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  1. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Sep 23, 2016


    Hive Workshop has affiliated with Back2Warcraft. B2W is a huge influence on not only the melee tournament and streaming scene, but on the whole Warcraft 3 community. They have attracted thousands of viewers and followers by covering live WC3 events around the world, nonstop! Many of their followers and participating pro players have returned to the game for the first time in years.

    There are many custom-game players and modders that don't know that the competitive scene is still active, and there are many melee players that don't know that the modding and customs scene is still active. We offer support to the team and also their viewers who stumble upon us. Because of these things, we are very excited to work with them on upcoming joint projects, and said projects will be coming very soon! (Hint word: streaming)

    See to the outlets below for more information and coverage.
    Back2Warcraft.com - Twitch - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube
  2. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Sep 20, 2016
    We are pleased to announce the addition of two new hosted project forums!


    World Domination is a strategic and diplomatic sandbox multiplayer map. It includes nukes, zombies, and most of all, world conquering warfare taking place in the 21st century. It features a unique system for custom airplane and missile movement, extensive options for diplomatic interaction between players, as well as its own AI.


    Warden is a series of singleplayer maps and a campaign featuring an innovative arrow key movement system and hack & slash combat. Puzzles and dynamic levels serve as obstacles in addition to creeps and bosses. It follows the story about Shalis Darkhunter, Maievs successor as the new Barrow Deeps Warden, and her task to purge the evil from Azeroth.

    We encourage our users to check out these new projects and provide feedback and discussion. Thank you for supporting our map makers and their new forums! As always, all of Hive's hosted project can be found when you scroll down our forums.​
  3. Orcnet
    Created by Orcnet
    Sep 11, 2016

    Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans is a game cancelled by Blizzard during the early stages of the gaming industry that started 18 years ago, most of the game play videos have been sprouting across the web for time now. As much as we all wanted to taste an old spice of throwback, the full game is now downloadable!


    Scored at the forum/fan site Scrolls of Lore by Russian user Reidor, this version of the game is playable and supposedly near-complete, including all of the in-game cinematics and voice acting.

    You can check out the forum site and its download content here: [LINK]

    Warcraft Adventures is a forgotten relic of a time when point-and-click adventure games were booming and was developed in cooperation with Russian studio Animation Magic, the same team behind the infamous Legend of Zelda CD-I game. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be the story of Thrall uniting the orc clans and forming the Horde was nixed by Blizzard. Days before E3 in '98, Blizzard announced the cancellation after seeing the likes of Shafer's 3D Grim Fandango and worrying that Warcraft Adventures just couldn't keep pace with where the adventure genre was headed.

    "I think that one of the big problems with Warcraft Adventures was that we were actually creating a traditional adventure game, and what people expected from an adventure game, and very honestly what we expected from an adventure game, changed over the course of the project," said Bill Roper, who was once vice president of Blizzard North, to GameSpot around the time of the cancellation. "And when we got to the point where we cancelled it, it was just because we looked at where we were and said, you know, this would have been great three years ago."

    That wasn't much solace to the many Warcraft fans who had been anticipating exploring the Warcraft universe through Thrall's eyes rather than as a disembodied hand dolling orders to units. Thrall's story was eventually turned into a novel, Warcraft: Lord of the Clans, and Warcraft Adventures remained unreleased and largely forgotten until several videos began appearing online thanks to various Russian YouTubers in 2011. It would be appear that Animation Magic didn't exactly run a tight ship—though why it took the full game so long to finally appear is unclear.

