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  • Hey man. Would it be alright if I merge your hosted project sub forums into the main forum? I have been on a spree of reducing the number of forums on Hive and I need another fix :D.
    Hi I come from China. Playing with your map, I find it very interesting. I hope to translate this picture into Chinese and let my friends play together. I want to get an unprotected version of the map. If I can translate your map, I will declare and protect your original. If you are interested, I hope to get your email or twitter.
    Hey, just working hard in RL! Making my way up the ladder in my career. Trying to make a name for myself in our local tech scene! What are you doing to make money these days? Do you keep up a LinkedIn profile??
    haha no, I graduated last year and signed master studies. For school teacher. So not making money yet, although with my girlfriend we created some site for selling horror stories we made, but it had to be ,,on standby" because of her job and my studies. We used before to earn something small from that. Otherwice, nothing.
    What are you working on hardly, how do you build your name there in USA?
    That's good to hear. Education is so important and I'm sure you'll make a great teacher. I've been working for the past 8 years in jobs centering around data analysis and data management. I worked at one of the bigger web hosting companies here in the US and started to build my network there. Since then I've been making my way around a few smaller startups here in town trying to learn as much as possible about business! We've got a budding tech scene here in town so there are a lot of groups around town that have socials and other events where it's easy to meet people too. The dream is to make my way into a gaming company one day and get paid to help build games :)
    haha! Yeah. I remember back hen in chat where that was your intro. I copied your style, when I release resource, i always mention audience as mortals :cgrin:
    But I also remember this one:
    Haosis, seize this fool! Make him know meaning of suffering.
    You said that back then in december 2007, when Rao dao zao said ,,madness! One step beyond!"
    AtD = Fantastic Game! By chance do you have a playgroup you play with? I used to beta test AtD alongside you and a few others A LONG time ago (Like, really old patches). It's a shame WC3 is coming slowly to an end as it being "outdated" of a game.
    Hey 1)ark_Nite, I think you might be interested to post here about AtD: <span style="font-size: 10px">Showcase Your Project On MakeMeHost!</span>

    If you do, please clarify whether you'd like for the link back to be on your subforum or map page. Cheers!
    Fantastic! I really enjoyed your mod back in the day. If I had time and people to play it with I would love to do so, but unfortunately I have little of the former at the moment, and none of the latter. :p
    It's all a lie. They gave me 500 free points. I didn't even know what they were. Likes? Positive reviews? Voodoo magic?!
    Hey man! I was just sitting here thinking about good ol' wc3 times with my friend and one of the things we both remembered quite clearly is writing the atd guide, that was probably one of the things I won't forget doing for the rest of my life. Sitting in MSN with 3 people writing a guide for such an awesome custom game, I have no idea what got into my head when I started that project, but I'm glad I did it.

    I haven't played WC3(custom or ladder) for about 2 years now, but all those custom games and fun I had playing them is something I hope I can experience once again.

    So what have you been up to? My life is mostly university nowadays with some Dota2 here and there.
    Crap, I can't really play right now since I just woke up and my laptop only have a crack version of War3 and good luck to me trying to play on my desktop.. I don't even know if my brother even leave that thing.

    I'll just leave a feedback on your map after me and my friends play it.
    Yay! xD Actually I tried it last night before I sleep and the AI owned me big time.

    I'm trying to organize a few games to play AtD on another forum but most of them only plays on garena.

    Oh and somewhere on the Log you said that 'Released January 1, 2014.'
    Warcraft III... Warcraft III... What was that game again?

    Oh yeh! I now remember. I used to play it when I was a young kid! Ah if only I was that young again. Urg some stupid kids are on my lawn...

    Lol jk. I will player it next time I am on WC3.
    And sheriffs, horses, Indians, cowboys, rich people, casinos etc etc...
    What did I miss? Ah yes, against darkness all day. haha
    I am studying to become teacher. I should also gratitude, but you know..... :cgrin:
    Don't worry, I am not better either, we all are poor. Student life is hard.
    Where from are you?
    But you must put intro there ,,Fear me mortals!" that was good and old style haha!
    Well, I am doing slowly something with fel orcs, I tend to update old map soon. Anyway college, exams, real life, shits...
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