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The Last Guardian

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
OutsiderXE Presents

v2.3 (SD)


  • Custom campaign with unique mix of point & click adventure and role-playing gameplay
  • 7 single-player missions, 27 quests, 5 hours of playtime
  • High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets, optimized for Classic SD
  • Fully voice-overed, powered by AI voices created from Warcraft franchise games
  • Available with english or korean subtitles
  • Based on the novel The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb
Khadgar's Origin
RPG and Puzzles
Immersive Environments
Follow the path of Khadgar. Learn how his apprenticeship to the most powerful mage of Azeroth changed the fate of the world.
Play a unique mix of role-playing game and point & click adventure. Fight enemies, improve your abilities and solve puzzles.
Experience an immersive camera system, and dive deep into the Swamp of Sorrows, the capital city of Stormwind, or the mysterious ivory tower Karazhan.


  • Install the latest version of Warcraft 3: Reforged
  • Move LLTLG_SD_230.w3n to Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns\
  • In WarCraft 3, press Single Player, press Custom Campaign, select The Last Guardian, press Play

Multiple Heroes
Hundreds of custom items can be used or combined with one another to solve puzzles.
Unlock new recipes which can help solve puzzles, increase your fighting capabilities or improve your stamina.
Master the art of lockpicking to unlock mysterious chests and gain helpful items and resources.
Take advantage of the skills of all heroes: Gain new information in conversations, obtain or transform new items, or overwhelm your enemy.


Anduin Lothar
Meet Medivh, The Guardian of Tirisfal and the most powerful mage of Azeroth.
Meet Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Stormwind and Knight Champion of the Kingdom of Stormwind.
Meet Garona Halforcen, a half-orc assassin and emissary of the Horde.


Q: What is Lore & Legends?
A: Lore & Legends is a rebranding for all existing and future Warcraft 3 projects created by OutsiderXE. It implies all of these projects share the same detailed continuity.

Q: What future plans do you have regarding Lore & Legends?
A: The SD versions of Lord of the Clans, Day of the Dragon and The Last Guardians are in maintenance mode. Future updates will focus on minor bugfixes.
Completely new campaigns and HD versions for existing campaigns are currently in development.

Q: May I update your campaigns? May I add a new language?
A: All of my campaigns are open source. You can change and upload them freely provided you don't change the original credits (you may add to them). If you want to add a different language, please contact me via Discord.

Q: What order should I play the campaigns in?
A: Each campaign can be enjoyed independently. The order by lore is: The Last Guardian -> Day of the Dragon -> Lord of the Clans.

Q: I don't have/can't play Reforged. Do you provide older versions or different languages for a campaign?
A: Please visit the following links:
Lord of the Clans: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dEOBBOYzLploULFKzys-nQhrLpmBsghs
Day of the Dragon: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OFX8LOqkuyp4XV7jQ6l5ps-Rv_ignUxb
The Last Guardian: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_QSnhzmv2fp-Tl3ywmUlrWIKpT8np461[/B]


2.3.0 (2023-05-29)

2.2.0 (2020-06-07)

2.1.0 (2017-06-11)

2.0.0 (2016-12-13)

1.3.0 (2014-03-09)

1.2.0 (2013-12-01)

1.1.0 (2010-02-27)

189 changes

  • Renamed filename to "LLTLG_SD_230.w3n"
  • New campaign preview image
  • New animated campaign background image
  • New loading screens
  • Replaced difficulty dialog with campaign difficulty selection
  • Removed golden text for hotkeys in custom tooltips
  • Increased all map bounds by at least 32x0
  • Added auto-save checkpoints
  • Changed supported mode to SD only
  • Disabled all debug triggers
  • Added cheats
    • howhard = display mission difficulty
    • notimetowaste = unlock all campaign missions
    • ggwp = instant mission victory
    • allyourbasearebelongtous = instant mission victory
    • tts = toggle text-to-speech
    • camera = toggle camera mode
    • specters = display number of found specters

  • Non-quest items now carry over to the next chapter
  • User control is now disabled less often
  • Enabled item stacking
  • Changed charges gained for creating Wand of Chain Lightning, Magic Lockpick and Focus Dust from 3/2/1 to 1
  • Decreased lockpicking unlocks from 2/4/6 to 1/2/3
  • Items combined by Lothar or Garona are now properly removed

User Interface
  • Removed and changed some dialogue
  • Fixed typos
  • Replaced some transmissions with floating texts
  • Can no longer skip quest related dialogue
  • Added more quest/hint message delays
  • Changed descriptions for Orc Armor, Orc Helment and Green Paint
  • Removed dialogs for conversation with Lothar
  • Renamed Mana Bulb to Mana Plant
  • Changed order of non-quest alchemy dialog options
  • Replaced minimap pings with minimap icons
  • Renamed Gryphon to Riderless Gryphon
  • Increased selection circle size of Khadgar from 1.0 to 1.1
  • Decreased selection circle size of Khadgar (Grunt) from 1.4 to 1.1
  • Floating texts are now centered above the speaker
  • Renamed Renegade Wizard to Elf Wizard
  • Fixed overhead attachment point for Garona
  • Tents can no longer be selected

  • Added voiceover
  • New model for Khadgar by Tauer
  • Removed Grizzly Bear Pelts
  • Increased initial mana of Specter from 75 to 200
  • Specter selection effect is now attached to its origin
  • Increased height of selection circles of Riderless Gryphons
  • Karazhan: Fixed some z-fighting of stonefloors
  • Karazhan: Fixed terrain ramps in chapel
  • Changed some cinematic cameras
  • Increased far clipping of some cameras
  • Decreased scale of Lothar from 1.0 to 0.9
  • Camera now pans only when necessary
  • Error sound can now play more than once
  • New sound set for Garona
  • New sound set for Khadgar
  • New sound set for Old Khadgar
  • New sound set for Lothar
  • Reduced volume of some soundtracks
  • Decreased damage of Magic Land Mines from 1200/700 to 300/150

  • Set time of day speed to 0%
  • Changed player color of Kirin Tor to violet
  • Changed initial time of day to 7:00

Chapter 1
  • Combined quests "The Ivory Tower" and "Moroes' Blinders"
  • Page Barrel is no longe invulnerable
  • The Magic Land Mines are no long invulnerable
  • The Magic Land Mines now deal damage properly
  • The first Gate Way hint now only appears on Easy difficulty
  • Khadgar is now invulnerable for the Moroes cinematic
  • Replaced Fountain of Health with Fountain of Mana
  • Increased base damage of Gargoyles from 17 to 25
  • Renamed Professor Marvel to Horace Dudley

Chapter 2
  • Intro cinematic: Increased movement speed of Khadgar and Moroes
  • Outro cinematic: Fixed Medivh skin
  • The First Interview: Quest Completed messsage now appears a the end of the dialogue
  • The Second Interview: Quest Completed messsage now appears a the end of the dialogue
  • The Second Interview: Changed order of some answers
  • Renamed Purple Herbal Fluid to Bleen Herbal Fluid
  • Removed hint about Botanic Garden
  • Alchemy: The wraith is no removed after placing the cross
  • Library: Fixed the GoodJob sound not playing when organizing multiple books
  • Gone Mad: The Alchemy items are no longer charged

Chapter 3
  • Changed Bullfrog icon color to red
  • Bullfrom can now be dropped
  • Axe can now be dropped
  • Removed initial dialogues for conversations
  • Replaced Peon with Grunt
  • Renamed Green/Red Liquor to Green/Red Liquid
  • Changed icon of Red Liquid
  • Spying on the Enemy: Added leaderboard for orc conversations
  • Lothar dialogues are now played in a queue
  • Increased mana of dead warlocks to 100%

Interlude 1
  • Moved Khadgar closer to the table
  • Removed unused regions
  • Increased size of shadow of Sargeras
  • Improved movement for Aegwynn and Sargeras

Chapter 4
  • Guardian cinematics: The location leaderboard is now hidden
  • Champion of Azeroth: Added a gate to the harbour
  • Champion of Azeroth: Changed quest requirement to "Find Anduin Lothar"
  • CSI: Stormwind: Changed quest requirements
  • CSI: Stormwind: Changed item names, icons and description
  • CSI: Stormwind: No longer required to talk to previous encounters to access the housing area
  • CSI: Stormwind: Removed a Rune of Healing
  • Chasing the Beast: Changed quest requirement to "Enter the School Area"
  • Renamed Ismail the Collector to Captain Haab
  • Increased level of Captain Haab from 2 to 6
  • Removed Disease Cloud from Mutated Sheep
  • The Mutated Sheep is now resurrected if it dies early
  • Can now always exit the Building Plans house
  • Renamed Ingriedients List to Wake Up Juice Ingredients
  • Moved Observatory exit location
  • The barrels in the tavern are now invulnerable
  • The Marketplaces and Fruit Stands can no longer be selected
  • Removed shadows of waterfalls
  • The firefighters can now be killed without blocking progress
  • The Return to Medivh hint now only appears once
  • The harbor gate now closes when the chest fight begins
  • The chest fight bandit transmission now only appears once
  • The Gambler dialog will no longer reappear if Khadgar is far
  • Increased mana of all neutral units to 100%
  • Replaced pathing blockers with Force Wall at the entrance to the mage quarters
  • The Ruined Fountain is now unselectable
  • Renamed Building Plans to Build Plans
  • Changed unit name of Albert Griswold to Biologist
  • Increased hit points of Duck Maylor from 15 to 300
  • Removed Ressurection Stone minimap ping
  • Changed initial time of day to 7:00
  • Decreased size of selection circle for Jesse McGambler from 2.0 to 1.3

Chapter 5
  • The Order Messages will be replaced with Deciphered Messages when used
  • Renamed Dark Man to Mysterious Voice
  • Renamed Hardened Demon Blood to Hardened Blood
  • Storage Room: The barrels are now invunerable
  • Guldan cinematic: Renamed Dark Man to Mysterious Voice
  • Th Observatory reveal effect is now destroyed before creating a new one
  • Increased size of area where the Whistle can be used
  • Nielas cinematic: Khadgar can no longer be attacked

Chapter 6
  • Intro cinematic: Added cinematic fade
  • Increased mana of all orc warlocks to 100%
  • Replaced Scout Tower is now invunerable
  • First Rider transmission now only plays once
  • Bag transmission now only plays once
  • The Yellow Paint is now invulnerable
  • Removed hint about peons
  • Colored transmission about peons
  • Captured cinematic now plays before meeting humans
  • Added new areas to connect the prison to the rest of the game world
  • Split quest "Home and Away" into "Home and Away" and "Scavengers"
  • Moved Spectre
  • Removed minimap ping for first resurrection stone
  • Replaced Steal hint with transmission
  • Attacked warnings are no longer played multiple times
  • Scavengers: Some doodads, units and items are now hidden until after the Captured cinematic
  • Scavengers: The runes are now shown even before destroying the trees
  • Scavengers: The Gate Portal transmission can now also be triggered by Garona
  • Pig Farms now remain invulnerable
  • Elixir of Water Walking now has to be used near water
  • Elixir of Water Walking now automatically transports the user
  • Added more pathing blockers to the northwest area

Chapter 7
  • Renamed book Dwarven Folklore to Of Blood and Honor
  • Changed description for War of the Ancients
  • Fixed height of books in Secret Room
  • Upside Down: Renamed quest "The Secret Room" to "Upside Down"
  • Upside Down: Changed quest requirements
  • Upside Down: Removed Book of Reverse Speech
  • Upside Down: Main Hall Statue no longer speaks
  • Upside Down: No longer necessary to speak to the Statues in the Museum
  • Upside Down: Pages 1 and 2 are no longer disabled at map start
  • Upside Down: Removed Lothar dialog
  • Heroes are now unpaused after puzzle combat
  • Observatory: The Circle of Power is now removed after using all tools
  • Removed the quest The Statues of Karazhan
  • Museum quests are now discovered by obtaining the pages of The Song of Aegwynn
  • New model for Paladin Statue by GreyArchon
  • Renamed quest to "Botanic Garden"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Slay the Library Demons"
  • Renamed "The Song of Aegwynn, Page X" to "Missing Page X"
  • Missing Pages are now placed around the map and initialize dialogue with the Statues when picked up
  • Increased space for Garona in Banquet and Kitchen
  • Combat puzzles will no longer start until all heroes are alive
  • The Trinkets of Invulnerability are now properly destroyed
  • Added expiration timer buff for Swordsmen summoned with Charge
  • Endfight: Slightly decreased item teleportation area size
  • Endfight: Garona and Lothar will now drop their items while being time stopped
  • The Moroes/Cook transmission can now also run on Easy difficulty
  • Selecting Moroes now spawns the Spirit Drink on Normal difficulty
  • Selecting Cook now spawns the Cheese on Normal difficulty

  • Increased hit points of Arcane Observatory to 1200
  • Credits: The credits music and normal music no longer overlap
  • Credits increased far clipping of camera
  • Restructured credits

