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[Hero Arena] Invasion of the Soul Keeper

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by DwarfBoy, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. DwarfBoy


    Dec 31, 2012

    The Soul Keeper and his minions have amassed, preparing to attack the last bastion of hope. Heroes of various backgrounds have been chosen by the goddess Azura to stop him. Imbuned with the Heroic Soul, you must now stop him.

    Invasion of the Soul Keeper is an hero arena co-op defense where you face off waves of the Soul Keeper's forces, using a variety of heroes and items in order to fight them off.

      • At the start of the match, each player can vote for what difficulty the game mode will play out as. Currently, there are 3 difficulty settings available, and more are planned in the future.
        Easy : The waves are lessened a bit, you can hold 50 potions, and waves are completely under your control.
        Normal : The waves play out as normal, and the new wave begins 30 second after defeating it.
        Hard : All non-boss monsters in the Soulless Invaders gain 150 health and 15 attack damage. Also, runes will not spawn on the death of said enemies.

        One thing to note is that enemies get stronger with the more allies you bring. This also applies to bosses as well
      • Gold is gained by killing monsters, be it from the Soulless Legion or from the monsters in the wilds. Ether way, when a monster is slain, each player will acquire a certain amount of gold, determined by the roll of a die. Once you have enough gold, you can use it to buy items or potions.
      • Souls are also gained upon killing an enemy, but unlike gold, you can only gain 1 soul from an enemy (5 from bosses). With these souls you accumulate, you can use them for one of two things. You can go to the Empowerer and use them on permanent stat increases, or you can use your Soul Crucible to upgrade your heroes abilities. Each of the heroes' abilities can be upgraded to level 5, and will cost 50 extra souls per level (50 souls for level 1 to level 2, 100 souls for level 2 to level 3, etc.) Be warned that if your hero dies, they'll respawn in the shopping area and all of their souls will be encased in a Soul Orb. Die again, and those souls are lost forever.
      • There are 50 waves in total, with every 10 waves being a boss of some sort. When you enter the battle arena, you will notice a castle sitting near the way gate. That castle is what you must protect. If that castle dies, it's game over. You will also notice a lever near the castle. When this lever is pulled, the wave will begin, sending out the monsters of that wave.
        On Easy Mode : Once the wave has been defeated, the lever will be revived and ready to be pulled again.
        On Normal & Hard Mode : Once the wave has been defeated, the new wave will begin after 30 seconds.
        It should be noted that the more people you have on your team, the stronger the monsters will be within the waves.
      • When you pick your hero, you will also notice a 2nd hero along with it, with an icon of a backpack. That's your backpack, which gives your hero an extra 4 item slots, but be warned that backpacks cannot use the items it holds. It also has 3 abilities, with icons of potions. This is how your hero will drink any potions they are carrying, which you can see with a multi-board in the upper right-hand corner. You can only hold a maximum of 20 health potions (50 on easy mode). Upon using one of the abilities, provided you have at least 1 of the chosen potion, one of the following will happen:
        • Health Potion : 50% of your health is renewed
        • Mana Potion : 50% of your mana is renewed
        • Rejuvenation Potion : 50% of your health and mana are renewed
        If you lack any potions and you attempt to use a potion, a message will pop up to inform you that you do not have enough potions.
      • If you've played DotA 2, the runes in this will be similar in nature. Within two marked areas in the battle arena, 2 randomly selected runes will spawn, provided no rune exists currently. Runes will also randomly appear when killing the Soulless Legion, unless Hard Mode is active. The runes are as followed:
        Bounty Rune : Gives all players 50 gold, and the player who aquired it an extra 50.
        Double Damage Rune : Doubles the damage of the hero who picks it up.
        Regeneration : Renews 60 health and 40 mana per second.
        Illusions : Creates 2 illusions of the hero who touches it. The illusions deal 50% less damage and take 50% more damage then the initial hero.
        Haste : Doubles the movement and attack speed of the hero who acquires it.
        Invisibility : Makes the hero who acquires it invisible. Upon attacking an enemy, you will gain instant critical hit, but lose invisibly.
        It should be noted at all runes (except Bounty) last for 60 seconds.
      • The jungle is filled with monsters of various types that have a differing alliance to the Soulless Legion, but are hostile to the heroes nonetheless. They are significantly tougher then the Soulless Legion, but offer more gold. They also have a chance of dropping a Bounty Rune, even when Hard Mode is active. The deeper you get into the jungle, the tougher the camps will be, even with it's own boss, Hermione the Dire.

