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Med. MapGuy
Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2015
May 14, 2004
Home Page:

Med. MapGuy

User, from Manila

Med. MapGuy was last seen:
Feb 23, 2015
    1. Captain Kennedy
      Captain Kennedy
      Hey man, I was interested in dusting off one of your old campaign projects and looking to future proof it for Reforged and newer versions of WC3. I wanted to get your permission first, would that be ok with you? I know you haven't been on in years, so I might try reaching out to you on other channels as well. I hope you've been well.
    2. johnmarcena000
      kamusta kita ko from manila ka so filipino ka pala hi!!!
    3. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      I wonder when you will come back again, but if you do, I'd like to ask you if you still keep any maps (preferably campaigns) from maps'n'mods era, circa 2004
    4. Herogod
      Wow! I was a bit suprised to see a comment by you.
      I just wanted to say, that your campaigns were really the bests out there. High quality work and really good stories! I hope your using your creativity still as good as back then. :)
    5. Young Bofill
      Young Bofill
      Thank You for accepting my friend request!
    6. Chen
      You still have a little activities this time, hope you will return this year!

      You know, without you, I'm not what I am now :)
    7. Theoden of KoMe
      Theoden of KoMe
      hey man can you send me by pm the Mathias Cronicles campaign you have made?
      I love this campaign and i would like to play your version
    8. IamFootman061
      Still active? :)
    9. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      nice to see you again!
    10. saphiree
      Wow, wb dude, just saw you online again :) Do you have any plan of getting back into WC3 modding again? :)
    11. Heinvers
      I hope that one day you will return! Great campaigns!
    12. Codric
      your AWSPME MAN!
    13. Majin Buu
      Majin Buu
      R.I.P joe, i hope u continue joe campaign :(
    14. Kas
      im still waiting on Joe's Quest 2
    15. indomitable1319
      So about you putting Filipino phrases into your maps...
      Like Kutsilyo, Bukas Pinto and so on so forth...
      Are you a Filipino yourself?
    16. indomitable1319
      Hi Med. MapGuy! I really liked your Joe's Quest campaign, and I hope you would make Joe's Quest 2. I know loads of people are bugging you to make it and such, but please make it for everyone who's a fan of it. Thanks for reading, Med. MapGuy.
    17. saphiree
      Hey, are you still here Med? Its long time since ive seen you active here on hive :S Anyway, are you gonna finish that campaign called Mordorks Quest? I cant really believe ppl say joes quest is that good. Modorks are like 10 times better. But dont misunderstand me, Joes quest is awesome too. I just cant believe ppl say its better than mordorks :O
    18. Impman
      I know he already said it, but please make a sequel to Joe's Quest GOLD.

      Why does evryone think you left anywho?
    19. Cal1991
      You've probably been asked this a million times already, but... Are you ever gonna do joes quest 2? those were my favorite, I'm still hoping to see it some day...
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