589 changes

New map
  • New interlude "Adamant"
Multiple maps
  • User control is now disabled less often
  • Khadgar will no longer move closer to a nearby unit when right-clicking it
  • Increased collision size of Moroes from 16 to 32
  • Crates with Special Lockpins are no longer removed on Hard difficulty
  • Most crates and barrels are now vulnerable
  • Some unimportant units can no longer be selected
  • Khadgar can now get Khadgar's Pipe of Insight when finding six Specters
  • Removed abilities of fun items in Marketplaces
  • Medivh
    • Medivh
    • Is now a hero unit
    • Increased attack cooldown from 2.0 to 2.13
    • Added hero glow
  • Garona
    • Can now gain experience normally across multiple maps
    • Can now be restored from game cache
    • Increased maximum hero level from 8 to 10
    • Increased maximum level of Wind Walk from 2 to 3
    • Increased maximum level of Steal from 1 to 3
    • Increased maximum level of Focus from 2 to 3
    • Increased scale from 0.9 to 1.1
  • Karazhan maps
    • Added more pathing blockers to some areas
    • Added Line of Sight Blockers to the Secret Room
    • Moved Magical Pen Wall to Observatory
    • Changed position of some Circles of Power
    • Moved all gameplay elements in the Museum
    • Changed camera angle in Botanic Garden
    • Changed camera angles in Library
    • Changed camera angles in Banquet Hall
User Interface
  • Retconned The Great Dark Beyond into The Twisting Nether where appropriate
  • Updated campaign preview image
  • Fixed spelling and grammar
  • Removed many transmissions and hints
  • Removed most green text on Hard difficulty
  • Changed text in some transmissions
  • Updated duration of some transmissions
  • Updated loading screens
  • Changed loading screen text
  • Replaced transmissions for Barrel countdown with floating texts
  • Will no longer clear player selection outside of cinematics
  • Decreased hit points of Cook from 2000 to 200
  • Decreased hit point renegeration rate of Cook from 1000 to 0.5
  • Elevated Circles of Power can no longer be selected or show a health bar
  • Replaced some hints with transmissions
  • Set starting hit points of Cook and Moroes to 1
  • Revised all quest descriptions
  • Circles of Power are no longer visible on the minimap
  • Some floating texts will now fade out
  • New icon for Favourite Book/Book of Medivh
  • Changed color of leaderboards
  • No longer overwrites player name
  • Renamed "Sir Anduin Lothar" to "Anduin Lothar"
  • Added hint messages for finding a Specter item
  • Khadgar: Decreased selection scale from 1.5 to 1.2
  • Khadgar (Grunt)
    • Khadgar (Grunt): Added Hero Glow
    • Khadgar (Grunt): Decreased selection scale from 1.5 to 1.4
  • Lothar
    • No longer buffs other units with Devotion Aura
    • Decreased height of life bar
  • Karazhan
    • Changed rotation of a Karazhan Archway to 215
    • Moved runes at Medivh's bed
    • Decreased scale of Church Font in Medivh's quarters
    • Redesigned Museum, Banquet Hall and Medivh's Secret Quarters
  • Improved camera smoothing
  • Removed unused custom data and imports
  • Fixed custom music not playing
  • Improved fade in/out for all cinematics
  • Replaced all GateEpicBash sounds with LargeCityGateOpen sounds
  • New model for Sargeras by PROXY and ~Nightmare
  • New model for Aegwynn by Stefan.K
  • Added new music themes
  • Custom music themes will now play more often in battles and cinematics
  • Fixed sound playing at the wrong time when Transfer Items is used
  • Added talk animations to Medivh
  • New model for Hammer by Blaxor
  • Removed blight in some areas
  • Fixed position of Scout Tower outside Karazhan
  • Reset animation speed of dying units to 100%
  • Improved Far Clipping for some cameras
  • All cinematics and transmissions are now inside a trigger queue
  • Camera movement is no longer inside a trigger queue
  • Changed model of Priest to Reign of Chaos version
  • Changed model of Sorceress to Reign of Chaos version
  • Removed some magic runes
  • Decreased scale of Pig Farms from 4.0 to 3.0
  • Inventory
    • Changed usage based on difficulty
    • Easy: Items are used or combined automatically
    • Normal: Items are combined automatically
    • Hard: Items must be combined individually
    • Changed classification of all usable/combinable items to Campaign
    • Changed classification of all non-usable/non-combinable items to Permanent
    • Only campaign items will be displayed in the dialog
    • Error transmissions are now floating texts
    • Usable/combinable items now cost 5/15/25 mana
  • Pillar of Flame
    • Renamed Flame Strike to Pillar of Flame
    • Changed model and sound effect
    • New icon by The_Avenger's_Return
    • Decreased area of effect from 200 to 100
    • Decreased cooldown from 10 to 5 seconds
    • Decreased mana cost from 135 to 65
    • Decreased duration from 9 to 5 seconds
    • Decreased cast range from 800 to 600
    • Can no longer damage Khadgar
    • Focus
    • Visual aids now appear on all items
    • Visual aids now only exist when necessary
    • New visual aid model for items
    • New icon by KelThuzad
    • Increased mana cost from 25 to 35
  • Alchemy
    • Decreased mana cost from 60 to 50
    • Replaced empty dialog with floating text when lacking ingredients
  • Realm of Time
    • Can now be cast on all enemy or neutral units
    • Can be recast to cancel it on a target unit
    • Now lasts forever
    • Cooldown increased from 2 to 8 seconds
    • Sound effects changed
    • Mana cost increased from 75 to 120
    • Changed description
  • Magic Stash
    • Added Transfer Items to Magic Stash unit
    • Mana cost increased from 25 to 50
    • Cooldown increased from 10 to 20 seconds
    • Decreased sight radius from 900/600 to 400
  • Wind Walk
    • Improved description
    • Removed bonus damage
  • Portal
    • The Portal units can no longer be selected
    • Changed spell information on Normal difficulty
    • Runes are no longer hidden on Normal and Hard difficulty
    • Added white glowing runes on Hard difficulty
  • Haste
    • New icon by Wildfire
    • Changed buff to Haste
    • Decreased speed from 35/45/55% to 25/40/55%
  • Lockpicking error transmissions are now floating texts
  • Steal now works on invulnerable units
  • Transfer items: Changed "inventory full" transmission
  • Replaced many useless items with consumables that can be turned into other items
  • Removed remaining useless items
  • Added tooltip for usable/combinable items
  • Removed Chest Keys
  • The Song of Aegwynn now functions like a Spell Book
  • Removed Conan's Claws and Spartan Shield from Volbir and Bolvir Merchandise
  • Will no longer remove power ups at map end
  • Renamed Spell Book to Book of Medivh
  • Decreased duration of Rune of Speed from 60 to 20 seconds
  • Decreased range of Wand of Chain Lightning from 700 to 600
  • Decreased experience gain of Tomes of Greater Experience from 500 to 300
  • Renamed from "The Violet City" to "The Kirin Tor"
  • Redesigned Dalaran
  • Changed fog color
  • Changed color of Dalaran player to Purple
  • Replaced all Spell Breakers with Captains
  • New loading screen by gemkimart
  • Replaced Loading sound with a Teleport effect
  • Added more units moving around
  • New model for Dela by loktar
  • Added hero glow to Guzbah
Chapter 1
  • Khadgar now starts with a Focus item
  • Failing the first chest no longer activates the second chest
  • Added more pathing blockers around Karazhan
  • Decreased hit points of Gargoyles to 200
  • Gargoyles will no longer deactivate stone form prematurely
  • Increased Repair cast range of Clockwerk Goblin from 50 to 75
  • The items Laws of Arcane Magic and Letter for Medivh are no longer removed at map end
  • Pages One and Three can now be obtained a few seconds earlier
  • Decreased acquisition range of Gargoyles
  • Increased partial damage of Magic Land Mine from 100 to 200
  • Removed mana of ZombieWraith
  • The Gargoyle Spell is now created when combining the pages
  • Can no longer destroy The Gargoyle Spell
  • All items created at map start are now invulnerable
  • Moved some Magic Land Mines
  • Magic Land Mines are now invulnerable
User Interface
  • Fixed items hint delay
  • Khadgar will now comment when selecting the Specter
  • Removed Backyard/Graveyard hint on Easy and Normal difficulty
  • Removed Shipyard hint on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Khadgar is now paused instead of changing his owner when repairing the Observatory
  • Removed Way Gate Hint on Hard difficulty
  • Changed initial ownership of Gargoyles to Neutral Passive
  • Changed description of Khadgar's Pouch
  • Removed hint about entering the boat
  • Removed player 12 (The Guardian) from score screen
  • Increased hero level of Professor Marvel from 1 to 3
  • The Return transmission will be activated 6 seconds later
  • Renamed quest "The Tower" to "The Ivory Tower"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Find Page One, Page Two and Page Three"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Create the Gargoyle Spell"
  • Removed Chest Key hint
  • Gold Mines are no longer displayed on the minimap
  • Intro
    • Changed camera
    • Gold effect no longer created when cinematic is skipped
  • Removed Glowing Runes at Gargoyles
  • Removed Dead Woman
  • Fixed water sound regions
  • Removed all superfluous waterfall sounds
  • Added ItemReceived sound when obtaining the Gargoyle Spell
  • The Renegade Wizard exclamation mark is now removed and recreated
  • Improved teleport effect
  • The Grain Warehouse can no longer be selected or destroyed
Chapter 2
  • Items from Chapter 1 are now removed after answering the appropriate questions
  • Added a crate with the Laws of Arcane Magic
  • Khadgar can now be controlled during the interviews
  • Items dropped in the Observatory or the Kitchen are now moved to Khadgar's Quarters
  • Added a Tome of Agility
User Interface
  • New loading screen by Mr--Jack
  • Added a 5 second wait timer before the NoExit transmission can be replayed
  • Replaced Botanic Garden Hint with transmission by Wraith
  • Map around Wraith is no longer visible at map start
  • Intro cinematic
    • Items and a Circle of Power are now hidden
    • Fixed pathing problems with Khadgar
  • Outland cinematic
    • Improved pathing blocking
    • Medivh is no longer visible in the Kitchen until the second interview
  • The Specter is now hidden until after the first interview
  • The Library Circles of Power and floating texts are now removed earlier
  • The camera will no longer move after the Outland cinematic
  • Can no longer drop the Cross
The First Interview
  • Khadgar's mana is set to 100% after the first interview
  • Medivh no longer walks away after the first interview
The Library
  • Decreased base damage of Skeletal Marksman from 20 to 16
  • Decreased base damage of Unbroken Rager from 20 to 16
  • Decreased base damage of Voidwalker from 22 to 20
  • Decreased base damage of Greater Voidwalker from 35 to 30
  • Decreased base damage of Fire Revenant from 13 to 12
  • Decreased base damage of Sludge Flinger from 22 to 20
  • Decreased base damage of Giant Skeleton Warrior from 11 to 10
  • Moved Arcane Book
Gone Mad
  • Removed timer
  • Changed quest requirement to "Bring Medivh to his senses"
  • Redesigned quest include puzzles with items
  • Removed hint about fleeing
  • Removed Medivh's Blink ability
  • Increased movement speed of Medivh from 170 to 170/190/210
  • Added more enemies
Chapter 3
  • Start
    • Khadgar's mana is now set to 60 until he is healed
    • The Bullfrog can no longer be dropped
    • Decreased hit points of Spitting Spider from 300 to 200
    • Added a Tome of Strength
  • Finding
    • The Alchemist's chest will now also drop a Sharp Knife
    • A Champion's Curl is now created when using the Sharp Knife on Lothar
    • The Corpses can now be highlighted with Focus level 1
    • Added Khadgar's Diary
    • The Vulture is no longer ethereal
    • Replaced M'am and Sax with Volbir and Bolvir
  • Spying
    • Added Lothar's Notes
    • Removed a Grunt from one of the fights
  • Moved Lothar further back
  • Decreased acquisition range of Swordsman
  • Removed many pathing blockers for the fights
  • Player 1 and Player 2 now treat each other as Neutral
  • Can no longer initiate a conversation with Lothar by selecting him
User Interface
  • Removed Barrel transmission on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • The KhadgarHurt transmission will no longer play twice
  • Can no longer cancel a conversation with Lothar
  • Renamed players Orcish Scouts to Orc Scouts
  • Renamed Log to Bundle of Lumber
  • The lumber hint is no longer displayed on Hard difficulty
  • Will no longer mention something explosive while placing the Barrel
  • The missing dusguise transmissions can no longer be repeated
  • Intro cinematic
    • Increased terrain height behind gryphons
    • Khadgar's death animation is now played at the end
  • Outland cinematic: All units are removed at the end
  • Added animation to Resurrection Stone
  • Improved water sound regions
  • Improved terrain around the Keeper Statue
  • Replaced some pathing blockers with a force field
  • The corpses are now removed when going to the Alchemist
  • Decreased scale of Hammer from 1.8 to 1.5
  • Fixed non-existent walls
  • Fixed sounds not playing while repairing the Telescope
  • Removed Resistant Skin of Infernals
  • Increased attack range of Aegwynn from 100 to 600
  • Replaced custom spells with standard spells and effects
  • Improved effects
  • Units are no longer constantly being healed
  • Decreased time of battle
  • Sargeras and Aegwynn are now removed when the vision ends
  • Changed cameras
Chapter 4
  • Can no longer complete a task by Cutty before talking to him
  • Changed pathing in the Observatory
  • Changed location of items in the Observatory
  • The Empty Bottle can now be filled at the well
  • The destructible crates are now created when the Radar is bought
  • Moved a Footman at the Palace to the west
  • Removed pathing blockers at the Palace chest
  • Decreased acquisition range of all Honor Guards and Footmen
  • Removed Footmen and citizens from the Harbor
  • Added citizens to the King's garden
  • The bandits now attack at the chest in the Harbor
  • The Ismail dialogue is now triggered by bringing him a Golden Tooth
  • Replaced dialogs for Ismail's transmission with a reaction game
  • Decreased size of region to trigger Ismail
  • Added Horn of Stormwind to the Harbor Shop
  • Changed position of Specter
  • Added more pathing blockers
  • The Radar is now removed when acquiring the Gold Bag
  • Removed an Assassin
  • The Staff of Teleportation is now created 4 seconds earlier
  • Albert will now attack the Mutated Sheep earlier
  • Decreased starting hit points of Fountain to 50
  • Moved Book in Observatory slightly to the left
  • Removed vision on Specter
  • The Signed Papers will now be given directly to Khadgar
  • Redesigned Build Plans puzzle
  • Pillars are no longer vulnerable
  • Added a Mana and a Life Egg
  • Removed a Tome of Agility
  • Removed a Tome of Strength
  • Replaced a Tome of Intelligence with a Tome of Intelligence+2
  • Acetone
    • No longer adds 200 damage to Khadgar