    • [​IMG]

    • [tab="Screen Shots"]

    • Models

      Sliph-M for the venders like The Bard, The Alchemist, and The Blacksmith
      JetFangInferno for the effect of Bard's Song, Frozen Hold, Ward of Ice's aura, Healing Bomb lingering, Earthly Roar's caster, Psyic Scream's effects and Wolf's Howl's effect
      WhiteDeath for the Frozen Heart's model
      olofmoleman for the Coven Witch's skin
      Sunchips for the Coven Witch's hat
      MrHoon for the Beast Caviler model
      Denu for Pheonix Lord's skin
      jatter2 for the Pheonix Lord's staff
      AndrewOverload519 for the Dark Assassin model
      GeneralFrank for Lost Souls model
      marcus158 for the Overclock effect
      Weep for the Frostbolt missile model
      dhguardianes for the Frostbolt buff model
      Vortigon for the Ward of Ice model
      alfredx_sotn for the Flame Elemental model
      Metal_Sonic for the Rejuvenating Light's effect model
      JesusHipster for the Healing Bomb and Acidic Bomb missle
      CoffinPuppet for the Mountain Spike ability model
      Pyritie for the Earthly Roar and Lash of Pain buff model
      MaxShadow for the Toxic Gas model
      Thrikodius for the Soul Ravage missle
      Chriz. for the Dynomyte missle
      AndrewOverload519 for the Hollow Archer's model
      atlyre for the Skeletal Samurai's model
      Ujimasa Hojo for the Hollowed Swordsman and Constructor models
      supertoinkz for the Soulbound Spellcasters' model
      -Grendel for Revenant of Justice model
      Grey Knight for the runes models
      Kuhneghetz for the Elder Cleric's model
      Lordaeron Creator for the Elder Cleric's skin
      Kitabatake for the Knighted Wolf's sword
      Champara Bros for the Holy Nova effect model
      to JesusHipster "the Armor of Light effect model"
      Tranquil for the Spirit of Azura model
      Direfury for Trandrel & Drim's seperate models after using Last Resort
      HerrDave for the Frag Shell missle
      stonneash for the Frag Shell explosion effect
      s4nji for the Wilderness Aura effect


      Blizzard Entertainment for a variety of different icons seen within this map
      -Berz- for the Strength, Agility, and Intellect icons
      UgoUgo for the Frozen Heart's icon
      Dr.BUG for the art used for Coven Witch's icon
      loktar for the Beast Caviler icon
      CloudWolf for the Pheonix Lord's icon
      AndrewOverload519 for the Dark Assassin's icon
      GooS for the Potion icons
      Darkfang for the Bard's Song icon
      Golden-Drake for the Thunderstrike icon
      Hellx-Magnus for the Charged Attack icon
      CRAZYRUSSIAN for the Cleaving Strike icon
      Juice_F for the Blade Dance icon
      SuPa- for the Flame Elemental icon
      JesusHipster for the the potion related icons for Coven Witch
      Juan_Ann for the Mountain Spike icon
      Mr.Goblin for the Jagged Rocks and Mjolnir the Destructive icon
      The Panda for Pheonix Charge's icon
      M0rbid for the Fire Bomb icon
      Sopho for the Poisoned Blades icon
      Sin'dorei300 for the Lash of Pain icon
      T4COBELL for the Soothing Kiss icon
      The Panda for the Repair icon
      PeeKay for the Toxic Gas and Gloves of the Expert icon
      Mc ! for the Irontide Shield and Aura and icons
      NFWar for the Cloak of the Mage icon
      TurtleRacingCar for the Swift Katana icon
      Lordaeron Creator for the Elder Cleric's icon
      Kuhneghetz for the Knighted Wolf's icon
      PeeKay for the Last Resort icon
      Eagle XI for the Trandrel & Drim unit icon
      Coinblin for the Explosive Missle icon
      KelThuzad for the Sweeping Strike icon
      Kimbo for the Leap icon
      D.ee for the Headshot icon

      Mechanic Stuffs

      leonguyen112 for the Projectile System used with several abilities
      nerovesper for the Pheonix Charge ability and functions
      G00dG4m3 for the Leap ability

      • 1.0.1
        *The stating stats are now have their titles color coded
        *Waves now end when all Soulless in it are slain (For Easy Mode, the level will immidently re-activate. For Normal and Hard Mode, the next wave will begin after 30 seconds.)
        *Changed the effect model for Overclock
        *All recipes have had their icon's changed to the item they craft into
        *Sif's description now tells what her stating attributes are
        *Rune of Invisibility has been reworked

