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Last Activity:
Dec 26, 2020
Oct 26, 2008


User, from Austria

Hey Qndel, no, it is finished :) Nov 8, 2017

TD_PRO_2006 was last seen:
Dec 26, 2020
    1. Qndel
      I've found many gamebreaking bugs on your map, they are too serious to post about them here, would you consider fixing them or are you really dont with the map? :P I'd love to play it more but it's a bit depressing I can get anything I want with literally 0 effort. If you are interested in them, please tell me :)
      1. TD_PRO_2006
        i wont fix them anymore, but I am still curious about them :) please write them to me privately >:)
        Nov 24, 2017
    2. TD_PRO_2006
      Hey Qndel, no, it is finished :) But dont worry! If you can find a team strong enough to defeat the endboss, then you have played many hours :)
    3. Qndel
      Hey, are you still developing valley of decay? :P I've discovered it yesterday and can't stop playing :D
      1. TD_PRO_2006
        Hey Qndel, no, it is finished :) But dont worry! If you can find a team strong enough to defeat the endboss, then you have played many hours :)
        Nov 8, 2017
      2. Qndel
        Cool :D I've never seen this map being hosted and it seems I've kind of revived it, I've dug it up from the depths of the internet and have been hosting it for the last few days, I've never played an orpg map that was so polished, well done :)
        Nov 10, 2017
      3. TD_PRO_2006
        Thank you very much :)) That makes me really happy :)
        If you don't mind, you can send me screenshots of some special things you have achieved, I gladly follow this progress.
        Nov 12, 2017
    4. Alexen
      Hello! Wanna exchange reviews? :)
    5. TD_PRO_2006
      thx much for showing this to me :) i checked it out and added my map to be reviewed :) lets see how it goes :) merry christmas! :)
    6. deepstrasz
    7. TD_PRO_2006
      hey, no i am not active :P
    8. muzzel
      Hey, how are u? Still active?
    9. TD_PRO_2006
    10. Menag
      yo daaaaaaaaawg
    11. purparisien
      Thanks for the point, I'm gonna add new modes and terrains for Jurassic Park ^^
    12. Luorax
      Oh, so one of the caves will start glowing? That must have slipped our attention, none of us did notice it. That explains everything.

      The rest was clear, we knew how to use the runes, it's just once we had to hide inside a cave we always died. If you put it like that though, then it's clear. Yea, I think we'll be able to kill him next time :)

      Thanks for your reply, and I'm glad you're working on the next version. I don't know when the next LAN party will take place, but I hope the new version will be out before it's held :) (EDIT: it'll take place in about two weeks, any chance of the new release before then? We're dying with my friend to check the new version with enchants and hard bosses)

      EDIT: one more thing: the spacifist's T hotkey on the basic spells does not work.
    13. Luorax

      So I and my friends do like your map (Valley of Decay) and tend to play it on LAN parties; so far we enjoy it, it's a rather cool map, easy to pick up but it can be entertaining. I've got a few things to ask/say though:

      -There's a quest called "Attack!" where you have to kill 300 berserkers. We killed all of them but we took the catapult down too quickly so we couldn't finish the quest. I think you should do something with this, like add in more berserkers, make them or the catapult respawn, etc. It's up to you.
      -The healer shaman's heal spell (Q) has wrong mana cost after a specific upgrade (can't remember which one), after ~8 it goes up to 24 and then down to 12 in the next one.

      to be continued...
    14. Luorax

      -I think you should add in more items for the healer shaman, stating that "it's hard to get items for him..." is not a solution in my opinion, every class should have equal chance to get fitting items.
      -Gold & buying items. I think there should be more buyable items.
      -Bosses should drop more items, for example something like "the number of players-1, but at least 2". We don't have that many bosses, it's quite hard to acquire items.
      -The bug boss - how on the earth do you kill it? All I can see is random insta-kills, whenever the camera is shaking and we go into one of the caves we still die. I can't seem to understand what we're supposed to do there.

      Yea, that's all I wanted to say now. Keep up the good work! ;)

      P.S: if you want to respond to this, do it on my profile as a VM - that's how you reply to people's messages, that way they'll be informed about the new message they received.
      P.SS: when should we expect the new version?
    15. TD_PRO_2006
      fixed, thx for saying
    16. Misha
    17. Lord_Marrowgrath
      hello i am playing your map and i like it.I am making wow rpg but i have small problem about boss healths.how did you increase lramon base health to 1.200.000 please tell me :G
    18. TD_PRO_2006
      i still dont understand what u need the list for^^
      i can copy the ids of the items, but why do u need the item names?
      if i just knew a bit how this thing works ill implement ure system :)
    19. Nestharus
      So you decide to do the save/load then since you know how to quickly get the lists I asked for now? : )
    20. Nestharus
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