    • Is now a usable item
    • Can now be dropped
    • Is now removed after beating the Gambler
    • Added a Pathing Blocker at Layla's Shop
User Interface
  • Fixed name of attacked citizen in front of Tavern
  • Entering a building will no longer change the camera bounds
  • The first LotharGuardian dialogue can now be skipped
  • No longer creates additional buttons for the PalaceGuardsID dialog
  • Renamed quest "Where is Lothar?" to "Champion of Azeroth"
  • Khadgar will no longer say where the Gamble is on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Removed hint about speaking to Lothar on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • No longer repeatedly triggers the Lothar conversation without new information
  • The Return to Medivh hints are no longer displayed if Khagar is in the Observatory
  • Renamed Malloy to Christoph
  • The Fountain floating text will now appear on all diffculty levels
  • The EnterHousingBuilding hint will no longer appear before Khadgar talked to Duck Maylor
  • Replaced FightFlee transmission with a floating text by Ismail
  • Changes transmissions by Ismail
  • The Sheep transmissions will now only appear on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Renamed Wake Up Juice to Ingredients List
  • User control is no longer disabled when saying no to the Gambler
  • The ships, Tavern and Siege Engine can no longer be selected
  • Housing Firefighters Dialogue will now play earlier
  • Changed description of Cutty's List
  • Removed hint on where to find Lothar on Normal dificulty
  • Replaced hint about east-Stormwind with transmission by Khadgar
  • Added some time before Garona talks about her mana
  • Renamed Ismail to Ismail the Collector
  • Changed unit name of Ismail to Captain
  • Improved description of Golden Tooth
  • Added floating text by Peasant when placing the Barrel
  • Replaced hint aboud School Area with transmission from Khadgar
  • Renamed Honor Guard One and Honor Guard Two to honor Guard
  • Replaced hint "Talk to Lothar" with a quest requirement
  • The Housing Area hint will no longer repeat
  • LotharArrives cinematic: Improved cameras
  • Peasants will no longer be attacking the pillars in most cinematics
  • Added new cinematics for the Guardian dialogues
  • Improved terrain in some areas
  • Changed position of many doodads in the Observatory
  • Replaced all Swordsmen with Footmen
  • Changed Honor Guard model to Swordsman
  • Added an Honor Guard in the King's Quarters
  • Fixed height of chains in workshop
  • Decreased hit points of Jesse McGambler to 500
  • Hit points of Jesse McGambler will no longer reset during the fight
  • Moved Harbor camera slightly to the right
  • Added a Circle of Power to Ismail
  • Replaced Stone Tables with Wooden Tables
  • Removed Clock Tower
  • Changed model of Book
  • Changed position of Harbor2 camera
  • The Sleep effect will no longer appear on Khadgar
  • The exclamation mark on Horace no longer disappears until the conversation has finished
  • Added exlamation mark on Albert
  • Removed shared vision on Neutral Passive when entering Albert's Wares
  • Added GoodJob sound when bringing the Building Plans
  • The Barrel of Explosives is now moved to the Circle of Power when dropped
  • Improved terrain at the entrance gate
  • Added Circle of Power to the King's Guards
  • Changed skin type of Horace Kane to Reign of Chaos
  • Removed Player 7 (Citizens) from score screen
  • Fixed Circle of Power in front of Tavern
  • Outro cinematic: Disabled experience gain for Khadgar
  • Replaced pillars around house with small wall edges
Chapter 5
  • BanquetVision
    • Added ghosts which must be defeated when acquiring the Ghost Mushroom
    • The second entrance to the Banquet Hall will now be cleared at the start of the Nielas cinematic
    • Can no longer reach the Barrel of Explosives outside the storeroom
  • Garona: Haste and Inventory are no longer disabled when chasing/fighting Garona
  • Interview
    • Garona is no longer missing her abilities after losing
    • Garona is now invulnerable
    • Remade to be more interactive
    • Khadgar can now be controlled
    • Interview will no longer completely reset if lost
  • Demon: Switched positions of Mana Plant and Hardened Demon Blood
  • Leaving
    • Moved pathing blockers
    • Medivh is now invulnerable until Khadgar can use Realm of Time
    • Garona can now also create the Spell Book
    • The storage room can now be accessed after the Guldan cinematic
  • Replaced visibility on Chapel and Garden Gate with Fog of War
  • Garona's mana is now 100% after cinematics
  • Cook now remains invulnerable
  • Added a Mana and a Life Egg
  • Removed a Tome of Knowledge
User Interface
  • Order
    • The proper quest requirement is now completed when reading an Order message
    • Replaced hint about the correspondence with a transmission by Khadgar
    • Improved description for Message from Lothar
    • All quest requirements are now properly marked as completed
    • Improved descriptions for Order Messages
    • The Order Messages are now removed after usage
  • BanquetVision
    • Added explanation as to why Khadgar needs to get into the Banquet Hall
    • Removed dialog button Nothing
    • Changed transmission about Medivh when using the Telescope
    • The Items transmission is no longer played on Hard difficulty
    • Improved description for Ghost Mushroom
  • Interview
    • No longer creates the answers multiple times when losing
    • Added more choices
    • The DemonFlee transmission can no longer be played multiple times
    • Garona's inventory is now disabled until her mana is replenished
  • Leaving
    • Garona will now say something when she tries to combine an item
    • Can now skip the Medivh Dialogue
    • Removed camera pan when creating the vision
  • Will no longer clear selection when talking to Moroes
  • Intro cinematic: Added pathing blockers at Medivh's quarters
  • Sargeras cinematic
    • Changed some text by Khadgar
    • Changed a camera
    • Changed blink effect
  • Nielas cinematic
    • Made table smaller
    • Changed cameras
    • New model for Nielas Aran by Stefan.K
    • Changed color of Nielas Aran to pink
  • ReportDemon cinematic
    • Removed the demon
    • The reveal effect is now properly destroyed
  • Guldan cinematic
    • Can no longer see the Outland sky before the Outland scene
    • Starting the cinematic will no longer clear the trigger queue
  • Garona: The FelHound sound can now be heard
  • Leaving
    • Added effects to visualize the path blocking
    • Granted shared vision of Garona
  • Replaced Vision floating texts with new cinematic
  • Added more object hints
Chapter 6
  • Entrance
    • Removed two of the Tree peons
    • Will regain control more quickly when approaching the Burrow
    • Only Khadgar will now be paused when approaching the village
    • Replaced Watch Tower with a Burrow/Peon
  • Water: Fixed bug turning preventing Garona from walking on water
  • Portal
    • Decreased range of Portal at Hungry Footman
    • The island no longer deactivated with the second group of warlocks
    • Will now check more frequently if a hero stands on a Portal
    • Moved second group of ChickenGrunts to the south
    • Added a Tome of Strength+2
  • ScoutTower
    • Added more enemy units
    • Increased acquisition range of enemy units
  • Renegade Wizard
    • Replaced pathing blockers with a force field
    • Removed 4 Gold Coins
    • Decreased gold cost of Barrel of Explosives from 2000 to 1000
    • Added more destructible rocks
    • Khadgar and Garona will no longer become vulnerable
    • The Renegade Wizard now drops a Potion of Mana when killed
  • HeavyBag
    • Improved enemy AI when the Heavy Bag is picked up
    • Can no longer activate all switches with a single hero
    • Can no longer pick up the Heavy Bag without Wind Walk
  • Escape
    • Destroying a Prison tree now destroys the other too
    • Moved Prison trees to the west
  • Added a delay before a hero becomes invulnerable
  • Khadgar and Garona can no longer attack units
  • All enemy and neutral units are now vulnerable
  • All enemy and neutral units are now periodically healed
  • Added more orcs
  • Will no longer create additional items if Khadgar is not restored from game cache
  • Added more pathing blockers around the prison cells
  • The Tomes of Experience will no longer be hidden at map start
  • Replaced all Tomes of Experience with Tomes of Greater Experience
User Interface
  • Entrance
    • Merged quests "Home and Away" and "Disguise Again"
    • Changed quest requirement to "Disguise Khadgar"
    • Thorough transmission is now triggered after the first Elevator
    • The Disguise quest is now always discovered before completion
  • Water: Removed debug messages when Garona drinks an Elixir of Water Walking
  • Portal
    • Added a transmission about luring Grunts on Easy and Normal difficulty
    • First group of warlocks will now say something when teleported
    • Fixed disappearing exclamation mark on first ChickenGrunt
    • Changed transmission about luring a Grunt
  • Renegade Wizard
    • Added transmission by Renegade Wizard
    • New transmission about orcs at the Goblin Shop
    • The camera now pans when placing the Barrel of Explosives
    • Added an additional floating text by the shop
  • HeavyBag: Changed transmission when killed
  • Renamed player Azeroth Scouts to Azeroth Company
  • Increased hero level of Lothar from 7 to 8
  • Moved some Glowing Runes
  • Intro cinematic: Added initial burrow and disguise transmissions
  • Nielas cinematic: Khadgar is now stopped when the cinematic starts
  • Can no longer hear combat sounds during cinematics
  • Changed camera angles in village center
  • Changed camera angles around Renegade Wizard
  • Renegade Wizard
    • Removed the Advanced Boulder Tower
    • Replaced Sasquatches with orcs
    • Replaced Forest Troll Warlord with a Renegade Wizard
    • Added more rocks around the shop
    • The runes are no longer visible until Khadgar arrives
  • HeavyBag
    • Changed human camp to orc camp
    • Added more rocks at the bridge
    • Removed a tree at the bridge
    • Removed a Raccoon
Chapter 7
  • Lothar and Garona now become playable characters in certain situations
  • Main Hall: Can now speak to the Statue without carrying the Song of Aegwynn
  • Banquet Hall: Moved a Tome of Experience
  • Botanic Garden: Vines no longer block movement after being removed
  • Chapel
    • Removed a Tome of Experience
    • Moved a Life Egg
  • Secret: Difficulty now affects number of dialog buttons for the Door Code
  • Statue Combat
    • Khadgar will no longer be forced to die on his first attempt
    • Replaced turn-based combat with real-time combat and puzzles
    • Removed Statue Combat Rules
    • The MeetMedivh/OldKhadgar cinematics are now automatically replayed when losing
    • Will no longer replenish mana after a fight
  • Fixed Spirit Drink and Cheese appearing twice
  • Improved path blocking
  • Increased experience rate at level 8 from 60% to 100%
  • Increased maximum hero level from 9 to 10
  • Moved Life Egg
  • Added a Tome of Knowledge
  • Replaced all Tomes of Experience with Tomes of Greater Experience
User Interface
  • Main Hall
    • Added a titel to the Statue dialog
    • Improved description of Reverse Speech
    • The Statue now gives the Statue Combat Rules to Khadgar immediately
    • Changed quest requirement to "Activate and defeat the Corrupted Minions"
  • Lothar
    • Changed a dialog button text
    • Changed transmission about the Song of Aegwynn being the key
    • Increased hero level from 9 to 10
  • Statue Combat
    • Changed ownership of all Statues minions to player 5 (Corrupted)
    • Added "Main Quest Completed" message
  • Random Swordsman transmissions will now only play once
  • Renamed Cook to Cook's Corpse and Moroes to Moroes's Corpse
  • The "Defeat Medivh" requirement is now properly marked as completed
  • Intro cinematic
    • Can no longer see the Chapel Swordsman
    • Changed cameras
  • Stormwind cinematic
    • Increased death time of Llane
    • Increased death time of Llane from 1.5 to 10 seconds
    • Honor Guards will now walk towards Llane
    • Replaced Spell Breakers with Swordsmen
  • OldKhadgar cinematic
    • Changed cameras
    • Added death animation to Khadgar
    • Garona is now being teleported away
  • Outro cinematic
    • Changed cameras
    • Lothar's shackles are now destroyed when Medivh is attacked
    • All items are now removed
  • Statue Combat
    • Added a Force Wall at the endfight
    • The final battle themes will no longer repeat
  • The resurrection region is now ativated after the Intro cinematic
  • Replaced Shackles with Realm of Time effect
  • Added camera border effect to Medivh's Secret Quarters
  • The Circles of Power of a Statue is now removed when the Statue is beaten
  • Added flies in the Kitchen
  • Changed camera in Museum
  • The Glowing Runes in Medivh's Quarters are now visible on all difficulty levels
  • Changed tint color of Fountain
  • Will no play ItemReceived sound when finding all Specters
  • Changed special effect when finding all Specters
Banquet Hall
  • Can no longer get the Cheese by going to Cook on Hard difficulty
  • Added more Rats
  • Rats no longer wander
  • Increased collision size of rats from 0 to 16
  • The Storage Room is now closed
  • Added Storage Room key to the nearby footman
  • The portals are now removed after teleporting the rats
  • Replaced PlaceCheese transmission with GoodJob sound
  • The Chapel Guide can now be dropped
  • New icon for Chapel Guide by ~Nightmare
  • Must now disassemble Bound Chapel Guide to obtain The Chapel Guide
  • Bound Chapel Guide/The Chapel Guide can no longer be put back into the bookshelf
  • Can no longer get the Spirit Drink by going to Moroes on Hard difficulty
  • Garona is now invulnerable
  • Added Circle of Power for Garona
  • Changed quest requirement to "Heal the plants" on Hard difficulty
  • Added dialog button for asking Garona for a blade
  • The Wooden Hilt can now be stolen from a Treant
  • Sludge Demon
    • Changed attack type from Normal to Pierce
    • Increased attack range from 100 to 300
    • Added projectile art
    • Changed model of Sludge Demon to Sludge Minion
    • Now split at 250/300/350 hit points depending on difficulty
    • Changed maximum number of Sludge Demons to 4/6/8
  • Moved Sludge Demons northeast
  • Moved tripline to start the fight
  • Changed quest requirement to "Kill the Library Demons"
  • Removed Slime Demon
  • Added books lying on the ground
  • Increased range of where Telescope items can be used
  • Replaced Gearwheel inside Chest with Radar
  • Replaced Wooden Hilt inside Chest with Small Clock
  • Replaced Spanner with Locked Toolbox
  • Items descriptions for the Telescope are now more ambiguous
  • Changed name of List to Telescope List and improved description
  • Changed models of Gearwheel, Spanner and Radar to the standard model
  • Added more text by Medivh
  • Improved effects
  • Added sound effect when Medivh morphs into a raven
  • Restructured types of credits
  • Updated all credits
  • Increased duration of credits
  • Changed final message
  • Delayed final fade out
  • The cinematic music will no longer play over the credits music

