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Last Activity:
Oct 18, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Jan 16, 2009


The Master of Nothing

Wareditor was last seen:
Viewing thread Age of Humanity (AoE like map), Oct 18, 2017 at 6:40 PM
    1. JesusHipster
    2. DrTema
    3. YetAnotherYoutuber
      got a minute for question about terrain? how is it in the video that y've seen - ok/not ok?
      1. Wareditor
        I guess you are asking if the terrain is pretty ? Because if it's not about that and about the level design of the terrain, I can't tell without playing it. If it's about the look of it, then I think it's pretty correct for a newcomer. Though I think you can improve it. First, you need to have a better use of elevation : use the smoothness tool ( also : do no use wc3 terrain cliffs, they are ugly as hell) ; and tiles variety : some times they are miss placed. You seems to use the rock tile as a road tile, I suggest you use the village's cobble path tile, it's much better to make roads imo. I suggest you read some advanced terraining tutorial. Though I am myself far from being good at it, so I understand the pain :p
        Jul 26, 2017
      2. Wareditor
        Two tricks that I learnt way too late but I use daily : you can double click on doodads to modify their angle and scale. and you can modify the doodad elevation at will with ctrl+pg up. If you don't want to reset the elevation each time you move the doodad you need to untick the option in Advanced tab.
        Jul 26, 2017
    4. deepstrasz
      1. Wareditor
        Yeah I have seen this and I find it very cool but right now my map isn't testable (or at least not in a pleasant way). I doubt people ready to switch to 1.27b... I will wait for 1.27c to participate
        Dec 23, 2016
    5. Rufus
      I reeeeeally like your terrains from the contest man.
      Especially the fact that you can create something so good from standard blizzard doodads (except for the darkness by the ground?), is awesome.

      Would you like to perhaps help me out with terrain for the Warden project sometime? :)
      1. Wareditor
        I actually took the shadow from one of your map (the tutorial). I was amazed by the effect and wondered how did you managed to do it). So thank you a lot for that! You are of course credited in the map

        And about working on Warden - of course, it would be a great honor for me :)
        Nov 19, 2016
      2. Rufus
        Let's move this to PM, so we can keep track of it. :)
        Nov 19, 2016
    6. DrTema
      1. Wareditor
        For what purpose ?
        Nov 15, 2016
      2. DrTema
        To use for RolePlay.
        Nov 22, 2016
      3. DrTema
        I'll credit that terrain was mady by you.
        Nov 23, 2016
    7. Wietlol
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Wareditor
        well I failed to download it in time :/
        Aug 31, 2016
      3. Wietlol
        Dissappointed me, you have.
        Aug 31, 2016
      4. Wareditor
        I started downloading it more than 5 times...
        Aug 31, 2016
    8. Troll-Brain
      Bah d'après tes besoins tu n'as pas besoin d'une liste chainée, juste une liste d'items.
      Car peu importe l'ordre référencé des items, non ?

      Mais oui si tu n'utilise pas de liste double chainée, ca complexifiera les suppressions de la liste quand un item est détruit.
      Je suppose qu'ici les performances n'ont aucune importance, donc oui je pourrais faire une liste d'item (simplement ou doublement chainée).
      Et avant une itération de la liste vérifier si il y a des objets inexistants, et le cas échéant les supprimer, de façon transparente pour l'utilisateur.

      Si tu ne sais pas le faire je le ferais si tu veux, mais seulement contre 100 balles et un mars.
    9. Troll-Brain
      Mais comme tu peux le voir c'est un event "spécifique" et il faudrait donc le rajouter à chaque création d'objet, ou tout du moins quand on le met dans une LL.


      C'est ce qu'il a fait mais au coût de devoir utiliser une function custom plutôt que directement CreateItem.
      (et flemme de regarder plus le code ...).

      Donc à voir pour ton utilisation, mais si jamais tu tiens à avoir un item indexer au delà d'une LL.
      Tu peux alors te pencher sur les events que j'ai mentionné (s'ils sont génériques)
      Par contre ca ne sera pas détecté si tu fais un RemoveItem, il faudrait utiliser une function custom à la place.

      Ou tout simplement indexer si besoin à la demande, comme l'a montré Bribe dans le dernier message du sujet.

      Donc en fait laisse tomber l'idée d'un item indexer imho.

