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The Grand Review Exchange!

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Rufus, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    The Grand Review Exchange!
    -Every time you write a review for someone else, you will get one yourself.-


    This thread is for all the people eager to get feedback on their developing or finished projects.

    How it works

    [​IMG] 1. Find a map in the list below that you think looks interesting.
    [​IMG] 2. Send a private message to the author of the map, asking if they want to do an review exchange.
    [​IMG] 3. If the author accepts your exchange request, download their map, play it, and submit a review to the author.
    Done! Now all you have to do is wait until the author writes you a review on your project.
    [​IMG] If you want to add your project to the list below, reply to this thread with a link to your project and a short description of it.
    I'll add you to the list of projects as soon as I can.

    Rules and Guidelines
    • You only owe the other person one review. If it is not playable by some bug or similiar, the author can only blame himself.
      • You are however responsible to tell the author what happened with as much detail as you can.
    • Remember to limit yourself if you are about to review larger projects like entire campaigns or RPGs. Make a deal with the other person about how much you should test it out.
    • If you fail to leave a review within a week on a project after agreeing to do so, you may be banned from this project for some time.
    • You may never open the map you are reviewing in the World Editor, unless the author allows it.
    • If you think the other party of your exchange didn't put enough effort into the review, send me a PM, and I will work with him to create a better one.

    How to review projects
    Here are some useful things to have in mind when you are reviewing.
    • Try to be polite and relaxed.
    • Point out everything that you like.
    • Try not to compare a map with another.
    • Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself!
    • Try to stay objective. Include your own opinions, but don't let them take over.
    • Constructive feedback!

    Here are a few ideas on what to include in a review, and how to categorize them.
    • Gameplay - Here you can discuss Balance, Funfactor, Feeling, Originality
    • Aesthetics - Here you can discuss Terrain, Loading Screen, Preview Picture, Description on The Hive, In-game texts, UI
    • Bugs - All bugs that you can find in the game should be listed here.
    • Summary - What you thought in general about the whole bundle, and perhaps the most important things that you think should be changed.

    List of projects

    Warcraft Maps
    [​IMG] The Fate of Ashenvale by Svetli [​IMG]
    You are Illidan Stormrage, arch hunter who lusts for new powers in order to ensure the safety of Azeroth. For 10,000 years, you was imprisoned and guarded by Maiev Shadowsong. But now you are free and seek your Highborne's brethren aid, to defend Ashenvale from the upcoming Burning Legion, for thou you heard a great prophecy that was foretold by the great oracle.
    Will you do sacrifices in order to ensure your people's safety and the destruction of the Burning Legion? Find out as you play The Fate of Ashenvale, the alternative story of Illidan.
    [​IMG] Sands of Time by Maxwell [​IMG]
    Altered Melee map for 2 players (1x1) for people, who love hard and challenging game. Take part in the battle in the walls of the Bronze Sanctuary, where time inexorably runs out, like the sands of the desert. So fight for your life, until the last sand grain of your hourglass has fallen...
    [​IMG] Warcraft Medieval Strategy Overhaul by UmbraUnda [​IMG]
    This project is an overhaul of Warcraft for the best experience in Medieval Real Time Strategy. It combines aspects of Warcraft 3, Stronghold and Age of Empires II plus adds many new things - camera zoom system, new combat mechanics, upgrade system for all units and buildings, custom pathing for custom buildings, castle system with build-able walk-able walls & rotatable buildings, realistic environments that affect unit stats depending on the terrain + more rivers & bigger maps with miles between players and plenty of room for building cities and castles, updated hero system, custom resources, farming system, and a crafting system for food and gear. Still a work in progress...
    [​IMG] Blackrock Mountain by Maxwell [​IMG]
    Altered Melee map for 2 players (1x1). Take the side of one of the Lords of the Blackrock Mountains - Ragnaros, owner of Molten Core or Nefarian, owner of Blackrock Spire. Clean mountain from monsters and capture the Altars to make your Master more powerful and help him to destroy enemy servants with purifying flame.
    [​IMG] Hour of Twilight by Maxwell [​IMG]
    Altered Melee map for 2 players (1x1) in which you can play for the Old Gods who swallowed the world and plunged it into darkness. Each player gets a randomly created set of units of standard races, affected by corruption of the Old Gods. The unique idea, a really strong atmosphere and randomness make the map interesting and allow you to play it again and again.
    [​IMG] Naxxramas by Maxwell [​IMG]
    Altered Melee map with nice atmosphere for 5 players (4x1) about assaulting of Naxxramas, that can raise great armies of Skeleton Servants to defend himself and destroy attackers. A good challenge for people who love Melee/Altered Melee maps.
    [​IMG] Battle for elven forest by Supernickman 32 [​IMG]
    After three years, after first war orcs send colonists to scout what's located around ruins of Stormwind. Those colonists found forest where they found new and old enemies, humans send help to elves. Orcish colonists pushed back, now last battle in this colonial war began...

