Mr.Goblin's medals

    Craftsmanship: Master Designer
    This user has contributed to the aesthetical aspects of the Hive Workshop, and has crafted original art designs that have become integrated into site's user interface.
    Icon Contest #20 - Second Place
    Hell Knight
    Icon Contest #18 - Second Place
    Troll Shadow Priest Set
    Hero Contest #9 - Winner
    Goblin Artist
    Texturing Contest #27 - Third Place
    Concept Art Contest #8 - Winner
    Icon Contest #9 - Winner
    Puppet Master
    Texturing Contest #21 - Second place
    The Razormane
    Concept Art Contest #5 - Third Place
    Emoticon Contest #2 - Second Place
    Goblin Emoticons
    Texturing Contest #16 - Third Place
    Corrupted Druid
    Icon Contest #6 - Winner
    Druid's Items pack
    Icon Contest #5 - Winner
    Hero ability icon replacements
    Terraining Contest #5 - Second Place
    Winter Wonderland Contest
    Comic Contest #1 - Second Place
    Hiveworkshop Chat Room