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The Chosen Ones 1.0

Submitted by Aeroblyctos
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Aeroblyctos presents
The Chosen Ones
Single-player RPG

Background Story
Twelve peaceful years have passed since The Great War ended. The war that lasted centuries but no man could recall the reason of. The age of despair, bloodshed, loss and grief is now past. The new age brought the opportunity for human kingdoms to rise, as humanity has broken free from the grip of the dragons.

This story focuses on Kingdom of Balgaron and three famous Dragon Slayers: Phodom, Fradz and Galeoth. Each of them starts their journey in different places, but they will eventually meet eachother and join forces along the path. Together, the three are forced to go a conflict beyond their imaginations.

Lead them into an epic world, guided by a strong storyline that covers hate, love, war and peace.

The honored Dragon Slayer Phodom gave up his life as a warrior and began a new life with his wife and his children, far away from the capital of Balgaron in the small town called Dalli. All his plans were going smooth and easy until someone steps into his life and changes everything... Fradz is a young energetic Dragon Slayer known for his short temper and bad manners. This silly thief is a very powerful warrior and it is said that he even killed powerful dragons single-handedly. After the war, Fradz went on many journeys, but one day a mysterious voice told him to travel to the famous Dragon Inn to meet someone who was once very close to him. Fradz accepts this new journey, as he knows that he cannot decline it... Galeoth, the son of a legendary Dragon Slayer lived up to his father's name and became one of the leaders of Balgaron. After the war, Galeoth still believed that the war was not yet over. His obsession to find dragons led him towards the Icy Mountains where he is about to uncover a horrible secret that will change the fate of mankind...

The Chosen Ones is a massive single-player Campaign, featuring:
Check out the following videos and picture of the campaign

Please discuss further about the campaign here in Hive's forum or visit the official site(old: tcocampaign.com):

  • 10 chapters, 9 interludes, a prologue and an epilogue
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay
  • Dozens of unique systems
  • Beautiful cut-scenes with over 100 cinematics
  • 33 different kind of strategic boss battles and hundreds of mini-bosses
  • Scripted hero abilities and spell book spells
  • Dazzling effects everywhere you travel
  • Significant amount of main and optional quests
  • Over 500 custom items
  • Complicated optional puzzles that needs brains to solve
  • Own unique music themes
  • Over 1500 imported materials
  • Hundreds of secret treasures
  • Official website where you can share your experience to others
  • And most of all, an exceptional story set in massive world of Oelivert



First trailer
This is the first and the only trailer made years ago. Maybe you could help the creator to make a new one?

Playthrough by Killa
Killa made his own awesome playthrough on Extreme with version 1.6.

More information about this playthrough on here.

Playthrough by Hamza
Hamza made his own awesome playthrough on Extreme with version 1.8.

More information about this playthrough on here.

Contact me
If you want to discuss with me personally about the campaign you can directly contact me. Here are few ways to contact me:

I'll add the updated credits as soon as I've finished them. Currently you can view the credits in the official site.

Version changes
Check out the newest changes and overall see how the campaign has improved through all these years.

  • Send an email to Aeroblyctos(at)hotmail.com
  • Add me to your Skype or Messenger: Aeroblyctos(at)hotmail.com
  • Go to the official website and send a private message or meet me in the chat: www.tcocampaign.com
  • Put a message here or send a private message in this site.


Beta 1.9a to Beta 1.9b

  • AI system for companions added. Credits goes to Chaosy who made the system by my request.
  • All abilities remade and new abilities: Battle Banner, Fiery Ball, Fire Power, Ultimate Sacrifice, Counter Attack, Energy Shield, High Strike, Crystal Plane, Galeoth's Order, Illusion Army, Magic Convert and Magical Fog.
  • 'Critical Chance' attribute added! It starts from 5% and it can be increased various ways.
  • Now also Strenght increases Critical Damage just like Agility.
  • Chapter 5 Pumpking Quest's second cinematic updated.
  • Chapter 7 Epic Boss removed the terrain deforming to decrease lag.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs you guys mentioned.

Beta 1.9 to Beta 1.9a

  • Chapter 1 Epic Boss Golem Event is now fixed.
  • Fixed Books.
  • Removed Magic Aura damage boost(remain from Berserk).
  • Now chapter 2 obelisk puzzle shouldn't give any fatal errors.
  • Fixed chapters 8 and 9 saving. Now both chapters saves correctly all things, including Colossal Slam.
  • Fixed Gladiator Arena at chapter 7.
  • Fixed other bugs I forgot to mention.