        +Added new heroes: Sif the Knighted Wolf, Trandrel & Drim the Dwarven Cannonneers, and Father Ambury the Elder Cleric
        +Added the Stormbringer Hammer, Chestpiece of Bristles, Swift Katana, and Mjolnir the Destructive items
        +Buffed the damage of Frozen Heart
        +Frostbolt's damage has been increased from [100/125/150/200/250] to [150/200/250/300/350]
        +Damage dealt by Ice Rain increaded from [20/35/50/65/80] to [25/40/55/70/85]
        +Added a special shop in the jungle
        -Items have had their prices raised and altered
        -Increased the Souls cost of Ability upgrades from [25/50/75/100] to [50/100/150/200]
        *Reworked the starting area, made it smaller
        *Added an Easy Mode, made it so Normal and Hard modes start waves after 30 seconds.
        *Fixed recipe text issues
        *All Heroes now have their own Proper Names tied to their character.
        *The Gold Gain formula has now been altered, you gain more gold as each wave passes.
        *There is now a 50% chance to face a different boss for waves 20 and 30

        [Hotfix on 9/14/18]
        -Stone Guardians no longer have mana
        *floating text appears when you kill a monster, telling you how much gold you gained
        *Fixed Hotkey issues (namely the Construct Base Tower and Earth Spike ones)
        *Fixed issue with creep camps where several would needlessly spawn
        *Added hero glow to heroes who lacked one
        *Added an additional space in front of the "X second cooldown" of spell tooltips
        [Hotfix on 9/27/18]
        *Fixed Targeting issue with Ravage Soul
        *Fixed Bug where waves wouldn't start after killing the current wave

      • 1.1.0
        +Armor of Necromagus's Skeletal Guardians increased by 1
        +Increased the casting range of Flametrail from 900 to 1000
        +Flametrail now travels the full casting range rather then to the point of casting
        +Added Emerald Ring, Blademail, and Wand of Azura
        +Increased the Attack Bonus from Inversed Emeald to 6
        -Buffed Hermione the Dire's damage to 41 - 55, health to 3000
        -Buffed Soul Keeper's health to 7500
        -Increased mana cost of healing bomb from 75 to 100
        -Recduced the projectile speed of Flametrail
        *Reworked Healing Bomb, is now an AoE HoT
        *Reworked Frostbolt, no longer just Shadow Strike
        *Made it so you can craft the higher tiered belts, bracers, cloaks, and gloves by combining two to four of the tier ones
        *Fixed issue where crafting Baron's Blade and Robes of the Violet Ring would send a message to all players rather then just the owning player
        *Fixed Issue where players could kill Soul Keeper before his half-health event
        *Dying and Soul lost system replaced with Soul Orb system
        *Removed "Call vote for Hard Mode ability", players now vote for difficulty at the beginning of the game
        *Added Menu at the start of the game, giving players the ability to vote on Normal or Hard Mode

        +Increased the duration of Witch's Hex from [3/3.5/4/4.5/5] seconds to [3/4/5/6/7] seconds
        *Fixed issue with preview image
        *Fixed bug where using Militia Mode as Constructor resets your ability's levels
        *Fixed bug where Coven Witch can't attack level

        -Careful Parry can now only be used on melee monsters
        *Skeletal Samurai will use Blade Dance when 50% or lower health
        *Redid Wave Triggers
        *Creeps are now treat as Computer rather then Neutral

        + Increased the Attack Damage bonus of Steady Shot from (12/18/24/30/36)% to (20/40/60/80/100)%
        -Increased the Attack Speed Reduction from 10% to 12%
        *Fixed Bug with towers where upgrading the towers prevents you from building more

        Map Released

        8/9/2018 - Fixed issues with tower (Blast Tower costs 100 lumber, build times of Blast and Magi towers weren't altered)

    NOTE : This page has been updated for the release version. I plan on using this page for it's format. I'll update this page more often when I make "beta" version, but for now, I suggest you go here for the latest version
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
  2. ArchDuke


    Mar 9, 2017
  3. DwarfBoy


    Dec 31, 2012
    I'm considering posting the map on the actual map resources page. I feel like it's gotten to a point where I think it's ready for an "official release". I would, however, like to hear about the map and what people think of it, ranging from whether or not certain heroes are too weak or too strong, whether certain items could use a buff, or even just suggestions for new heroes and items.
  4. Pyrogasm


    Feb 27, 2007
    I would be down to try to play test this map with any other members in the next couple days.
  5. DwarfBoy


    Dec 31, 2012
    Good news is that I'm currently working on the "Official Release 1.0" version as we speak which includes 3 new heroes, more items, as well as giving all heroes proper names alongside their hero name.
    I'm still currently looking for anything else that would help make this map better. Any criticism is appreciated.
  6. Leplath_M


    Jul 8, 2018
    Well I always like a hero arena! ^^
    Looking forward to this map, it could be better if you put some custom models isn't? Besides people love an enchanced and good-looking visuals.