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  • Yay you're back I guess! Sorry it took me so long, somehow made occasional breaks as well lol
    Hey Chen.
    Yeah kinda-ish...
    Been playing WoW a lot lately and been thinking of making a Campaign about the Horde in Stormheim and about the Forsaken.
    Still love the Horde the best. <3
    Same. A lot of my time goes to playing but I usually check for new stuff here. I also got ideas for campaigns like the Kur'talos/Illidan/Jarod part of WotA...or the Nightfallen rebellion...or the Legion storyline as a whole.
    I'm pretty sure you can see why I can't get back to Warcraft III lol
    Imma Intrested in this campaign ! Is it still going on ?
    Hey man! What's up?
    It's me your Old pal, how're you buddy?
    You're one of my first few friends in here in the Hive, and it's pretty sad seeing people and all.

    You have awesome ideas for campaigns, Forming of the Scourge, Illidan, etc. I looked forward to them, and hearing them getting cancelled is just...sad. I know they're just campaigns, but hey I love campaigns.

    Maybe you won't be seeing this message like ever, but you're not dying what am i thinking. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you in other places like Youtube or something.

    Goodbye, rcshaggy/Warlord Ajer'larior(dunno lol). Take care...
    Gonna be leaving for good this time around...
    See you later guys.

    I kinda feel sad, but I really want to leave the Hive, not because of any of you, but the Hive was enjoyable early on, but later it was a chore.

    So regardless I had a great time on here I do hope you guys take care.
    Sorry if I can't chat with you anymore and bye once again.

    Check my World of Warcraft Illidan thread for details and such.
    Bye and take care fellow Hivers.
    Peace out! LOK'TAR OGAR!!!

    And if you want to reach me I have a Deviantart account with ValAndy7, a Youtube channel with rcshaggy, a Twitter account with rcshaggy and so forth.
    I'll miss you guys/girls...
    Yeah I know that one. Thanks for pointing it out anyways. I was looking for a remake of Beyond To Dark Portal as well though, and that's what is missing.
    Well, i don't think that either of us would want to cut the hero glow, but you still might want to ask Proxy.

    As for the animations - i'l alter wc3 animations to fit his nature (and mesh) more. But you won't see anything too custom. Maybe a couple of new spell animations. I already will have to completely re-do his right arm because of weird wc3 animations, so that's already somewhat a lot of work. I also doubt that i will make an attack animation for his left arm (wc3 akama uses only his right arm), but that's not a big deal.

    By the way, how did you like his new skin? I mean, do you think that it could be improved? If yes - where exactly
    Yeah man, I only do 2D GRAPHICS DESIGNING REQUEST :3
    Oh, there is edmonton, nice city in your area.
    Is there cold much in Alberta?

    About model, you are welcome, those simple edits like Illidan and that building I think I can do. But that depends of my time, sometimes I can't always make models.
    I dislike parasite people, thats why we talked about him, he is requesting all time stuff from everyone and does nothing to start or try himself.
    Hey buddy, Can you answer my previous VM? Just check the "View Conversation with rcshaggy"
    No, we were not talking about you, if you look through Haosis' recent conversations, you will know who we were talking about.
    ,,If you are so interested in Canada how about you look it up yourself?"
    Hahaha I wish I could man. Wish I could visit your country and check out myself.

    I am just asking how you view things from your own perspective, of course that you cannot know how many people are employed or unemployed but you know about your place from your own thoughts and opinions. I just asked your opinion.
    Well, my girlfriend and I are collecting information from Americans and Canadians mostly in case that one day we visit there and move (but accent is at one day, which may never happen).

    Oh, and thank you. Well, I am fine. We had yesterday some serious rains, in some parts of my country there are floods. Now currently it is fine, I just came back at home, I was with my girlfriend at some coffee bars and such places since it is 8. March, to celebrate. Otherwice I am fine, thank you for asking
    As long as the extra work on the map isn't due to the tileset I am making, because I can create that for any, its just a question of names.
    I posted comment there as promised.

    Oh, I asked you if you are from Canada because I heard that it is nice country to live and work. it has awesome system. And according to your English I would say that you speak French and that maybe you are from Quebec. Am I right?
    Oh, I asked you before if you are Canadian or not?

    Regarding model.... well, open thread there in request and hope to find someone, there are people whose can do it. When you open thread I can comment there to increase probability someone to reply you
    I need to joke again, sorry :cgrin:
    You need link of my model. How do you think that you can get it?

    1. Where did you download my model at all? Oh yes, you downloaded from link, from pastebin.
    Where is link? Oh, here http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/rcshaggy/#vmessage598380
    Proof of this is here:
    You just needed to go to older posts

    2. You do not need link at all cause you downloaded it at first place so you can sent it to anyone.

    Now, seriously, I do not know for how long this link will last, since I cannot remember if I clicked ,,forever" or ,,some time" which means that it will be automatically deleted after week if no views.
    Nevermind, I plan to create thread with all of my unreleased and old models. That thread will contain attachments. So maybe I can put model there as well
    Please read again first quote here in my last message to you (before Chen wrote you). Here in this post I wrote four quotes, but you just need to read first quote. You will notice something in first sentence :cgrin:
    You want help?
    And find someone for buildup
    So, what does that mean? :cgrin:
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