196 changes

Multiple maps
  • Added difficulty selection (Easy, Normal, Hard)
  • Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • User control is disabled less often
  • Added visibility to some areas in Karazhan
  • Added boundaries that block vision in some areas in Karazhan
User Interface
  • Some dialog titles now use multiple lines
  • Some hints will no longer be displayed on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Fixed some typos
  • Changed ownership of Garona to Player 1 (Red) for cinematics
  • Can no longer see green Glowing Runes before going to the Secret Room in Karazhan
  • Replaced some trees in Karazhan
  • Decreased height of selection circle of low-flying Gryphons
  • Added static terrain/object shadows
  • Increased scale of Khadgar's head by Cuore
  • Lockpicking
    • Removed Chest Keys on Hard difficulty
    • Changed number of maximum attempts on Chests from 3 to 2/3/4
    • Replaced Arrow Keys-lockpicking with an ability-based lockpicking system
    • Now costs 15 mana for each try
    • Alchemy (and Magic Stash) no longer available while lockpicking
    • Camera will no longer move in RTS mode when lockpicking
    • Removed "I think that was wrong" transmission while lockpicking
    • Added green and red color to floating texts
  • Alchemy
    • Increased cooldown from 2.0 to 2.2 seconds
    • Fixed description
    • Replaced ItemReceived with Feedback sound when using Alchemy
  • Steal
    • Removed stun
    • Improved effects
  • New ability Magic Stash: Can store items and be summoned to Khadgar
  • Removed casting time of Flame Strike
  • Added sound effect for Portal
  • Added sound effect for Transfer Items
  • No longer directly used or combined
  • A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item
  • Added "useless" items on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Speed from 0.6 to 1.0
  • Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Greater Speed from 1.0 to 1.6
  • Removed transmissions which tell the player which items are missing when trying to combine
  • Added generic transmissions when not being able to use or combine an item
  • Fixed description of Mind Egg
  • ItemReceived sound is now played more often when creating non-Alchemy items
  • Added a special effect when successfully using or combining items
Chapter 1
  • Khadgar's Pouch can now be dropped
  • The Axe can now be dropped
  • Replaced Clarity Potion with a Potion of Healing
  • Added a Rune of Healing
  • Decreased life of Gargoyles from 230 to 200
  • Decreased Gargoyle base damage from 60 to 25
  • Gargoyles will no longer use Stone Form after being left alone
  • Gargoyles are now targeted as ground units
User Interface
  • Changed quest requirement "Find the ceremony book" to "Find the ritual book"
  • Added transmission about finding a Magic Stash
  • The first conversation with the Renegade Wizard can now be skipped
  • Added Player 4 (Strangers)
  • Changed ownership of most hostile units to Player 4
  • Smoothed the terrain on the way to the Renegade Wizard
  • Decreased height of Gargoyles from 240 to 100
  • The Clockwerk Goblin is now moved back after repairing the Observatory
  • Added special effects when creating the Ghosts
  • Changed ownership of Professor Marvel to Player 11
  • Replaced Shimmering Portal with Force Wall
Chapter 2
  • Added more answers in the interviews on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Increased talk range of Wraith in the Chapel
  • Added bonus damage when Medivh attacks Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Medivh will now only teleport if he is below Khadgar or far away from him
  • Enemies at the Library can now drop Wands of Chain Lighting
  • Changed positions of Khadgar and Medivh when the final fight is restarted
  • Swapped position of some Karazhan Books
  • Decreased time for GoneMad quest from 80 to 70/75/80 seconds
User Interface
  • Changed text some answers in the interviews
  • Changed order of some answers in the interviews
  • Both conversations with Moroes can now be skipped
  • Added a camera pan to Khadgar when the final fight is restarted
  • Swapped icons of some Karazhan Books
  • Added hint about fleeing from Medivh on Easy difficulty
  • The Battle music when fighting Medivh will now repeat
  • Game will wait until Khadgar is revived for the final fight before fading in
  • The Resurrection Stone effect will now play when Khadgar is in his quarters
  • Swapped models of some Karazhan Books
  • Old Khadgar will no longer run away in the Outland cinematic
Chapter 2
  • Moved Bullfrom slightly to the south
  • Moved Axe to the east swamp area
  • The Orc Helmet and Orc Armor are now usable
  • Added patroling guards at the orc camp on Normal and Hard difficulty
User Interface
  • Changed unit origin of some transmissions during the fights
  • The initial conversations with Lothar's men can now be skipped
  • Can now skip the conversations about the force field and spying
  • Removed some transmissions when being interviewed by Lothar
  • Moved first question of second Lothar interview to first Lothar interview
  • Moved second question of second Lothar interview to last Lothar interview
  • Added more detailed titles to some Lothar dialog buttons
  • Renamed "A Hero's Curl" to "A Champion's Curl"
  • Added hint about attacking Lothar on Easy difficulty
  • New model for Bullfrog by General Frank
  • Added doodads around the Bullfrog
  • Moved flowers away from Circle of Power at start area
  • Khadgar will no longer turn shortly after the intro cinematic
  • Changed model of Log to Bundle of Lumber
  • Added Water sound effects to the north east
  • Increased scaling of Skink from 1.0 to 1.6
  • Changed camera movement for the last two interview answers
  • Added HumanVictory to the outro cinematic
  • Changed some sound effects when Medivh is repairing the Telescope
Chapter 4
  • The Potions of Sensation can no longer be used outside the Observatory
  • The Golden Tooth can now be used
  • The Golden Tooth is now purchased from a shop on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Swapped vendors for Bomb and Radar
  • Can no longer get behind the counter in the tavern
  • Added more blocking around the Workshop
  • Can no longer use the Staff of Teleportation while in combat
User Interface
  • All Tavern conversations can now be skipped
  • Camera bounds are now restricted when inside a building
  • Most conversations with the Honor Guards can now be skipped
  • Decreased some wait time when being checked by the Honor Guards
  • Changed icon of Mana Orb
  • Replaced Fire Fighter transmissions with floating texts
  • The conversations with Cutty can now be skipped
  • Khadgar will now stop when approaching Lothar or the Honor Guards
  • Changed camera pan after killing the Mutated Sheep
  • All DuckMaylor conversations can now be skipped
  • Added a hint about Flame Strike on Easy and Hard difficulty
  • Conversation with Albert will not start until Khadgar is inside his building
  • Fixed description of Banana
  • Dialogue where Khadgar shows Medivh the Demon book can now be skipped
  • Added additional hint about the Destroyable Fountain
  • Removed "Wreak havoc!" hint
  • Removed a pillar doodad in the Harbor
  • Added Line of Sight blockers around buildings
  • The bar citizens will now start attacking each other after the Intro cinematic
  • Exclamation mark on Cutty will now be removed 2-3 seconds later
  • Fixed bug that prevented DoorSlam sound from playing
  • the DoorSlam sound is now 2D
  • Increased level of Albert Griswold from 1 to 7
Chapter 5
  • Added more options to the Observatory Detect dialog on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Added Mirror Image to Garona when fighting Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Removed books on the floor in the Library on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Can now use/combine Secret Ingredient, Walking Stick and Favourite Book
  • Decreased time to hide the Spectre
  • Added Boots of Speed for Garona when being chased by Khadgar
  • Improved Garona AI when being chased by Khadgar
  • The heroes are now automatically moved during the Interview quest when a conversation is skipped
  • Added pathing blocking for the Kitchen table
User Interface
  • Added transmission when Khadgar is missing an item to create Realm of Time
  • Camera will now pan to Khadgar after annoying Garona
  • Added title to Observatory detection dialog
  • Fixed dialog button text for "Scroll of Mana Repair"
  • Khadgar will now comment Guzbah's death
  • Added camera movement to the Interview with Garona when in RTS camera mode
Chapter 6
  • Removed some Portal runes on Normal difficulty
  • Removed all Portal runes on Hard difficulty
  • Improved AI of first Burrow peon
  • Can no longer destroy Yellow Paint
  • Moved Grunt to the first Chest
  • Can no longer attempt to open the first Chest until the Grunt is lured away
  • Added pathing blockers to some areas
  • The Hungry Footman will now move closer to the edge
  • Moved teleport region at the Sasquatches lightly to the south
  • Khadgar now only becomes invulnerable after dropping the Heavy Bag
  • Moved Heavy Bag drop spot to the east
  • Garona now has to open a door to Khadgar at the prison
  • Both Garona and Khadgar need to use the Portal at the prison
  • Khadgar can now also use the Prison Key
  • Garona will no longer gain Water Walking when Khadgar turns into a Grunt
  • Replaced a Potion of Mana with a Potion of Greater Mana
  • Added a Tome of Experience
  • Added Magic Sentry ability to the Advanced Boulder Tower
User Interface
  • Removed Portal rune hint on Hard difficulty
  • Added title to Orc Rider dialog
  • Changed defeat condition "Don't attack..." to "Don't fight..."
  • Changed description of Heavy Bag
  • Decreased size of region when the HungryFootman transmission is played
  • Changed hint about Warlocks
  • Replaced some pathing blockers with rocks at the prison camp
  • The HungryFootman floating texts will now only appear if a hero is nearby
  • Increased duration of the second HungryFootman floating text from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Removed Magic Sentry symbol when deactivating the tower
Chapter 7
  • The last page to the Song of Aegwynn will appear a bit sooner
  • Added a Tome of Experience
  • Tomes of Experience and The Song of Aegwynn Pages will no longer spawn at the same spot
  • Tomes of Experience will no longer spawn if Khadgar is already level 9
  • Decreased life of Statues and Medivh on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Added more verses to the Chapel puzzle on Normal nad Hard difficulty
  • The Observatory List will no longer be created on Hard difficulty
  • Can now skip all conversations in the Museum
  • Can no longer trigger the conversation with the Chapel Swordsman while talking to him
User Interface
  • Added more information to the Statue Combat Rules item
  • Changed hint for the Statue Combat Rules
  • Added title to Garona dialog
  • Added hints for the Library Slimes on Easy and Hard difficulty
  • Improved description for Spanner, Gearwheel and Radar
  • Added transmissions "Cook..." and "Moroes..." when selecting them
  • Added title to the BrowseBooks dialog
  • Fixed size of multiboard for 4:3 screens
  • Decreased level of Garona from 9 to 8
  • The Library Slime music will now repeat as long as Slimes are alive
  • Medivh is now hidden until his cinematic starts
  • Added Cuore to Models and Skins credits