    Credit List:
    -pcgamer Article: After 18 years, the cancelled Warcraft adventure game is finally playable [source]
    -Scrolls of Lore forum post: Warcraft adventures: Lord of the clans - finally out~! [source]
    -images, texts, and design made in CS6
  4. SpasMaster
    Created by SpasMaster
    Aug 19, 2016
    SpasMaster is proud to give you
    VERSION 2.2.7

    After over 2 months and a half in the making, Sunken City brings a massive new update and a new feature: Talents. Talents bring further customization for the 24 Sunken City Heroes. Each one of them will have access to 8 Unique talents and will have to choose up to 3 of them. This feature aims to make building and customizing your hero experience even further up to the point where two players could have entirely different play style with the same hero.
    A preview of the Mage and her Talents


    With the addition of Talents, countless changes have been made to existing heroes. Some of your favorites come with minor tweaks, major reworks or even replacements. Here are a few examples:
    • The Warrior hero now uses mana as damage fuel for his new Colossus Strike ability, while his other skills generate mana.
    • The Death Knight now uses health instead of mana as resource for his abilities, while mana becomes a health regeneration tool.
    • The Flame Warden has been reworked into the new Blood Mage hero.
    • The Blademaster has been reworked into the new Windmaster hero.
    • The Witch Doctor can now summon Tiki Masks as pets!
    • And much more!
    The new Windmaster and Blood Mage heroes


    With the addition of new abilities and Talents the power level of the players increases which is reflected with the increased difficulty of enemies across the board. Additionally certain Glyphs have been changed or adjusted to the new additions. All of that being said, expect greater resistance and more dangerous enemies!
    Your enemies await to test your new powers, now even stronger than before


    These are just the headlines of what is to come in 2.2.7. Other changes include All Random Command, New Challenges, Terrain Changes, UI Improvements, Training Target Dummies, Bug fixes and more!

  5. Shar Dundred
    Created by Shar Dundred
    Aug 2, 2016
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Participants are to create a map with (a) great monument/s and wonderful creations of all kind.
    Whether or not the origin of said monument is human or otherwise is for the participant to decide.
    The name of the contest does not imply that you have to create a "real" world wonder.

    You are, of course, free to do so if you want, however.


    • No submission may violate any of the site rules.
    • All submissions must follow the current theme. If any terrain does not fit, a moderator will tell you as soon as possible as to avoid confusion.
    • Your submission must be posted before the deadline. The post containing your final submission must also contain the following:
      • A few in game screenshots showing your submission in action.
    • You must show at least one unfinished preview of your submission, before the deadline, as proof that it’s yours.
    • Your submission may not be started/made before the official launch of the contest.
    • Judges may not participate.
    • Teamwork is not allowed.
    • Map may consist of any resource as long as it is public.
      • Unless a used resource belongs to either Hive Workshop or sc2mapster, a link to the used resources must be provided.
      • Resources made public after the launch of the contest are not permitted.
    • No image editing tools may be used to enhance the terrain previews (however cropping is allowed).
    • Adding triggers is allowed but will not be judged on. They are simply for your own satisfaction.
    • Protecting your map is prohibited. The terrain will need to be looked at both in game and in the galaxy editor.


    • First Place: 45 reputation points and your entry on an award icon and a custom user rank icon.
    • Second Place: 30 reputation points and an award icon.
    • Third Place: 15 reputation points and an award icon.
    • Participants and Judges: 5 reputation points

    Creativity Was the terrain bringing something new or was it rather simple? Uniqueness factors greatly /20
    Detail Measurement of detail in design and overall detail balance. Impurities include rough edges, deficiency in execution, and general disorder. /10
    How well thought out was the terrain and how was the approach to execution. Did it bring new elements? /20
    Aesthetics Overall composition of the terrain and a good fluidity. Does it contain rough spots and missing aspects from it? /10
    • 75 % of the winner shall be determined by the contest's appointed judge(s).
    • 25 % of the winner shall be determined by the results of a public poll.
    Score S = 25v/TOTv + 75( j1 + j2 )/TOTp

    where v = votes entry received, TOTv = total poll vote count, j1 and j2 = score from judges, and TOTp = total judge score possible.


    • The contest shall begin on 3rd of August and conclude on the 3rd of October, 2016 GMT

    Assigned Staff: Heinvers