they're mostly skin
    Tell me folks, once i got back into laptop, should I make a duo romantic skin?
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    hmmm, romantic dragon or pit lord,
    Dragon and pit lord quite complicated :sad:
    i didn't mean it real 8D, hovever the most romantic creature is harpy she is completly naked
    Hey, i will have a day off here so i be missing in a few day. Don't worry, i'll be back in December.
    Now let just take my word with a pinch of salt.
    "I do what i love under the darkness not because i don't have an condition, I do it because i willingly to do despite the cause of passion."
    Are we good? I be off.
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