487 changes

Multiple maps
  • Merged numerous areas and their gameplay
  • Removed several areas that contained no gameplay besides walking
  • Changed terrain for almost all areas
  • Undiscovered areas will now be covered by a black mask
  • Enabled Fog of War
  • The camera will now always focus on Khadgar if he and Garona are selected at the same time
  • Added cheat "camera" to switch between "adventure" and "strategy" camera modes
  • Hero abilities level skip set to 2
  • Rebalanced all non-quest alchemy items
  • Added Chest Keys which are hard to find but can open any chest instantly
  • Selecting the Specter will now add a skill point to Khadgar
  • Items sold by a Marketplace or vendor are now removed from stock
  • Karazhan
    • Decreased number of areas from 65 to 26
    • Changed various connections between areas
    • Decreased map size from 160x224 to 96x192
User Interface
  • Karazhan: Renamed all gates to Karazhan Gate
  • Changed hotkey layout to QWER
  • Fixed duration of some transmissions
  • Capitalized all golden letters in the Song of Aegwynn
  • Selection will no longer be cleared when talking to people
  • Renamed all non-quest alchemy items
  • Improved descriptions of all non-quest alchemy items
  • Changed icons and models of some non-quest alchemy items
  • Dialog titles will no longer disappear
  • New loading screens
  • User control is now disabled less often
  • Improved terrain outside gameplay areas
  • Added smooth movement to all cameras when changing angles/areas
  • Changed almost all camera angles
  • Improved camera movement in cinematics
  • Karazhan: Decreased number of game cameras from 65 to 26
  • Karazhan: Changes to various doodads (e.g. color, scale, pathing)
  • Khadgar: Changed attack type and visuals of Grunt-Khadgar to melee
  • New model for Aegwynn by Chizume
  • Decreased sight radius of cinematic gryphons to 0
  • Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
  • The music will now continue playing after winning a fight
  • Decreased number of flickering textures
  • Added floating texts to the Chests which show previous lockpicking attempts
  • Fixed a bug preventing music from playing after cinematics
  • Will no longer play the EnchantedCellLoop sound for vision cinematics
  • Fixed sound regions
  • Fixed positioning of Circles of Power
  • Decreased collision size from 32 to 24
  • Attribute points are now retained when turning into a Grunt
  • Added a special effect when turning into a Grunt
  • Decreased maximum levels by 1 per map
  • Set experience gain to 100% until he has the minimum level for each chapter
  • New passive hero ability Lockpicking that will automatically unlock pins on chests
  • Flame Strike: Added info that it can damage trees
  • Realm of Time
    • Is now part of the Spell Book acquired in Chapter 5
    • Fixed sound effect
  • Haste
    • Increased Attack Speed bonus from 20/25/30% to 35/45/55%
    • Decreased cooldown from 20 to 15 seconds
    • Improved description
  • Alchemy
    • Can now be levelled manually
    • Decreased cooldown from 5 to 2 seconds
    • Quest items no longer cost additional mana
    • Quest items no longer require a minimum ability level
    • Removed info about penalty
    • Will now always play a sound effect when creating an item
  • Portal
    • Decreased casting range from 3000 to 1200
    • Decreased cooldown from 5 to 3 seconds
    • Units are now teleported by entering the associated regions
    • Fixed a bug that moved units to the center of the map when using a portal
    • Decreased time of teleport effect
    • Is now part of the Spell Book acquired in Chapter 5
    • Improved description
  • Focus
    • Renamed Concentrate to Focus
    • Increased mana cost from 0 to 25
    • Added level 3 which will highlight information and disable Fog of War
    • Decreased cooldown/effect time from 10 to 6/8/10 seconds
  • Lockpicking
    • Decreased number of picked locks required to open mosts chests by 2
    • Fixed a bug that prevented resetting the counter of bad lockpicking attempts
  • Decreased collision size from 32 to 16
  • Added ability Focus (formerly known as Concentrate)
  • New ability Transfer Items transfers all of Garona's items to Khadgar
  • Steal
    • Decreased cooldown from 15 to 10 seconds
    • Added stun info
    • Changed buff from Dizziness to Stunned
    • Removed some effects
  • Decreased map size from 160x128 to 96x128
  • Decreased movement speed of Khadgar from 300 to 230
  • Fixed Khadgar's movement behavior
  • Fixed some doodad and terrain issues
  • Increased Far Clipping of some cameras
  • Decreased time of Aegwynn battle by 6 seconds
Chapter 1
  • Decreased number of areas from 39 to 15
  • The Axe can now be used when close to the Tree Bridge
  • Removed a Brigand
  • Removed four Bandits
  • Removed two Kobolds
  • Removed two mine fields
  • The Bandit Lord will no longer be ordered to attack Khadgar
  • Khadgar will no longer stop at the Chest hint
  • Removed a Barrel of Explosives
  • The weed will now burn faster
  • Khadgar will now start at level 2 with no enabled ability
  • Increased starting Mana of Khadgar from 0 to 100
  • Khadgar's Mana will no longer be stuck at 100 until drinking a Potion of Mana
  • Removed the Letter for Medivh from Khadgar
  • The first Rogue will now drop Khadgar's Pouch instead of an Axe
  • Khadgar's Pouch will give Khadgar various items and the ability to cast Flame Strike
  • The top tower of Karazhan is now invulnerable
  • Added a Wand of Chain Lightning to each of the Resurrection Stones
  • Removed a Potion of Mana
  • Added book "Laws of Arcane Magic" to the item shop, which explains "Sympathy"
  • Increased range of region for the hint about picklocking chests
  • No longer required to step away from the first Chest to retry it
  • Can no longer destroy Page Two
  • Removed pathing blockers in front of Professor
User Interface
  • The Weeds transmission will play when the rocks have been destroyed
  • The GotYou transmission will play when Khadgar fights the Bandits
  • Added a transmission which says not to go back at the starting area
  • Added a hint about Chest Keys
  • Added hint about switching between camera modes
  • Can now skip the first conversation with the Renegade Wizard
  • Decreased number of game cameras from 39 to 15
  • Will no longer hear a scream at start
  • Added special effect when Zombie turns into a Wraith
  • The observatory camera pan is now played in cinematic mode and more quickly
  • Removed fade out/in from the ship sequences
  • Khadgar's movement speed will no longer be decreased to 80 at the start of the Outro cinematic
Chapter 2
  • The Guide to Beginner's Alchemy is no longer actively used
  • Some items required for the Alchemy quest are now scattered around Karazhan
  • Decreased size of regions where books need to be placed
  • Removed Library category Funny Books
  • Removed a Rune of Mana
  • Some killed enemies will now drop Runes of Greater Healing
  • Enemies in Library will now spawn in groups of 3
  • The Races book is now placed just outside the Library
  • The Specter's item will now be created outside Medivh's quarters
  • Removed spells from Voidwalkers
  • If Khadgar dies during the fight with Medivh he will now be instantly moved to the Library after his resurrection
  • During the fight Medivh will now teleport to Khadgar every 10 seconds
  • Vision of Khadgar is now shared with Medivh in the fight
User Interface
  • Removed some dialogue from the Intro cinematic
  • Added more information to extended tooltip of The Guide to Beginner's Alchemy
  • Removed transmissions about the secret ingredient and leaving the garden
  • Return to Moroes is now a quest requirement
  • The Survive hint is now a required quest named Gone Mad
  • Renamed book Animals and Plants to Races. This book now describes trolls and goblins
  • Added a transmission that says the gate to the Botanic Garden is locked
  • Fixed an error message when Khadgar carries only 1 Stick and tries to use it
  • Removed hint about being honest to Medivh
  • Renamed item Alchemy to Glyph of Alchemy
  • Removed hint about using the minimap to orientate and navigate
  • Added transmission about green and blue making purple
  • Added Circles of Power to show where books need to be placed
  • Added special effects for spawned Library enemies
  • Replaced ItemDrop sound with GoodJob sound when placing a book in the Library
  • Most Circles of Power are now removed when no longer required
  • Floating texts in the Library will now appear much faster
  • Will now play the Warcraft 2 War theme when fighting Medivh
  • Moroes reappears now as soon as Khadgar enters the Botanic Garden
  • Will no longer change ownership of Old Khadgar in the Outland cinematic
Chapter 3
  • Decreased map size from 128x128 to 96x96
  • Decreased number of areas from 46 to 15
  • Increased mana cap at map start from 100 to 125
  • Increased experience gain from 50% to 90% at level 4
  • Decreased life of Spitting Spider from 400 to 300
  • The Dangerous Fish can now be killed but will respawn
  • Increased mana regain by Potion of Recovery from 200 to 400
  • Removed Rune of Speed from first fight
  • Removed alternate route to Orc camp and a force field
  • The Guide to Intermediate Alchemy is no longer actively used
  • Created Logs will be given to Khadgar if he has enough inventory space
  • Decreased level of Blademaster from 3 to 2
  • Removed Critical Strike from Blademaster
  • Decreased level of Mirror Image for Blademaster from 2 to 1
  • Added a Tome of Experience
User Interface
  • The Hurt transmission will now play two seconds after gameplay starts, unless triggered earlier
  • Added a transmission which says to burn the trees
  • Removed Khadgar's transmissions about fighting groups of orcs and humans
  • Removed a transmission by Khadgar when talking to Lothar for the first time
  • The Axe can now be used when close to a Tree
  • The Axe will now be removed when the player cuts down the second Tree
  • Removed one of each unit type in the Corpses area
  • Added more information to extended tooltip of The Guide to Intermediate Alchemy
  • The Keeper Statue is now a doodad instead of a unit
  • Renamed A Hero's Lock to A Hero's Curl
  • Decreased time until the hints for Lothar's men appears from 4 to 2 seconds
  • Added a new transmission to a Raider
  • Can now skip all orc conversations
  • Can now skipp all of Lothar's and Khadgar's conversations about Medivh
  • Added Object Hints to the Trees
  • Khadgar will be selected when turning into a Grunt/Mage
  • The inventory will no longer be disabled as a Grunt
  • Removed hint about Keg of Thunderwater (now called Extra Spice)
  • Decreased number of game cameras from 46 to 15
  • Increased fog Z start from 500 to 1500
  • Will no longer hear death sounds at map start
  • Removed Blighted Mist from Bullfrog
  • Decreased time for Bullfrog Eating Fish sequence
  • The Bullfrog Circle of Power is removed during the Bullfrog Eating Fish sequence
  • Replaced Felwood Canopy Trees with Felwood Tree Walls in starting area
  • Removed a Lava Cracks doodad
  • Removed fighting groups of orcs and humans
  • Removed Glowing Runes from force fields
  • Decreased scale of Scout Towers from 5.0 to 2.0
  • Playing a sound when Khadgar gets a Log
  • Increased Scaling Value of Logs from 0.6 to 1.0
  • The ItemReceived sound when a Vulture or Skink dies is no longer a 3D sound
  • The War theme will now play before an enemy starts his transmission
  • Added special effects when items and enemies appear for a fight
  • Increased region for Color of Rainbows placement
  • Units are now properly removed after the MeetLothar cinematic
  • Will no longer create an Exclamation Mark above Lothar after helping his men
  • Fixed some sound effects
  • Fixed missing dialogue
  • Decreased scale of Hammer from 2.0 to 1.8
  • Changed owner of Medivh from Player 10 (Khadgar) to Player 11 (The Guardian)
  • Increased life of all Fel Stalkers from 75 to 750
  • Removed all Dragon Whelps
  • Units will no longer die until triggered to do so
Chapter 4
  • Decreased overall map size from 160x160 to 128x128
  • Decreased number of areas cameras from 85 to 32
  • Removed four fountains
  • Increased use region of remaining fountains
  • Triggers for the Gambler Peasant are now used on The Bum
  • Items are no longer sold via dialogs, instead vendors function like normal Marketplaces
  • Renamed Fountain Ruined to Ruined Fountain
  • Decreased life of Fountain from 150 to 75
  • The position of the Mutated Sheep will be reset whenever Khadgar enters Albert's place
  • Added pathing blockers to the School area
  • Fixed a bug casting Disease Cloud on Khadgar for 2 minutes
  • The Bandits gold coins will now spawn directly at the Chest
  • Increased restart region for fight
  • Decreased size of region used to talk to Lothar in the Tavern
  • The Specter item will now be created at a spot in front of the Fruit Stand
  • Increased mana cost of Staff of Teleportation from 0 to 50
  • Increased cooldown of Staff of Teleportation from 0 to 10 seconds
User Interface
  • Removed hint about going upstairs in the tavern
  • Changed quest requirement "Get him to the mage quarters" to "Get Lothar to the Mage Quarters"
  • Removed all triggers for street signs
  • Added a reference to another adventure game
  • Renamed The Bum to Jesse McGambler
  • Renamed City Entrance to Gate
  • Changed Race of Citizens from Commoner to Human
  • The Tavern Entry hint will no longer run if the Mob has already been chased off
  • Improved descriptions of various items
  • Added trigger to deactivate the hint to the entrance of the unfinished house
  • Added hint to select the shopkeeper to buy something
  • Changed unit race of Mutated Sheep from Critter to Other
  • Decreased number of game cameras from 85 to 32
  • Increased Far Clipping of all game cameras from 5000 to 6000
  • Increased Far Clipping of some cinematic cameras from 5000 to 10000
  • Removed Barracks and nearby units
  • Removed all Lava Cracks
  • Removed Fountain of Power
  • Random Mob in front of Tavern will no longer be removed from the game
  • The Exit Gate is now removed after the Intro cinematic
  • Replaced Circle of Power (Teleport) with a Way Gate
  • Decreased fight time with McGambler from 13 to 7 seconds
  • Fixed water sound regions
  • The Exclamation Mark on Ismail will now be properly removed
  • Neutral units will no longer wander around (except Creeps)
  • All vendors now belong to Player 3 (Merchants)
  • Removed display items from shops in the Housing area
  • Replaced Elf Land Mine with Barrel of Explosives
  • The Swordsmen will no longer move once the Firefighters have been called
  • Replaced Exclamation Marks from all vendors with Object Hints
  • Added Wander ability to all children
  • Removed supports columns from unfinished house in housing area
  • Removed a Water Elemental Missile sound effect
  • Changed owner of Workshop Peasant from Player 2 (Stormwind Guards) to Neutral Passive
  • Some citizens are now removed when Khadgar enters the Tavern
Chapter 5
  • The Specter item will now be created at the Specter's position
  • Player 12 (The Guardian) will now treat Player 1 (The Emissary) as a neutral
  • Order Messages will no longer have any charges left after being used correctly
  • Can no longer enter the Observatory before getting the quest "I Spy"
  • The Storage Room will no longer be closed after demolishing it
  • Will now close the gate when fighting Garona (and reopen it if Khadgar dies)
  • Garona can now flee towards any of two directions when being chased by Khadgar
  • Removed some wait time until Garona begins to attack Khadgar
  • Increased collision size of Garona from 0.0 to 32.0
  • Haste and the Inventory are now enabeld before Garonas is finished talking
  • The Garona fight can now start while Khadgar is already inside the Banquet Hall
  • Added two Runes of Healing when fighting Garona
  • Will now play a special effect on Garona when she is moved during the fight
  • Fixed a bug that set Garona's level to 7 when redoing the Interview quest
  • Garona will no longer use Mirror Image
  • The Demon Belt is now invulnerable
  • New items and ingredients needed to restore Garona's mana
  • The Demon Damage Amplifier will now add +200 to attack damage
  • Changed ingredients for the Demon Damage Amplifier
  • The Inventory is now disabled for Player 12 after creating Realm of Time
  • Combining the items in the Leaving quest will now create the Spell Book which is used to cast Realm of Time
  • Removed Mana Bulbs from the Demon fight
User Interface
  • Renamed Red Key to Banquet Hall Key
  • Renamed quest "The Messages" to "Order of Tirisfal"
  • Renamed quest requirements "Deciper the first/second order message" to "Deciper the first/second message"
  • Added hints to the dialog options of the "Order of Tirisfal" quest
  • Added minimap pings for the entrance Chest and Medivh
  • Removed hint "Check on Medivh"
  • Added quest requirement "Return to Medivh" to quest "Order of Tirisfal"
  • The hint to the second Chest will no longer appear if it has already been opened
  • Removed transmission about picklocking the chest
  • Renamed Player 1 from "Vision Horde" to "The Emissary"
  • Player 1 (The Emissary) will now be hidden in the post-game score screen
  • Added an additional transmission that can play after demolising the Storage Room
  • Renamed quest "Another Spy" to "You Spy"
  • The Nielas cinematic can now be skipped 4 seconds earlier
  • Changed hints about support column
  • Removed some dialogue when interviewing Garona
  • Garona's hint will no longer be played if her mana pool has already been restored
  • Can now skip the Moroes Whistle dialogue
  • Removed some dialogue between Medivh and Aegwynn
  • Repositioned dialogue (floating text) between Medivh and Aegwynn
  • Changed colors of Aegwynn's/Medivh's floating texts from green/red to red/dark yellow
  • Can now speak to Moroes before wreaking havoc in the Storage Room
  • Removed hint about Moroes not being in his room
  • Removed some dialogue in the ReportGarona cinematic
  • Removed Resurrection Stone minimap ping when starting the map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the update message for the quest "Revealing the Rift"
  • Added transmission about the Spell Book when Khadgar gets the Realm of Time ability
  • Added a new transmission about combining Medivh's Grail with other items
  • Added quest requirement Defeat the Demon to the Interview with an Orc quest
  • Will no longer hear Medivh dying when gameplay starts
  • The Gryphons will be removed before the intro cinematics fade back in
  • Increased scale of Sargeras from 1.0 to 2.0
  • Moroes is no longer removed after going to the Storage Room
  • Will now play a sound when opening the gate to the Banquet Hall
  • Cook and Moroes are now removed after the Nielas cinematic
  • Garona is now "rescued" when converting to Player 10 (Khadgar)
  • Removed Trap Frost doodads
  • Garona will now move towards a Gryphon when winning the map
  • Will no longer create a Circle of Power in the Observatory to call the Gryphons
  • Removed fog from Gul'dan cinematic
  • Cook is now removed after the Gul'dan cinematic
  • Decreased shadow image height/width of Emissary (Hooded) from 160 to 100
  • Added special effect to the appearance of the demon
Chapter 6