      Et une ItemLL c'est possible mais il faut donc au minimum ne pas utiliser directement RemoveItem.
      Puisque dans ce cas on ne pourrait pas détecter en temps réel quand un objet est supprimé de la map.
      Remarque on pourrait aussi checker quand on y arrive dans la LL, mais ca commence à faire une sacrée usine à gaz mdr.
    10. Troll-Brain
      Ouep :
      native TriggerRegisterDeathEvent takes trigger whichTrigger, widget whichWidget returns event
    11. Troll-Brain
      Qu'il n'y ait pas d'indexer est un détail au niveau de l'implémentation du code de la LL.
      Il faut par contre pouvoir détecter en tant réel quand un item est détruit.
      Je pense que ca doit pouvoir se faire, y'a pas un widget death event quelque par dans le common.j ?

      Sinon y'a aussi les event un objet est revendu à une boutique, utilisé (si charge unique = dead), et peut être d'autres que je n'ai pas en tête.
      Bref des events qui signifient la mort de l'objet.
    12. Troll-Brain
      Ok ok, je vais le faire un jour, just for the sake of it :p
    13. Nestharus
      Please head back into chat. I am here now.
    14. Troll-Brain
      Erf, je fail souvent pour cela ...

      Non je veux dire si jamais tu atteints les limites de façon de façon empirique, en gros tu t’aperçois que cela bug quoi.
      En effet je préfère modifier qu'expliquer.
      D'ailleurs c'est juste une vague idée, même pas réfléchi à son implantation encore xD.
      Hormis étendre la taille max de la struct comme le vJass le permet nativement.
    15. Troll-Brain
      Well, it's not only because UnitIndexer is no more available here, it's also because it is now a monster will billions of other library requirements.
      Last time i saw Nestharus talking about it, backward compatibility was even broken ><
      Don't know if it's the case with the last version though.

      I just don't want to bear with Nestharus.

      In the first place i hesitated to use UnitIndexer, because of him, it seems i was right.
    16. Troll-Brain
      Because Nestharus did a rage quit with all his resources. And it used UnitIndexer.
      Sure i could edit it, but since i had no feedbacks of users, i didn't care to edit it, just assumed it's not in use.
      But you can still use if for personal stuff.
    17. Rufus
      For a temporary fix, I would suggest creating the unit each time the player enters the zone and deleting them when he leaves (if it's not too much). By doing so the patrols are completely reinitialized.
      Yup, this is probably better. Thanks!
    18. Rufus
      Now I know what libraries are and function finally.
      I guess they hardly take up any space?

      My own solutions are not as gracious.
      the first one is to add a region at each point of turn. Upon entering the unit is ordered to the next region and so on, avoiding patrol. This will work basically the sam way save for the desyncs will be removed due to the units having their orders updated. To make sure no desync will occur, I can make an easy function, allowing a unit to ""wait" for the next unit to come close before execting their order.

      The second slolution does not include basic unit movement. Instead, it uses the same movement as the main Character uses. This is made with an anchor unit, and some simple reals. Pos1 is anchor. Pos2 is pos1 with offset. The offset is equal to anchors mana through a simple arithmetic.

      I'm intrigued to use your solution though. It seems handy.
      I'd like to be able to do it myself first though.

      First of all though, I might create a temporary solution, causing the units to be paused when the character isn ot in the room, delaying and almost nullifying desyncs.

      EDIT: Nothing needs or should be changed in the libraries, right?
      In that case, the fix you suggested might be really easy to implement.
    19. Rufus
      Note: I just moved out conversation to VM instead of PM, as it is easier to backtrack what I said myself aswell. Just message me back pm if you think it is more convenient. :)

      I think I wasn't clear enough. This demo map might be a better exemple of why you should use my system. It's not because of regions (my system use x and y coordinates actually) and not because of speed (which optional as setting speed to 0 will use the unit default speed) but because it removes all desynchronization between patrols.
      In this demo map, the top two footmen are patrolling using the warcraft 3 patrol, whereas the bottoms ones use my system. As you can see the top ones will not meet in the middle after a while. This is a huge issue for your map because if the owls don't meet in the middle after some time, the player can't really pass without loosing hp. Therefore, you need to find a way to prevent this, and my system just do that.
      Ok, I still lack in trigger knowledge however, to understand how it worked. I tried looking at the triggers provided in the map but couldn't uderstand.

      I have come up with two alternate solution that does not include patrolling that I want to try out aswelll, as I think it is important that I know everything that is going on in my project.

      I hope I don't sound ungrateful. It was really nice of you to put together that Demo map.
      Again, I don't know much about vJass, but that looked like a lot of work.
      I am trying to understand though, how is your system preventing desynchronization? I can see that it works, but I have no idea why... :D
    20. Rufus
      words of power is a super nice concept between, but I will tell you more in my review
      Thanks! Yeah I'm quite proud of that concept.

      Hmm, the voice is meant to be there, but you don't have to listen to it. The elevator is a bug. I must have forgot to remove the elevator walls in somme trigger. I'll see what I can do. :)
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