    The map is an altered melee with great edit of human and orc races.
    In new update that already is out, added music *mostly* remasters from Warcraft 1 and 2.
    [​IMG] Lords of Azeroth by Lord_Marrowgrath [​IMG]
    It's a improved Warcraft 3 melee map for Strategy lovers. Heroes can cast 2 bonus spell, Unit trains more than one always, every factions have their own spells, capturable gathering-buildings. Improved/Realistic Terrain, Day & Night system are more detailed and more upcoming features.
    [​IMG] League of Kalimdor by Alxen345 [​IMG]
    An absorbing AoS/MOBA that offers the player a unique experience with outstanding atmosphere and intense action. There are more than 100 cool heroes to try out, items a lot, awesome features like the covering mantas on the lanes which are able to hide your hero once it walked upon that field, allowing it to avoid more damage or even able to save its life, neutral creeps that award the killers with a beneficial buff for the next 30 seconds and many more. To all of that, the fast paced action in the game blends perfectly with those mentioned before.
    [​IMG] Hunter's Hall by Cokemonkey11 [​IMG]
    A tense, frustrating, 6v6 counter-strike style hero arena where teams have unique, distinct gameplay styles.
    [​IMG] Microrunnertd by Cokemonkey11 [​IMG]
    A two-player runner-style tower defense map with lots of cute easter eggs, light-hearted humor, and an undeniable challenge in -hard mode.
    [​IMG] Gargonach by Cokemonkey11 [​IMG]
    A single-player mini game with action-driven gameplay and a classic 90's-esque boss fight.
    [​IMG] Kingdom Of Snow by Supernickman 32 [​IMG]
    That's melee map 2vs2 or FFA. A lot races fought for it ,but no one claimed that land ,maybe you will lead army that finally will claim this land.
    In center of map are two fountains, one health fountain and other mana fountain, ice dragon protect it he never sleep, so
    be careful when you will cross the sides be cause hes not only guard of the center.
    [​IMG] Deadlock [NE] by Daffa the Mage [​IMG]
    Command the army of the empire that strikes below the moon. Hidden in the night, they eliminate all who stand before them.
    An altered Melee map where you can play as Night Empire instead of Human.
    [​IMG] The Unsolvable Revolution by TheSilverhand [​IMG]
    So, Basically its like a footman Frenzy, but more chaotic.. You have too select your hero from a tavern, Keep it fair lads.. One hero per person.
    You have to fight mobs by mobs to take out the enemy castle/citadel, winners get victory by destroying the castle/citadel, Towers level 2 and 3 are invulon on start, To destroy them you must first destroy the first towers, seconds towers.
    Players only get control of their hero. Autodeselect is on the troops. There are flying units. I do plan to add in flying heroes on a later update!
    [​IMG] Corruption of Sargeras Legacy by TheAncient [​IMG]
    Corruption of Sargeras Legacy is a revival of the map: Corruption of Sargeras. CoS is a kodo-tag/RTS-Builder hybrid where the Good (4 mortals and 1 Sargeras) must capture and defeat the Burning Legion (7 players) all while keeping the Burning Legion from destroying the mortals or Sargeras and laying waste to Creation. Maneuvering, teamwork, and your armies is all that stands between you and the void. Be quick and ruthless, for though Sargeras is sent to hunt the demons... the hunter can easily become the hunted. For though the mortals appear weak, they have a hidden strength in them. And though the Burning Legion be scattered, their reputation is well deserved.
    [​IMG] Against the Darkness by 1)ark_NiTe [​IMG]
    Against the Darkness is a Hunter vs. Hunted Survival game. A Player may choose to be part of a team of Death Hunters or play alone as the Death Knight. The primary goal of the hunters is to defeat the Death Knight before he is able to reign Doom upon Azeroth. This can only be achieved by working together to quest, creep, and limit the knight's opportunities until the team is strong enough to destroy him. The Death Knight can secure victory by defeating all of the Death Hunters or surviving until the Nether Portal is secured and Doom is completed.
    [​IMG] Shadowmancer 2: the Inheritor by Fruit Forest [​IMG]