  • Decreased overall map size from 192x128 to 160x64
  • Decreased number of game cameras from 51 to 20
  • Garona is no longer restored from game cache
  • Khadgar and Garona will no longer be moved when encountering the Burrow
  • Khadgar and Garona can now cross water areas independent from one another
  • Removed failsafe which moved a Water Walking item (e.g. Imbued Vial) to one of the heroes
  • Water Walking will no longer be removed unless both heroes have had Water Walking
  • Removed some Imbued Vials and Ethereal Oils
  • Added Elevators that need to be activated by the first hero crossing water
  • Removed a Stone of Ressurection
  • Resurrection Stones are now activated and used independently by each hero
  • The Roasted Chicken item will now be dropped only after the two Grunts die
  • The two fighting Grunts will now kill each other 16 seconds earlier
  • Removed the peon standing at the Chest
  • Decreased movement speed of Warlocks from 270 to 1
  • Warlocks will no longer flee from enemy attacks
  • Decreased some wait time when teleporting enemy units
  • Moved the first Chest to the Troll area
  • The first Chest will now drop Gold Coins instead of Imbued Vials
  • The Warlocks at the Rider now carry an Imbued Vial and an Ethereal Oil
  • Decreased attack range of Burrow from 700 to 500
  • Octavia and Khadgar no longer share the same Resurrection Stone
  • A hero can no longer teleport to the Shop if he carries the Goblin Land Mine
  • Removed all Tomes of Experience
  • Added a Tome of Intelligence
  • Decreased time between checks for the last bridge switches from 2.0 to 0.2 seconds
  • The guard carrying the cell key will now become invulnerable after his key is stolen
  • Wind Walk is now disabled while Garona is under the effects of Water Walking
  • Removed wait time between using the Prison Key and opening the door
  • Units will no longer move to a Portal before being teleported
  • Added failsafe if Khadgar gets Garona's Prison Key
User Interface
  • "Thorough" comment will no longer trigger if a hero has reached the Burrow
  • The Burrow dialogue can now be skipped
  • Will now select Khadgar after turning into a Grunt
  • The defeat condition "Don't attack any orcs" will now appear with the Disguise quest message
  • Improved description for Give Item hint
  • Added transmission "I shouldn't..." if Garona tries to use the last Elixir of Water Walking
  • Removed hints for Mind Egg and Life Egg
  • Removed repeating Orc Rider floating texts
  • Fixed an Orc Rider floating text
  • Can now skip the Disguise hint
  • Removed transmission about waiting for the other hero
  • The Troll Portal hint will no longer be displayed if the troll is dead
  • Removed wait time for the Troll Portal hint to appear
  • Added transmission for when the hungry Footman gets close enough
  • The Disguise Again quest will no longer be marked as discovered when already completed
  • Renamed item Portal to Glyph of Portal
  • Added transmission about the Spell Book when Khadgar gets the Portal ability
  • Decreased number of areas from 51 to 20
  • Removed some Glowing Runes
  • Fixed Garona's revive sound
  • Increased hero level of Lothar from 5 to 6
  • Fixed animation of Resurrection Stones
  • Circles of Power will now become hidden when not required
  • Added teleport effects when teleporting the Chicken or the Goblin Land Mine
  • Removed fade out when being attacked while carrying the Heavy Bag
  • The Captured video now starts immediately after pressing all switches
  • Glowing Runes will now play a death animation when their respective Teleporter is used
  • Replaced Northrend Trees with Fall Trees
  • Goblin Land Mine explosion is now visible
  • The Barrel of Explosives and th Goblin Land Mines will now be removed after being bought
Chapter 7
  • Improved AI of rats
  • Books borrowed from the Library will now be placed in Khadgar's inventory
  • Decreased time until Rats are being teleported
  • Rats will now be teleported to random points in the Storage Room
  • Rats will no longer move randomly if the Cheese item is in the correct area
  • Will create Khadgar's Gem of Health for Khadgar if all Specters were found
  • Khadgar will no longer be ordered to stop when using the Chapel Guide
  • Can now drop useless books
  • Khadgar will no longer stop when speaking to one of the Statues outside the Museum
  • Will no longer place the Cheese automatically if the Rats have already been teleported
  • Replaced all Tomes of Greater Experience with Tomes of Experience
  • Will now remove the Reverse Speech book once spoken to the Main Hall Statue
  • Changed movement type of Rats to Foot
  • Can no longer get the Reverse Speech Guide once the Examine All Statues quest is discovered
  • The Chapel Guide will no longer be removed if another Book is chosen
  • Statue Combat
    • Decreased duration of first fake fight from 10 to 8 seconds
    • Changed melee weapons to missile weapons
    • Removed "Down" from the move options
    • Decreased number of combos from 16 to 9
    • Enemies now deal a fixed amount of damage
    • Khadgar now deals his own attack damage +50
    • Decreased hit points of all enemies
    • Changed counter-moves (e.g. LL now beats LU instead of RR)
    • Removed Statue Combat Rules, Parts 2-5
    • Decreased number of moves each Statue can make
    • Decreased some wait time between attacks
    • The enemy will now repeat the last move if it won
    • The enemy will no longer repeat the last move if it lost or it was a draw
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of pages of the Song of Aegwynn
    • The combatants will no longer heal
    • Khadgar's attribute points are now retained when he turns old
    • Will now create a Tome of Experience after each won fight
  • Final Fight
    • Khadgar's items will no longer be removed
    • Increased damage of Medivh from 56 to 59
    • Decreased life of Medivh from 1000 to 800
    • Medivh's life is now set to 100% after the OldKhadgar cinematic
    • Khadgar's life is now set to 100% after the OldKhadgar cinematic
    • Khadgar will now forget counter-moves in the second phase
    • It is no longer required to play the first phase if Khadgar dies in the second phase
    • The Statue Combat Rules item is now removed at the start of the second phase
    • Decreased hero level of Lothar from 10 to 9
User Interface

  • Player 1 (Vision Horde) and Player 2 (Vision Alliance) are now hidden in the post-game score screen
  • New icon for Secret File by kola
  • Can now skip all conversations with Lothar
  • Renamed Statue Combat Rules, Part 1 to Statue Combat Rules
  • Can now skip the OldKhadgar cinematic properly
  • Changed description of Radar item
  • Fixed a lexical error in the Outro cinematic
  • Statue Combat
    • Renamed Paladin to Library Statue
    • Renamed Earthen to Observatory Statue
    • Renamed Garden Statue to Botanic Garden Statue
    • Changed item description and hints for Statue Combat Rules
    • Added multiboard which displays the health of combatants and learned counter-moves
    • Changed color of draw from pink to yellow
    • Moved the hint "Each Statue has new combos..." to the Combat Rules item
    • Added hint "Try to guess unknown counter-moves."
    • Fixed a bug not removing the Floating Text correctly when Khadgar died
    • Changed hint "...with all pages." to "...with six pages"
  • Music or sound volume will no longer be changed
  • Removed fire effect at the Library gate
  • Replaced EarthquakeLoop1 sound with EarthquakeRock sound
  • Decreased scaling of Spanner from 2.0 to 1.0
  • The runes at the Secret Door will now play their death animation when the Door is unlocked
  • Will now play a sound effect when repairing the Telescope
  • Will now play a sound effect when cutting the vines in the Botanic Garden
  • Will now play a sound effect when the Orb of Nature is used in the Botanic Garden
  • Fixed a bug that continued shaking the camera after skipping the intro cinematic
  • Will now stop the Earhquake sound when skipping the intro cinematic
  • Removed Runes from the Library fight
  • The Circle of Power in the Banquet Hall is now removed when Rats have been teleported
  • The Statues will now speak with a proper portrait model
  • Added special effect when a Library Demon is created
  • Decreased volume of Vision sound
  • Added spell animation to Medivh in the OldKhadgar cinematic
  • Added more special effects to Lothar and Garona when imprisoned by Medivh
  • Removed fog effect from Stormwind cinematic
  • Statue Combat
    • Added special effect when Khadgar and the enemy are moved/removed
    • Will now play a DropItem sound when creating a page of the Song of Aegwynn
    • Added special effects to attacks
  • Final Fight
    • Swapped positions of Garona and Lothar
    • Increased height of the prison effect on Garona and Lothar
    • Removed reverse effect
  • Time of day now starts at 12PM
  • Decreased time of day speed from 20% to 0%
  • Removed dead Moroes, Cook and Medivh
  • Added spell animation to Medivh
  • Changed ownership of last Medivh from Player 10 to Player 12
  • Renamed category "Idea and Execution" to "Design"
  • Renamed category "Loading Screens, Icons and Miscellaneous Art" to "Icons and Additional Art"
  • Removed category "Terrain and Triggers"
  • Added Chizume and Oinkerwinkle to Models and Skins credits
  • Added kola and Marcos DAB to "Icons and Additional Art" credits
  • Removed EvilYardGnome from Models and Skins credits
  • Removed Gary Jules and Michael Andrews from Music credits

66 changes

  • Added cheat "-camera" to turn fixed camera settings on or off
  • Heroes will move directly to allied units and no longer stop short of triggering a dialogue
  • Reorganized chest triggers so players can no longer cheat by jerking the arrow keys
  • Chests will no longer spawn unnecessary duplicated items
  • Fixed hero abilities level skip
  • Fixed a bug that created Alchemy Learn items in the center of the map
  • Wraiths no longer have the Curse ability
  • Most items will no longer cancel speed buffs
  • Removed cooldown of all trigger items
User Interface
  • New icons for Medivh, Llane, Lothar and Blacksmith
  • New victory screen image
  • New victory screen and victory hero icons for Khadgar, Lothar, Medivh, Garona and Llane
  • Removed titles (e.g. "Prologue") from cinematics Loading Screens
  • Redundant NPC hero units will no longer appear on the scorescreen
  • Message "that was wrong" will be skipped when all attempts at lockpicking are wrong
  • Grammar/spelling/typo fixes
  • Khadgar: new hair, staff, heroglow, dissipate animation and removed eye glow of portrait model
  • Garona: new face tatoo, hair, heroglow and changed angle of portrait model
  • Medivh: added classic staff, modified texture
  • Llane: changed hair color to dark red
  • Knight: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Riderless Horse: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Farm: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Blacksmith: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Barracks: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Grunt: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Warlock: new model based on WarCraft 1
  • Watch Tower: new model based on WarCraft 2
  • Banner Doodad0.blp: Changed texture to show Stormwind lion
  • Fixed shading/fogging on ElveswoodDP tree models
  • Removed redundant/unused imports
  • Added empty sounds in hero soundsets for Khadgar and Garona
  • Removed some interface sounds (Allied Under Attack, Allied Base Under Attack, and more)
  • Fixed a sound problem with a Chest
Chapter 1
  • Removed one set of runes at the Waygate riddle
  • Game is no longer paused for the Chest hint. Instead Khadgar is ordered to stop
  • Spirit item can be aquired without meeting the Dead Woman
  • Khadgar's life nad mana will be replenished when the Ritual starts
  • The Gargoyles will no longer activate before returning all pages to the Wizard
  • Gargoyles can no longer be activated/healed multiple times
User Interface
  • Renamed "Wizard of OS4" to "Wizard of iOS"
  • Exclamation mark will now properly appear on Renegade Wizard
Chapter 2
  • Fixed a bug which caused Khadgar to lose his Haste ability when it was level 3 and he put on the Grunt disguise
User Interface
  • Dialogue during Medivh's interviews can now be skipped
Chapter 3
  • Haste ability is no longer disabled when turning into a Grunt at level 3
User Interface
  • Chapter 4 now enabled in Chapter 3, instead of Interlude
  • Dialogue during Lothar's interviews can now be skipped
  • Khadgar now faces Lothar when being questioned by him
  • Added different colors to dead warriors at the caravan
  • Changed title from "Interludium" to "Interlude" in campaign menu
Chapter 4
  • Added Wander ability to some citizens
User Interface
  • Removed the minimap ping for the Resurrection spot
  • Added a minimap ping to Lothar's location
  • Blacksmith slightly rotated
Chapter 5
  • Mana of Garona and Khadgar are now 100% after the Library fight
User Interface
  • Fixed camera at map start
  • Dialogue in Garona Interview can now be skipped
Chapter 6
  • Picking up an Imbued Vial or Ethereal Oil with Garona now moves the item instantly to Khadgar
  • Fixed a bug that set Flame Strike to level 1
User Interface
  • Fixed a bug the caused the Troll dialogue to be triggered by NPCs
  • Floating texts are now properly destroyed
Chapter 7
  • Removed a Tome of Greater Experience
  • Khadgar will now stop when using the Chapel Guide
User Interface
  • Added item descriptions to Cactus Flower and Spirit Drink to refer to one another
  • Changed the Spanner model to a chest
  • Added loktar to credits

138 changes

  • Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics, item-handling and abilities may become bugged)
  • Added new ability Concentrate to Khadgar. Level 1: Shows visual aides at camera borders. Level 2: Also shows aides at some usable items and objects
  • Replaced Attribute Bonus with Concentrate
  • Multiple heroes can now be controlled at once
  • Quest items are placed automatically
  • Heroes are revived with 100% mana
  • Camera will only change on selected hero on maps with multiple heroes
  • It is no longer neccessary to step away from a chest to retry picklocking
  • Decreased the amount of lock picks needed for most Chests by 1
  • Increased movement speed of Haste from 30/40/50 to 35/45/55
  • Fixed and rebalanced attack speed of Haste from 20/20/0 to 20/25/30
  • Reduced cooldown of Realm of Time from 3 to 2 seconds
User Interface
  • Repositioned Alchemy button
  • Improved Flame Strike description to include trees
  • Extended description of Portal ability to include Runes hints: Red: Teleport Enemy, Green: Teleport Hero, Yellow: Teleport item
  • Improved description of Realm of Time, that it can only be used on "busy, distracted or demonic minds"
  • Improved description of Steal
  • Fixed several typos
  • Cinematic areas in Karazhan will remain hidden
  • Changed/added runes on Blighted Regions to appropriate colors
Chapter 1
  • Increased experience gain at level 1 from 70% to 100%
  • Decreased experience gain at level 2 from 70% to 50%
  • Disabled experience gain at level 3
  • Removed a Brigand at the Candle
  • Increased size for transmission region before entering the mine field
  • Increased activation region for third Resurrection Stone
User Interface
  • Improved a hint about general gameplay
  • Renamed player Environment to Strangers
  • Added a hint for the Way Gate
  • Improved description for Axe
  • Added transmission to pick up Candle once all enemies are defeated
  • Zombie ritual can now be skipped
  • Changed transmission before the mine field to "I wonder what this Circle of Power is for"
  • Added a transmission when revealing the first mines
  • Repositioned a camera
  • Repositioned some doodads
  • Removed useless indestructible Rock Chunks
  • Added one additional camera and changed some cameras at the weeds
Chapter 2
  • Repositioned a book
  • Now all fountains provide the Filled Vial
  • Reduced life of Greater Voidwalker from 750 to 500
  • Removed Slow and Mana from Sludge Flinger
  • A Rune of Mana is created for every third killed enemy in the Library
  • Improved Medivh's AI when he is chasing Khadgar
  • Decreased movement speed of Medivh when fighting from 240 to 170
  • Decreased Medivh's damage base from 79 to 56
  • Decreased time needed to survive from 100 to 80 seconds
User Interface
  • Added hint to use the minimap to orientate
  • Improved hint for Secret Ingredient
Chapter 3
  • Removed one Grunt from the first fight
  • Repositioned a Dead Grunt
  • Removed Shop Pawn from Keeper Statue
  • Khadgar's life and mana will be refilled after fights
  • Murloc will no longer spawn when Chest is opened
  • Can use Haste and Alchemy as a Grunt
User Interface
  • Improved description for Bullfrog
  • Can start conversations with Lothar by clicking on him
  • Renamed Orcish scouts to Orc scouts
  • Improved help in transmissions of Goblin Alchemist
  • Removed hint to sacrifice the Color of Rainbows
  • Improved description of Color of Rainbows
  • Added different visual aides for the Dead Warriors
  • Removed Dead Warriors when the Force Fields are deactivated
  • Increased duration for some transmissions
Chapter 4
User Interface
  • Added option to skip Ismail's transmissions
  • Increased duration of Ismail's transmissions
  • Added transmission from Chester that Khadgar isn't allowed to go upstairs
  • Removed text "Schut up!" from a transmission by Lothar
  • Fixed text for Signed Papers
  • Dialogues with Horace Kane, Albert Griswold and Duck Maylor can be skipped
  • Improved hint on where to find Duck Maylor
  • Exclamation mark is now properly removed when beating the Flip Coin Guy
  • Added post sign to stairs in Bar
  • Exclamation mark will not appear on Tracey if Khadgar has the Fake ID
  • Decreased size of a tree at the mage quarter
  • Changed some camera angles at the mage quarter
  • Replaced an arched door at the mage quarter
Chapter 5
  • Disabled Inventory and Haste only during Garona chase
  • Added failsaife to move Garona if she moves out of the fight zone
  • Increased level of Wind Walk for Garona from 1 to 2
  • Removed Mirror Image from Garona after the demon fight
  • Garona will start at level 5 and not gain experience
User Interface
  • Important words in Order Messages now have capital letters
  • Added transmission on where to find the Banquet Hall when the key is found
  • Added a transmission to suggest to steal the Demon Damage Amplifier
  • Added description of Demon Damage Amplifier to include "Can be used with fire spells."
  • Improved general hint for two heroes
  • Camera can no longer be moved manually after intro cinematic
Chapter 6
  • Elixir of Water Walking is now a consumable item
  • Heroes no longer need to move over water together
  • Added a blocking doodad
  • Garona will stop for a bit when nearing the first Warlock
  • Can use Haste as a Grunt
  • Can no longer teleport to Hungry Footman
  • Can no longer teleport to Gold Troll
  • Changed Forest Troll Warlord speed to 320
  • Heroes will become vulnerable when taking the Gold Bag
  • If a hero dies while carrying the Heavy Bag the game will fade out, reposition all orcs, humans, the bag, and fade back in again
  • Added a Potion of Mana before the fighting group
  • The first hero reaching the end becomes uncontrollable
  • Disabled Garona's experience gain
User Interface
  • Improved transmission at first peon
  • Reduced the length of a tranmission at the Orc Rider
  • Added floating text to the Hungry Grunt
  • Added a transmission when planting the mines behind the Gold Troll
  • Tranmission to destroy rocks will be displayed properly
  • Improved transmission of Orc Rider about working peons
  • Dialogue about disguise will not be shown if quest is already completed
  • Added additional and changed some old transmissions about the Towers that can see Garona
  • Added dialogue to not try and teleport the sasquatches
  • Added transmission as to why the Gold Bag units see Garona
  • Added transmission as to why the humans attack the heroes
  • Reduced time to display Flame Strike hint from 60 to 45 seconds
  • Last Floating Text will be destroyed
  • Added an additional camera at the cropfield
  • Removed a fence at the cropfield
  • Camera will properly adjust when intro is skipped
  • Camera will properly change when Garona moves to region Bunker1
  • Added a small sequence when planting the mines behind the Gold Troll
  • Added two Boulder Towers at Gold Troll
  • Added a Circle of Power at the blight near the Gold Troll
  • Increased angle of a camera
Chapter 7
  • Decreased life of Statues to 50% + 10% per previously beaten Statue
  • Dropped all items from Khadgar's inventory and gave him the Rules of Statue Combat when confronting Medivh
  • Repositioned Chapel Swordsman
User Interface
  • Added transmission that it is useless to kill rats, after 5 kills
  • Improved transmission to go to the library after talking to the Main Hall Statue
  • Renamed Blue Slime to Sludge Demon and Green Slime to Slime Demon
  • More extensive information on how Statue Combat works, at the beginning the first fight
  • Added floating texts for Khadgar's first move in Statue Combat: "Levi...", "Upo...", "Rene...", "Defo..."
  • Cinematic before fighting Medivh can now be skipped
  • Removed some transmissions when talking to the Statues
  • Added transmission to find a book about praying
  • Added transmission on where to find the Museum
  • Added a hint about new combos when fighting the second Statue
  • Floating Texts when fighting Medivh in the second round will be destroyed
  • Added fire at the library exit when fighting the Slimes
  • Readjusted duration for some transmissions

