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Last Activity:
Mar 24, 2017 at 5:41 PM
Feb 19, 2015
December 16


Well-Known Member, Male, from Ukraine

Maxwell was last seen:
Viewing unknown page, Mar 24, 2017 at 5:41 PM
    1. MrStormyZ
      maps lookin great!!
      1. Maxwell
        Hey Captain! Thanks, i do my best.
        Mar 24, 2017 at 3:55 PM
    2. deepstrasz
    3. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
      1. Maxwell
        : D Thank you very much! So nice of you.
        Dec 17, 2016
      2. SeedinAethyr
        You're welcome!
        Dec 17, 2016
    4. Maxwell
      Harbinger: "The Nightmare and Horror already cover our world..."
    5. Arrr
      which "report"?
      Not used to the site yet either
    6. Arrr
      Sure! My melee maps are free to use and edit, so please go ahead, and gl iwth your projects
      1. Maxwell
        Thanks! So nice of you.
        Aug 22, 2016
    7. Remixer
      Sure, go ahead and use it. It is already used for BtT altered melee made by Kam.
    8. That_Guy_There
      I like your maps, Great Imagination. I don't know if I can ask but, Any New things going on?,
    9. stein123
      D: damn, i think your maps are really cool, and i enjoyed both :c, maybe you can expand them, add more bosses (i.e.: the four horsemen), or replace the factions with unique races (i.e. alliance=azeroth, horde=scarlet crusade, NE=Forsaken) :(
    10. stein123
      Hey man, how are you doing with your projects? *w*
    11. stein123
    12. Rufus
      No problem man :D
    13. Rufus
      Categorization is important.
      Both your maps have both the Altered Melee and Melee tags. You should remove the Melee tag, as that is not true for your maps.

      Cheers! :)
    14. MrStormyZ
      I'm an old time melee player

      if enemy has 2 orc blademasters right from start
      they will rush in by hitting the obelisks and rush in with windwalk and harass the hell out of workers and will win in the current situation.

      now suppose we have 4 orc blacemasters ? how powerful would they do :ogre_rage:

      you may not be aware of many other melee builds that can easily screw up nax

      it's a 4v1 situation nax can never win if all 4 people know what theyre doing :)

      just my suggestion anyways it is your map
      I have nothing against it

      I really like the idea and I would really love it to get through and be played more
      I also want to make a video for this map too like the ones I did for malfurions quest and sunken city

      the idea I has in mind with nax is being a overpowered hungry demonic player who can attack the players at the beginning when they have less than 20 food army
      which will then force the players to defend and work together to save their selves and allies until they can teir up upgrade and produce units which are enough to make an attack

      a game of survival for both the 4 players and the nax player as they both will have to keep maintaining pressure on each other to not let the other overpower the other

      anyways all the best :)
      I'd still love to keep testing it until it reaches final stage
      and give suggestions if u want me to

    15. MrStormyZ
      tested latest version

      can't say I'm very happy with the degrading health system
      it may be the thing needed only if Nax was imba powerful over others

      don't make the gates so powerful and open after 5mins
      true in melee game u can attack soon that's why I've been telling you to make Nax player imba powerful

      like untouchable until all players have 50-60 army atleast which is after 15-20 mins in game

      guarded by more powerful towers maybe

      still need something like rain of chaos infernals and demon spawns from time to time at a targeted location by nax player if he has to stand any chance

      edit : your map gives me much inspiration as a melee player and I'd love to play something like these with a few friends once in a while

      is it possible that we both could work on a similar to this soon ?
    16. MrStormyZ
      I'd love that!
      we could try playing it on Garena or W3arena with those hosting bot thingi
    17. MrStormyZ
      I have to say
      you need to add some sort of unfair advantage of the nax player
      cause unless of that all players can easiler defeat nax if they work together

      nax should be able to like summon rain of chaos infernals , demon lords, maybe a really powerful hero after 5 mins into the game or something.

      as an old time wc3 melee player nax is the one who has too less chance to win at the moment even dispite of the skeleton warriors and the handicap advantage

      the skeleton warriors for players just give a bonus creep to kill after they kill one as theyre really weak

      maybe workout some costing upgradables for them too

      I'd love to play it. where do u play ? I hardly have any friends playing this anymore
    18. MrStormyZ
      hey man!
      just had a run through curse of nax
      have to say it was reaal fun while playing against nax

      but playing as nax, got owned by insane computers real bad xD
    19. stein123
      nice, a cult of the damned map would be awesome! *-*
    20. stein123
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  • About

    December 16
    Current Project:
    Another Altered Melee map.
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cenarion Circle
    Hello World!
    Hi there, my name is Steven Tyler, more known like Maxwell.
    I'm a 18 age Warcraft 3 map developer from Ukrain.

    What I'm working on?
    Since childhood, I was fond of Blizzard game Warcraft 3.
    I was amazed at the opportunities that the World Editor provides.
    Step by step, I explored and studied new things, such as design,
    programming, etc. And now my main goal is to revive interest to the
    outcome of the warcraft - a Melee Maps. I create different battlefields
    and scenarios to diversify this genre.

    If you want to support me - visit my


    Warcraft's Second Wind
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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