    This campaign is under development, however there is Test Zone where you can view all items in the game and fight against enemies what you can choose in Mercenary Shop. In the Test Zone I implemented Revive system (you can die, but you will revived immediatly) + the priest with a healing spell. Also you may see Introduction cinematic. It's quite easy to test. It also supports 12 slot inventory system.
    [​IMG] Invasion on Az'kar by Lord_Earthfire [​IMG]
    A Hero Survival/ Dungeon Crawler hybrid in which you and up to 3 teammates slaughter your way through the lair of a long deceased demon lord. Beat waves of different creatures, all controled by the remains of the demon lord power, while struggling to remain sane yourself. Movement and thinking is crucial to your survival, since almost every attack of your enemies is evadeable, while enemies themself have their special feats and abilities.
    Customize your hero completely by selecting which attributes and abilities of your hero are increased every level, while making it possible to customize your hero even further by selecting perks every level, featured in profession trees. And even if you die, don't worry, you have multiple continues to give it another try!
    [​IMG] HVSO Allstars v1.6a FINAL by by HIGH_WAR_LORD [​IMG]
    HVSO Allstars is a Fast-Paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, each player will be allowed to choose 1 hero from either The Alliance's Tavern or The Horde's Tavern. This map is played like Heroes of the Storm combined with Defense of the Ancients. It's recommended to play 4 vs 4 / 5 vs 5.
    [​IMG] War of Argent by Lord_Marrowgrath [​IMG]
    War of argent is a 4 line based AOS type map. There are two huge bases and 22 new heroes and many items to play. Heroes have 1 passive, 4 level based skill and 1 bonus spell. Level cap is 16. Northern base have 2 lines, Southern base have 3 lines. In game map, there are 2 mana fountain and 1 Health fountain to regenerate your resources. Neutral units gives additional useful stat buffs for leveling.
    [​IMG] The Petrochemical Castle by Novena Espada [​IMG]
    They are maps edited as one raid instance of WoW for 3 modes, there are 16 bosses awaiting your challenge in the Petrochemical Castle.
    The Solo Mode is prepared for one player playing alone, but it does not mean you can finish the game by using only one hero.
    The Normal Mode is an easy mode for 5 - 12 players playing in Multiplayer.
    The Heroic Mode is a hard mode for 12 players who like challenging high difficulty.
    [​IMG] To the Bitter End by Soul Reaver [​IMG]
    To the Bitter End is a single player action/RPG campaign with an original setting and storyline and custom units and abilities. It took me over 6 years to make.
    There is no base-building or item/resource collecting - it's primarily focused on tactical combat and controlling several powerful hero units with numerous abilities.
    I personally strongly recommend playing on the default (hard) difficulty, but as this is (intentionally) extremely challenging I recently revamped the difficulty system to make it more approachable to a less hardcore audience.
    While not required to play, I very strongly recommend reading the manual for the lore.
    [​IMG] (((Versus Hero Arena))) by Deathkok [​IMG]
    A map where the heroes become demigods, where the theme is to demonstrate who is the strongest.
    It has four distinct modes, To make it more interesting.
    It is recommended to play with 8-10 players.
    [​IMG] Resident Missions Umbrella by Deathkok [​IMG]
    A great story where you have to leave the city, The game itself is to complete the story.
    Going on creatures, monsters and many strange things. Have 3 missions on a map
    It is recommended to play with 8 players. Map Style ORPG.
    [​IMG] Valley of Decay Rpg by TD_PRO_2006 [​IMG]
    Its basically an RPG with an easy starting quest-row. As you progress your characters, you will start to face hard bosses with cool boss mechanics.
    The further you progress there, the more complex the bossfights will become.
    Recommended to test with a total of 4 people!
    [​IMG] Throne of Azora by tyci [​IMG]
    A story driven game with RPG features, which takes place in the Kingdom of Azora, a medieval world with little fantasy elements. Take control of Ethan, a veteran soldier and his companion Sammy, a dog.
    The main aspect of this map is the story, which will change according to the decisions you make during the game.
    [​IMG] Altered Melee Races by Eagle XI [​IMG]