52 changes

  • Haste mana cost increased from 50 to 65
  • Haste cooldown decreased from 30 to 20 seconds
  • Removed Order Code Manual
  • Quest items can now only be created with the appropriate Alchemy level
Chapter 1
  • Added another rune and changed some doodad blocking at the Waygate riddle
  • Altered/fixed sequence of the Waygate riddle
User Interface
  • Fixed some text in the ZombieQuest so the Zombie’s intentions become clearer
  • Fixed a typo in the english version
Chapter 2
User Interface
  • Fixed some typos in the german version
  • Added visual aids for the Museum and the Botanic Garden
Chapter 3
  • Return Ressources skill will now be reset every time Khadgar cuts a tree
  • Fighting orcs and humans will now heal every 4 seconds instead of 10 seconds
User Interface
  • Corpses counter titles should now appear properly
  • Corpses counter trigger will now activate after 5 seconds instead of on map inizialization
  • Extended hint for A Hero’s Locke subtly
  • Fixed some typos in the english and the german versions
  • Added a visual aid for the Bullfrog
  • Cinematic Medivh will now be properly removed when cinematic is skipped
Chapter 4
User Interface
  • Fixed some typos in the english version
  • Long Medivh dialogues can now be skipped by pressing ESC
  • Changed name of a Circle of Power to "Teleport to City Centre"
  • Fixed some typos in the english and the german versions
  • Added visual aids for The Bum, the Gold chest and the entrance to the house
Chapter 5
  • Disabled Haste for Khadgar during the Garona chase
  • Order Code quests will no longer be like in the book but more simplified
User Interface
  • Added hint about disabled Haste for the Garona chase
  • Extended hints to destroy the support column
  • Fixed a bug where Khadgar’s was speaking Medivh’s text
  • Added visual aids for the Museum and the Botanic Garden
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Wrong-sound from playing at the second Chest
Chapter 6
  • Ignoring the Chicken Grunt‘s guard position
  • Chicken Grunt should now be teleported regardless of where he is
  • Ignoring the Chicken Footman‘s guard position
  • All created waygates are now removed when CaptureVideo starts
  • Changed Forest Troll Warlord speed to 0
  • Fixed damage of Forest Troll Warlord
  • Changed location of Forest Troll Warlord and Pathing Blockers
  • Chests should now be indestructible
  • Heavy Bag will no longer be moved to its original position but simply dropped
  • Reduced Creeps Guard Distance, Guard Return Distance and Guard Return Time
User Interface
  • Added descriptions to Ethereal Oil and Magic Vial as to what they need to create a Potion of Water Walking
  • Fixed a typo in the english and the german versions
  • Changed description of second loss condition to display orcs and humans
  • Added visual aids to the first and last blight regions
  • Changed location of a tree
  • Replaced some imported trees with original trees
Chapter 7
  • Order Code quests will no longer be like in the book but more simplified
User Interface
  • Added a hint to the Statue Combat Rules to use the Arrow-keys
  • Added visual aids for the Museum and the Botanic Garden
  • Added visual aid for the Spanner
  • Improved hint to Khadgar’s change in the fight with Medivh
  • Fixed some typos in the english and german versions






Loading Screens


Special Thanks

Book: Jeff Grubb
Gameplay: OutsiderXE

Name Use Author
Alchemy Alchemy OutsiderXE
Focus Focus OutsiderXE
Lockpicking Lockpicking OutsiderXE
Portal Portal OutsiderXE
Realm of Time Realm of Time OutsiderXE
Steal Steal OutsiderXE
Transfer Items Transfer Items OutsiderXE

Filename (.mdx/.blp/.tga) Use Author
Aegwynn Aegwynn Stefan.K
Dela Alonda loktar
Farm Farm loktar
Footman Footman loktar
Knight Knight loktar
Barracks Barracks loktar
Time Rune Realm of Time Matilda_Knights
unmountedGryphon Gryphon AC/DC[ToD]
Lothar Lothar Urkdrengi
KhadgarYoung Khadgar Tauer
KhadgarOld Khadgar (Old) Tauer
Wizard Medivh loktar
NorseElementalist Guzbah Direfury
HeroArchMageOnFoot Chief Artificer Norlan Kuhneghetz
HeroArchMaiden Lady Delth Elenai
Khadgar_Young Nielas Aran Stefan.K
King Llane Tranquil
White Mage Emissary CommunistCyan
OrcAssassin Garona frostwolf, loktar
Sargeras Sargeras PROXY, ~Nightmare
UtherStatue Paladin Statue GreyArchon
WomanVillager1 Cook Afronight_76
Mainmenu3d_exp Campaign Screen Born2Modificate
Axe Axe Justify
CheeseItem Cheese D.O.G.
Book[0-9] Book (various) Mc !
Paper The Song of Aegwynn Zap
FireFrog_02 Bullfrog General Frank
CandleBig Candle Nasrudin
gearwheel Gearwheel Elunes-Guardian
bag Bag (various) Kitabatake
ThorsHammer Hammer Blaxor
Pickle Pickle jatter2
Radar Radar RightField
Gtree Needle Tree Nasrudin
ElveswoodDP Everwood Tree Chriz.
ElveswoodDP1 Barrens Tree Wall Chriz.
CheeseOre[0-1] Cheese Ore D.O.G.
Fill-Me-Up Treasure Chest Chest Chriz.
BarrensBuilding0 Orc Building reinless
Outpost Orc Outpost reinless
OrcTent Orc Tent reinless
WarTent Orc Tent Red reinless
ShamanTent Orc Tent White reinless
BarrensOceanOutpost Orc Turtle Building reinless
Portcullis Gate 1 Portcullis Gate xXm0rpH3usXx
tree4 Swamp Tree Bright1 Nasrudin
tree4b Swamp Tree Bright2 Nasrudin
RtreeW Swamp Tree Dark1 Nasrudin
RtreeW2 Swamp Tree Dark2 Nasrudin
willowtree Swamp Tree Willow 1 Nasrudin
willowtreeB Swamp Tree Willow 2 Nasrudin
willowtree2b Swamp Tree Willow 3 Nasrudin
willowtree2b Swamp Tree Willow 4 Nasrudin
VineCircle Swamp Vine Circle Nasrudin
[pav]bridge Bridge xXm0rpH3usXx
Claw Bridge Orc Claw Bridge reinless
poltro Armchair Nasrudin
bed4 Bed Blue Nasrudin
bed3 Bed Red Nasrudin
bedside table Bedside Table Nasrudin
church_bench Bench Wood xXm0rpH3usXx
BlackWolfhead Black Wolfhead Nasrudin
Blacksmith Blacksmith loktar
book_cluster[0-3] Book Cluster xXm0rpH3usXx
bookshelf Bookshelf xXm0rpH3usXx
Candlex2 Candlex2 Nasrudin
carpet2a Carpet Blue 1 Nasrudin
carpet2b Carpet Blue 2 Nasrudin
carpet Carpet Round Nasrudin
tile_carpet[tile] Carpet Tile xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
tile_carpet[corner] Carpet Tile Corner xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
tile_carpet[edge] Carpet Tile Edge xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
MansionWall1x5_00 Mansion Wall Kitabatake
chair2 Chair Nasrudin
church_chalice Chalice xXm0rpH3usXx
chandelier Chandelier xXm0rpH3usXx
church_batismal font Church Font xXm0rpH3usXx
vestiti Clothes Line Nasrudin
column Column Wooden Nasrudin
pentola Cooking Pot Nasrudin
curtains Curtains Nasrudin
curtains1 Curtains1 Nasrudin
doorframe Doorframe Nasrudin
EagleStatue Eagle Statue Mc !
FarmDoor Farm Door Nasrudin
wall1 Farm Wall Nasrudin
wallforwindows Farm Wall Windows Nasrudin
Fireplace Fireplace reinless
pescii Fish Stand Nasrudin
woodenfloor4 Floor Wood Nasrudin
[framework]misc_fence Framework Misc Fence xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]misc_pillar1 Framework Misc Pillar xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roof_brown shingles Framework Roof Brown Shingles xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roof_chimney Framework Roof Chimney xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roof_green shingles Framework Roof Green Shingles xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roof_red shingles Framework Roof Red Shingles xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roof_straw roof Framework Roof Straw Roof xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roofaddon_brown shingles Framework Roofaddon Brown Shingles xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]roofaddon_red shingles Framework Roofaddon Red Shingles xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_blank Framework Wall Blank xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_blank[upper] Framework Wall Blank Upper xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_door Framework Wall Door xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_edge Framework Edge xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_edge[upper] Framework Edge Upper xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_window Framework Wall Window xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
[framework]wall_window[upper] Framework Wall Window Upper xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500
padella Frying Pan Nasrudin
Furbolghead Furbolg Head Nasrudin
gardenwall1 Garden Wall Nasrudin
Glass Glass Nasrudin
Glass2 Glass2 Nasrudin
Gold[0-4] Gold (various) Mc !
church_golden cross Golden Cross xXm0rpH3usXx
HobbitonBigTable Hobbiton Big Table Olofmoleman
HobbitonCarpetBlue Hobbiton Carpet Blue Olofmoleman
HobbitonCarpetPurple Hobbiton Carpet Purple Olofmoleman
HobbitonCase Hobbiton Case Olofmoleman
HobbitonFireplaceGlow Hobbiton Fireplace Olofmoleman
HobbitonFloor Hobbiton Floor Olofmoleman
HobbitonHallStand Hobbiton Hall Stand Olofmoleman
HobbitonWorkingTable Hobbiton Working Table Olofmoleman
cucina Kitchen Nasrudin
lamp[0-1] Lamp Tall (various) xXm0rpH3usXx
LightCircle45g LightCircle45g (various) Nasrudin
[log] misc_axe Log Misc Axe xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_bench Log Misc Bench xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_carriage Log Misc Carriage xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_fence Log Misc Fence xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_pile_wooden slices Log Misc Pile Wooden Slices xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_pile_wooden slices end Log Misc Pile Wooden Slices End xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_pile of trunks Log Misc Pile of Trunks xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_saw Log Misc Saw xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_sawbuck Log Misc Sawbuck xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_stairs Log Misc Stairs xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_stump Log Misc Stump xXm0rpH3usXx
[log] misc_wooden slices Log Misc Wooden Slices xXm0rpH3usXx
meat Meat Leg Nasrudin
meat2 Meat Slices Nasrudin
Archway Orc Archway reinless
PallisadeWall Orc Wall reinless
Paladinportrait Painting Paladin Nasrudin
Painting Painting Red Sky Nasrudin
Painting1 Painting Rexxar Nasrudin
Painting2 Painting Twilight Nasrudin
[pav]archway Pav Archway xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]fence Pav Fence xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]fireplace Pav Fireplace xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]flag_lion Pav Flag Lion xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]flagpole_lion Flagpole Lion xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]lantern Pav Lantern xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]pavement Pav Pavement xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]stairs Pav Stairs xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]stairs_platform Pav Stairs Platform xXm0rpH3usXx
[pav]streetsign Street Sign xXm0rpH3usXx
peasantbed Peasant Bed Double Nasrudin
peasantbed1 Peasant Bed Single Nasrudin
piano Piano Nasrudin
BasStrBasStrPillarBig Pillar Wooden (Stormwind) reinless
Plate[1-10] Plate (various) Nasrudin
desk Podium xXm0rpH3usXx
RazorManehead Razormane Head Nasrudin
shelf Shelf Nasrudin
silvermoon_statue2 Silvermoon Statue Dmitry Rommel
Tower Animated Castle Wall Tranquil
Wall Animated Castle Tower Tranquil
stonefloor1 Stonefloor Grey Nasrudin
stonefloor Stonefloor Pebbles Nasrudin
stonefloor2 Stonefloor Yellow Nasrudin
stonewall2 Stonewall Grey Nasrudin
stonewall Stonewall Pebbles Nasrudin
table_cloth flags Table Cloth Flags xXm0rpH3usXx
table_cloth Table Cloth Long xXm0rpH3usXx
table2 Table Cloth Round Nasrudin
tavolo Table Cloth Square Nasrudin
ToppledTable Table Toppled Hellish Hybrid
table Table Wood Long xXm0rpH3usXx
roundtable Table Wood Round Nasrudin
squareTable Table Wood Square Nasrudin
Telescope Telescope Oinkerwinkle
Vi-kingStatue Viking Statue Mc !
DeathWoods[0-2] Village_Deathwoods (various) Mc !
Gallows Witch Tight Village_GallowsWitch Chriz.
Noose Witch Tight Village_NooseWitch Chriz.
barrel Village_barrel Nasrudin
barrel1 Village_barrel1 Nasrudin
belvedere Village_belvedere Nasrudin
casse Village_casse Nasrudin
dhouse2 Village_dhouse2 Nasrudin
dhouse3alternateroof Village_dhouse3 Nasrudin
dhouseTEAMCOLORED Village_dhouse4 Nasrudin
rope Village_rope Nasrudin
[bricks]bank Bench Stone xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_corner Wall Corner xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_door Wall Door xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_edge Wall Edge Lower xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_edge[upper] Wall Edge Upper xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_blank Wall Horizontal Lower xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_blank[upper] Wall Horizontal Upper xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_window Wall Window Lower xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
[bricks]wall_window[upper] Wall Window Upper xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz.
WatchTower Watch Tower loktar
WhiteWolfhead White Wolfhead Nasrudin
[bricks]pillar1 Pillar (Karazhan) xXm0rpH3usXx, Chriz., Shadow1500

