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Altered Melee- Slalom

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Level 4
Jul 27, 2009
I have started editing Blizzard's "Slalom" (8) map for my own devices. I chose this map because of my wish to have two teams, and the map is an excellent example of east vs. west. (I also switched the tileset to Lordaeron Summer, it looks better to me.)

My idea is relatively simple:

Each team will consist of:
1 main melee-game player (computer or user), starts with 2 bases.
1 allied, computer-controlled melee-player.
3 hero-only players who also have full control of the main player's units/structures.

There are an east team and a west team, thus totaling 10 players, and then there are also two other Hostile players, who start in the center of the map and play as Naga and Draenei races, and are computer-controlled.

As such, there are 12 players in my map.

The way my hero system is like so:
The hero players for each team own a 4000-HP Power Generator that provides 5 food. These power generators are surrounded by 3 taverns: 1 normal tavern, 1 human/orc tavern, and 1 night elf/undead tavern. Thus, all of the normal heroes can be selected.
Heroes are free in this game (as hero players cannot collect resources). When a hero-player's hero dies, they can immediately respawn it at half heath at their tavern for free.
The catch is that, if the enemy team destroys a hero-player's power generator, that player will neither have the supply to revive their hero nor have the ability to buy from the taverns at all.

The object of the game? Just destroy all opposing teams' bases. Very simple.
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