    [Altered Melee] - Yet another Fel horde attempt - Tries Fel Horde based on mixture of wc2 and 3 techtrees, no feedback any received so far.
    [Altered Melee] - Yet another Naga Race attempt - Attempts to add playable Naga, has some known issues as the posts go.
    [Altered Melee] - Yet another Bloodelf attempt - Adds Bloodelves as 5th faction, pick human and change to Bloodelf at start.
    Any feedback outside of Maelstrom Engine being OP(hint: try not to spam it(hint2: it will be changed to an artillery unit in the nextbest revision) would be most welcome.
    [​IMG] Age of War by bear_369 [​IMG]
    This map is based off a an old flash game series called 'Age of War'.
    It's an offense map where your priority is to defeat your opponent by sending out troops.
    [​IMG] Defense of Base by Destiny.Knight [​IMG]
    This map is a hero defense game, each player use a hero and fight with waves of armies against an enemy team. The main objective is to take down enemy team's base and defend your team's base.
    Features simple item upgrades and many interesting heroes, most of the original heroes remain unchanged.
    [​IMG] Prophets Gambit by Wark [​IMG]
    Prophet's Gambit is based on the idea of a sandbox styled AoS map with a boss rush arena and item based Hero/skill builds. The map itself allows you to pick a side or go neutral, and change your hero OR side at will (within limitations).
    There's building aspects, co-op with challenging boss fights, and competitive play with 4 different ways to win the game.
    Plenty of hidden "legendary" items can be acquired through various means.
    Suggested players: 2 to 8. Average play time: 1 - 2 hours.
    [​IMG] Hour of the Scourge by izaiphovias [​IMG]
    An altered melee map that will function as the baseline to balance and develop custom races for a campaign that I have in mind if this works out. You can play as the Kirin'tor, Argent Crusade or the Scourge, the map has 3 open slots for AI players for alpha testing purpose, if a multiplayer match can't be arranged. All three factions as completely playable at this point, there will be, however, some missing tooltips here and there.
    [​IMG] Revenants of Ruins by Heaven Editor [​IMG]
    Revenants of Ruins is a combination of MOBA with the twist of Arena and Capturing Flag. Your objective is to kill Relic Revenant at the center of the island (or map) and survive a duration inside the temple (middle area of the map). It is focusing on competitive gameplay using generic Warcraft 3 resources. It is not as easy as you think it is.
    [​IMG] Dalaran Caves by ChubbyQuiche [​IMG]
    Dalaran caves is one-laned MOBA, where Southern team faces Northern team. The goal of this game is to destroy the final tower of your enemies. In Dalaran Caves, you can also spawn custom creeps for your team when you cast special items in conquered caves. Slain the Dark Priests to receive high bounty reward.
    [​IMG] Crusade over Europe by SNIper of DARKness [​IMG]
    Grand Strategy risk type map featuring a unique supply system that may hinder your campaign if you do not plan well.
    The Fantasy edition brings you 7 races: Human, Orc, Undead, Night Elf, Naga, Dwarf and Blood Elf.
    Pick your spot and lay the foundation of your new found Kingdom and start expanding in every direction.
    [​IMG] SHADOWMANCER by Fruit Forest [​IMG]
    This is single hero RPG campaign that may give you a challenge. Also this campaign contains plot with character development. One disadvantage is long loading time.
    [​IMG] Rise of the Night Elves by PrinceYaser [​IMG]
    A campaign about the war between The Burning Legion and the race of the Night Elves. In the campaign, you control a new character called Thalaaria, a Night Elven commander. It has good terrain and It is going to has great features in the future missions.
    There is still a lot of things to improve, but play and Enjoy!
    [​IMG] Somewhere Across Nowhere by deepstrasz [​IMG]
    You play as Illidan and have to escape dangers (like creatures running after you, timed booby-trapped rooms), traps and solve puzzles to get further and finally reach the end. It also includes cinematic scenes and a brief story. It's pretty much reflex and quick-thinking based. It also has two difficulties.
    [​IMG] Warden by Rufus [​IMG]
    A single player campaign with unique boss fights, puzzles and gameplay, inspired by Zelda.