Filename (.blp) Use Author
BTNBait Woodworm Maxwell
BTNBladeOfFlame Blade Piece Blaxor
BTNBook The Chapel Guide ~Nightmare
BTNBookOfMedivh Favourite Book, Book of Medivh Blizzard Entertainment
BTNBranch Wooden Hilt Kwah
BTNBullfrog Bullfrog Blizzard Entertainment
BTNCharge Charge -Berz-
BTNDeathcap Fungus BLazeKraze
BTNFireErupt Pillar of Flame The_Avenger's_Return
BTNFlower3 Cactus Flower exN
BTNFocus2On Focus KelThuzad
BTNGarona Garona Sin'dorei300
BTNHL_Holy_Grail Medivh's Grail CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNINV_Crate_01 Locked Lunch Box Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Candle_01 Candle Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Bandage_15 Tape Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_EmptyFlask_01 Empty Bottle/Empty Vial Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Food_18 Roasted Chicken Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Food_24 Banana Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Herb_08 Avocado Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Mug Wake Up Juice Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Wrench_01 Spanner Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Potion_13 Mineral Water Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Weapon_ShortBlade_04 Reconstructed Blade Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Wine_03 Spirit Drink Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Wine_04 Tabasco Blizzard Entertainment
BTNKhadgar Khadgar loktar
BTNKhadgarOld Khadgar (Old) loktar
BTNLeatherbound_TomeI Bound Chapel Guide Skypsi
BTNLetter Letter/Message KelThuzad
BTNLothar Lothar loktar
BTN/PASMagicalUnlock Lockpicking Marcos DAB
BTNMagicOrb Orb of Nature frEAk49
BTNMindWorm Fat Worm JoelS
BTNPendulumClock Small Clock Blood Raven
BTNPickUpItem Steal Child_Of_Bodom
BTNQuest_Scroll Secret File kola
BTNsk_mushroom Toadstool Skive
BTNSpeed buff Haste Wildfire
BTNSpell_Nature_TimeStop Realm of Time Blizzard Entertainment
BTNCR_Goblin_Tool_Box Locked Toolbox/Crate of Explosives CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNCR_H_Repair_Building Disassemble CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTN/PAS_CR_Energize The Song of Aegwynn CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNarrowleft Lockpicking Left Blizzard Entertainment
BTNarrowright Lockpicking Right Blizzard Entertainment
BTNblueEApotionGS Blue Paint GooS
BTNflower Rose/Beautiful Flower LiOneSS
BTNgreenEApotionGS Green Paint GooS
BTNyellowEApotionGS Yellow Paint GooS

Filename (.tga) Use Author
Composition All Dagren
Young Khadgar Prologue AmayaStrange
Karazhan Chapter 1 Peter Lee
Medivh Chapter 2 Luke Mancini, Peter Lee
Orc and Swamp Chapter 3 Michaela Nienaber, Steve Hui
Aegwynn Interlude (1) James Ryman
Anduin Lothar Chapter 4 Chi Zhang
Garona Chapter 5 Grafiti Studio
Medivh's Vision Chapter 6 James Ryman, Z Smith
Llane Wrynn Interlude (2) Melanie Miklitza, RoqueArts
Final Fight Chapter 7 James Ryman
The Last Guardian Epilogue Samwise Didier

Filename (.wav/.mp3) Use Author
Additional Audio Additional Audio ElevenLabs, Furinax, Replica Studios
Cataclysm - Stormwind Music Blizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone - Khadgar Music Blizzard Entertainment
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The Burning Crusade - Karazhan Music Blizzard Entertainment
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Original Release Notes
Phewww, made it :D for the third time! And hard it was this time. I had said once that I would rather cut off my hands than create another campaign (though in the meantime I broke my leg, so I guess that counts too...) but in December 2007 I was so bored that I tried to create a map to see how an exterior-Karazhan would look like, and 20 months later a campaign was born, based on the book "The Last Guardian". This campaign is so much different than my other projects. An experiment. This book has so much text that I thought it was inpsossible to create something playable, until I had the idea to create a point and click adventure. In February 2008 I had to do military service in greece so I had much time to think of the gameplay elements. I returned 5 months later and neither worked nor went to school for about 2 months. In september I started doing both and the 5 months I had initially planned to finish this project became 20 (- 5 military actually). What am i going to do now? NOT promise that i'm not going to make another campaign...

This campaign may only be distributed with this Readme-Document. send complaints, praise, hints and information to [removed]. As long as I am not on vacation or in jail (joking^^... I'm never on vacation ;-D) I will answer every E-Mail within a day.

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The Last Guardian - Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III
Day of the Dragon - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
Lord of the Clans - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Custom co-op campaign for StarCraft II

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The Last Guardian (Campaign)

최후의 수호자 (Campaign)

14:32, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 9
Jan 17, 2009
Yay first download and first comment, i have been looking foward to play this campaign.
I will edit this post later with any suggestions, comments or bugs found.

The part where you walk to various obelisks to open a gateway in the first chapter, is very confusing, it took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure it out.
Maybe make a tip message pop-up hinting what to do.
Also there is a tip message in german that popped-up when i walked passed a camp of bandits into a circle in front of a chest.
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Level 10
Aug 22, 2008
Seems very entertaining so far, I have got to the part with the way gate and... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU OPEN IT? >:O I've stepped on those things for about half an hour.

Edit: Seriously... This must be a bug, I've walked back and forth over and over and the way gate never activates.
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
I'm gonna play it right now and see how is it, but first I'm gonna do some things now.

Edit: Need help on the WayGate.
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Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
Whoa, pretty many chaps. Must download this. The riddles were awesome. The camera was awesome. I can't get through the waygate runeriddle though, >_<.
EDIT: WHOOPS, only three! D:
Found a bug, attached. How to get through it?

Yay, i got it now! <3 Google Translator.


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Level 29
Sep 28, 2004
activate the lower runes and then go the upper left to activate the upper right (may need to do the last step more than once).

it sucks that you have found bugs already and this time i think i'll have to update the project, but i wont do it until i got comments about a complete playthrough for the campaign.
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
Okay, i found another bug. The mines (after the Zombie Quest) deal no damage.
Okay... More. The Swamp Chapter. I managed to cut the first tree, but then my gather skill changed to Return Resources! And i can't return it anywhere!
Some of the riddles are nearly impossible, like the Order Code one after Stormwind Chapter... I don't get it.
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Level 3
Jan 19, 2008
I will play it and will post a review soon,anyway it looks very promising,you are a very skilled mapmaker indeed.
I hope to see soon a campaign from you that is not based on wc universe.
Level 5
Mar 7, 2009
I'm testing your campaign and it is really great, even if it isn't easy to understand sometimes. But now, i'm stuck for a while so i ask for help :x
in the second chapter, i have to count deads for a peasan, and cut tree and give it to another peasan. I did the first, then i cut a tree near a rune, and now i don't understand how to give the wood to the peasan. i tried to cut a second tree (second rune) but now i haven't the cut ability anymore. So, don't know what to do.
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
If you have Return Resources spell instead of Gather, it works as well. Just right-click on the tree.
Outsider, how to do the Order Code quest after the Stormwind Campaign? The tooltip is kinda strange.
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
Hmmmm...so far its a good campaign.
I actually like using the arrow keys to see where my enemies are, and I like to send a lot of units to kill them. Well anyway I really like this campaign.

Need help with the wood part and the force field part.
Level 29
Sep 28, 2004
If you have Return Resources spell instead of Gather, it works as well. Just right-click on the tree.
Outsider, how to do the Order Code quest after the Stormwind Campaign? The tooltip is kinda strange.

This is probably the hardest riddle in the campaign so I understand if you need some help, but please understand that I'll try to let people figure out mostly on their own to see how difficult each riddle is, where the problems are. Please dont expect to finish every mission in a runthrough, stay a while, get a coffee, take your time, think ;)

When it says "move every letter up or down" it means for example: if the page/line/stanza (xx/xx/xx) refer to a C in the Song of Aegwynn and in the code you received it starts with an A you would have to move every letter from that code up, from A to C, from I to K, from R to T and so on...

a code that goes "fcjjm" would become "hello" (2 times up)
Level 3
Feb 10, 2008
Not a bad campaign (so far), but i got stuck at a part.
Just after the song stuffie you must create an Invisibility potion but i don't know where to find the Vial, i have searched everywhere... Could someone help?

And... the song stuff was a pretty easy, you don't need the manual and song text.
Level 2
May 2, 2009
great adventure campaign :)

I really liked it because it isn't just a hack 'n' slay campaign like many others focused on RPG.

A friend of mine would like to know if there also exists a german version (Just because of the german hint in Chapter 1). (He doesn't understand english very well, but also liked the gameplay.)

Well I am really on the edge about your starcraft 2 projects then :)

+rep and 5/5 rating

Level 1
Aug 15, 2009
I have a problem i hope that somebody can help me with, in the Stormwind chapter (4 or something) you have to get some building plans for a guy named Duck Maylor. Question is: How? How do you get those plans? I hope somebody will help me but thanks anyways :D PLZ tell me im totally stuck here tried everything!
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Level 29
Sep 28, 2004
great adventure campaign :)

I really liked it because it isn't just a hack 'n' slay campaign like many others focused on RPG.

A friend of mine would like to know if there also exists a german version (Just because of the german hint in Chapter 1). (He doesn't understand english very well, but also liked the gameplay.)

Well I am really on the edge about your starcraft 2 projects then :)

+rep and 5/5 rating


german: http://rapidshare.com/files/267064539/TLGdeu.rar
Level 29
Sep 28, 2004
The first chapter that had german text should have been updated. For those who would like to read it here what the hint with the chest said:

|cff32cd32HINT|r - You can use the Arrow keys |cffffcc00Left|r and |cffffcc00Right|r to picklock chests. If you hear a long smooth noise you have pressed the correct key. If you hear a short loud noise you should press the other key.

This update will hopefully be an exception. Currently I am gathering all your feedback and I will decide in the coming weeks whether an update is necessary. If you have problems with a quest I have to be sure that it's either bugged or extremely difficult to understand. People have already reported completing the campaign so at the moment I think that if one person can do it, everyone can.
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
I'm already at the Stormwind and I'm not sure what to do. Probably I'm distracted by all the hard work you put into this campaign. Well anyway...I liked how you made the Swamp of Sorrows map with all the green water and what not.
Level 4
Jul 8, 2009
Well, this is a great campaign... cept first level sucks. The Rune puzzle is too hard (waygate) because no matter how many times i do what you've recommended nothing happens. So i can't play after it and the campaign's just sitting there... :(
Level 8
Dec 1, 2006
I've just finished it, and I'm very satisfied.

This is what I found bugwise:
When I'm in Medivh's tower, and I need to find the Ghost Mushroom in the garden, well, it wasn't there. I saved the game, and then loaded, and it appeared wright where it should be.

Anyways, 5/5. Well deserved!
Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
Great campign, looked forward to seeing it.
I like the 4 8 15 16 23 42 Easter Egg in the first chapter.

Also you have some mistakes: In the third chapter the orcs say that they came from Outland, when actually they came from Draenor. Outland was created in the end of the Second War.

Also, in the the fourth chapter the mutant sheep guy mensions Hallows End, but this holiday was created by the Forsaken to honor the day, when they broke free of Lich Kings rule.
Level 29
Sep 28, 2004
Great campign, looked forward to seeing it.
I like the 4 8 15 16 23 42 Easter Egg in the first chapter.

Also you have some mistakes: In the third chapter the orcs say that they came from Outland, when actually they came from Draenor. Outland was created in the end of the Second War.

Also, in the the fourth chapter the mutant sheep guy mensions Hallows End, but this holiday was created by the Forsaken to honor the day, when they broke free of Lich Kings rule.

This is what happens when a WoW-newbie mixes WoW-lore with standard wc3-lore :p thank you.
Level 5
Mar 7, 2009
K, i found, but there is a bug.
That's of course the first thing i had in mind when he talked about column, but i did it several time and nothing happen(it was invulnerable).
The reason is that the message you'r talking appear nearly when you enter in the big room, and once you arrive at the door (not necessary enter in the room apparently), the collumn turn invulnerable (even if garona is still in the room).

Well, anyways now i'm unstucked, thanks.