    Other Projects
    Stories, Starcraft n stuff.

    Last edited: May 2, 2017
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009

    This is my prologue to a campaign I'm trying/wanting to create:
    Somewhere Across Nowhere

    The map was uploaded as a standalone because of its different gameplay from the other maps I plan to create which will be more Warcraft III oriented.
    Basically, you play as Illidan and have to escape dangers (like creatures running after you, timed booby-trapped rooms), traps and solve puzzles to get further and finally reach the end. It also includes cinematic scenes, a brief story and original music. It's pretty much reflex and quick-thinking based. It also has two difficulties.
  3. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    Added to the list.

    Don't be shy people!
    We need more people to get the ball rolling! :)
  4. PrinceYaser


    May 7, 2016
    Well, I think I can join:
    Rise of the Night Elves

    This is a night elven campaign. I have great ideas for it. It's good to be here too.
    I described the campaign in it's thread.
  5. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    Could you just make a short summary of your project? Something about the length of the others in the list? :)
  6. Wareditor


    Jan 16, 2009
    Great Idea! Too bad I can't participate right now because my map is a bit broken because of the patch.
  7. Apheraz Lucent

    Apheraz Lucent

    Jan 31, 2010
    I'll most likely join this - just to get a bit more work up on my project first.

    Fantastic idea!
  8. PrinceYaser


    May 7, 2016
    What do you mean?
  9. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
  10. Rheiko


    Aug 27, 2013
    Does the map have to be (or already) in the map section or I may just upload/provide a link to the map or the project I have been working on which is not in the map section?
  11. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    @Wareditor, you are with us in our souls.
    Joins us whenever you can! :)

    @Apheraz Lucent
    I've had this idea for a while, and just now decided to make something out of it.

    I wrote this about my on project: "The Warden project contains a series of dungeon-like maps, containing a big amount of puzzles, boss fights and obstacles, which are enchanced further by a custom arrow key movement system."
    Write a short summary like taht but about your project instead, and I can add it to the list. :)

    @Rheiko, It must be in the maps section or map development forum so we can have a link to it from the list.
  12. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    May 6, 2009
    Hmmm.... If I were to join, what campaign would you want me to link here?
    The one where you kill Demons, the one where you kill Demons, the one were you kill Demons or the one where you kill Demons? :D
  13. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    All of them if you wish!
    There is no limit per person.
  14. Chaosy


    Jun 9, 2011
    Ooo, very interesting. How did you come up with this?
  15. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    Pure brainpower. :)
  16. Fruit Forest

    Fruit Forest

    May 16, 2016
    This is single hero RPG campaign that may give you a challenge.
    Also this campaign contains plot with character development.
    One disadvantage you probably found is long loading time.
    The campaign is fully finished. left only some balancing in some chapters for Normal Mode. Easy Mode for those who want to play for story.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
  17. PrinceYaser


    May 7, 2016
    Okay, here is the description:
    Like other campaigns, you play as the main character that here is a Night Elven commander called Thalaaria. It has a custom night elven story about the war between The Burning Legion and the race of the Night Elves. For now, chapter one and prologue is completed. It has good terrain and It is going to has great features in the future missions. I was working on chapter one about 2 weeks. There is still a lot of points to improve. I will never get bored from making it. So, play and Enjoy!
  18. SNIper of DARKness

    SNIper of DARKness

    Apr 9, 2013
    I present you "Crusade over Europe" ; Fantasy edition.

    Grand Strategy risk type map featuring a unique supply system that may hinder your campaign if you do not plan well.

    The Fantasy edition brings you 7 races:
    -Night Elf
    -Blood Elf

    Pick your spot and lay the foundation of your new found Kingdom and start expanding in every direction.

    For more information about the Fantasy and the Original Crusade over Europe do visit the thread.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
  19. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    @Fruit Forest
    Added you to the list!

    I just shortened your summary a little, and added a small preview picture. :)
    Tell me if you want to alter it!

    A campaign about the war between The Burning Legion and the race of the Night Elves. In the campaign, you control a new character called Thalaaria, a Night Elven commander.
    There is still a lot of things to improve, but play and Enjoy!

    Attached Files:

  20. Alxen345


    Aug 6, 2015
    War of Sanctity II

    War of Sanctity II (WoS II)

    A great AoS/Moba mod for Warcraft 3 that suffered various changes in every update. Same as any other AoS, it is based on the war of two great armies that send creeps to advance towards the enemy principal structure. Each team formed of 5 players that choose one of the current heroes and help their team to fight against the opposite one. I love this project with my very heart and I am continuing to update it forever! WoS II has stopped being updated because with the new patch , I can finally create War of Sanctity 3. Will be out soon. :)