Beta 1.8h to Beta 1.9

  • Chapter 9 is now available for playing.
  • Attack and Armor types remade; values are changed and Attack & Armor types are removed. I've made the campaign simpler, easier to learn and more effective this way.
  • Rebalanced the armor values of all enemy units in all chapters.
  • Improved chapter 3's ending dialogues (outdated).
  • Vacuum's area of effect reduced. You cannot grab items from far away anymore.
  • Background stories and so-called "Books" are completely added to all chapters in this version.
  • Every single Spell Book spell has been added to the campaign!
  • Many new items and item changes. For example, superior items, which costs a huge amount of gold, are added to middle chapters; however, they're worth it!
  • Improved the multiboard a lot. Now it is more informative and better organized.
  • Combat kings once again rebalanced and changed. The major thing is that now they all cost 2 Honor Points.
  • Espers improved and made even stronger. Please come and tell me what you think about the Espers now. I've seen that players don't use them and I really want to make them useful.
  • Many changes to the starting packs! Now they should be balanced, every single one of them!
  • Stealing improved; now it shows the percentages.
  • Easter Eggs added; currently just 2 but there will be a total of 12 Easter Eggs. Check them all out!
  • Mystic Storm and Frost Shard recoded.
  • From this version onwards, a number of items can only be bought once. Choose wisely and try not to lose those items. You cannot buy them again!
  • Small changes to abilities, but not much. I plan to once again balance them in the coming minor versions. For example, I was thinking to completely remove Bleed, Brittle and Stagger. What do you think?
  • Fixed hundreds of major and minor bugs.

Beta 1.8g to Beta 1.8h

  • Fixed Frost Shard load at chapter 3 and 6
  • Fixed Freezing Field load at chapter 3 and 6

Beta 1.8f to Beta 1.8g

  • Fixed Mystic Storm save/load

Beta 1.8e to Beta 1.8f

  • Fixed Lightning Charge and Lightning Element save/load
  • Fixed invisible strike
  • Fixed chapter 5 Soul Stealers
  • Added new abilities: Freezing Field, Frost Shard and Mystic Storm(thanks to Doomlord for making them)
  • Now riddle question can give up to 5000 gold.
  • Fixes all over the campaign!

Beta 1.8c to Beta 1.8d

  • Fixed chapter 8 riddle quest bug.
  • Fixed chapter 8 Boss.
  • Fixed chapter 8 Behemoth.
  • Fixed give up bug.
  • Fixed difficulty bug at chapter 1.
  • Fixed Power Hammer, Life Stone, Aero and many other items...
  • Fixed lightning orb and many other abilities...
  • Fixed Berserk and many other combat kings...
  • Added True Zozi.
  • Fixes all over the campaign.

Beta 1.8 to Beta 1.8a

  • Fixed Book descriptions.
  • Added a custom select effect.
  • Fixed chapter 5 Fradz spell load.
  • Fixed give up.
  • Fixed Combat King - Magic Torment.
  • Life's Stone improved.
  • Fixed chapter 6 resource load.
  • Fixes all over the campaign.

Beta 1.7i to Beta 1.8

  • Added hints to the campaign.
  • Prologue improved.
  • New abilities: Headbutt, Flame Barrier, Power Orbs, lightning elemenental and Lightning charge.
  • Improvements to almost all abilities. Also thanks to Doomlord for helping me.
  • Re-worked all ability descriptions and damages.
  • Now there are totally of 9 Spell Book Spells instead of 12. Also espers are put to the Spell Book.
  • Remade Starting Packs.
  • Potions remade.
  • Lucky Boxes remade.
  • New system! Books! Now you can read books that tells background story of the game.
  • Improvements and changes to items such as Legendary murloc head is now removed and instead there's Damanthe's Set and Battlemage Set. This is just tip of the iceberg.
  • Chapter 2 Elite Boss remade.
  • Chapter 2 Epic Boss remade.
  • Chapter 4 Elite Boss remade.
  • Chapter 5 Epic Boss remade.
  • Chapter 7 Epic Boss remade.
  • Changed abilities hotkeys from "Z, X, C, V" to "Q, W, E, R".
  • Riddle qustions updated.
  • Some fixes to chapters 8 to make it work properly(like loading from chapter 7).
  • Smaller and bigger fixes all over the campaign.

Beta 1.7i to Beta 1.7j

  • Loading times are now significantly faster. All thanks to Shadow Daemon and Tirlititi for their awesome work.

Beta 1.7h to Beta 1.7i

  • Added little puzzle for chapter 6 related to Elemental Orbs.
  • Fixed Chapter 7 Maximillian quest.
  • Fixed Chapter 6 Forgotten Ones quest.

Beta 1.7g to Beta 1.7h

  • Fixed health and mana regeneration bug.
  • Removed quick Eat Button.
  • Added 50 max mana to all heroes permamently.
  • Fixed "Arnold's Armor Store" shop at chapter 1.

Beta 1.7f to Beta 1.7g

  • Improved chapter 1 Elite Boss.
  • Improved chapter 1 Epic Boss.
  • Fixed sell gold rate.
  • Fixed exp cap bug.
  • Disabled vitality system because it was the reason why gold rates started to bug. I'll either change the system or try to fix the system, if I can.
  • Added few more items such as Dark Amulet and Poison Knife.

Beta 1.7e to Beta 1.7f

  • Added a new cooldown system. Thanks to various people helping me to do it such as -Kobas- and Kitabatake.
  • Enemy experience, gold and levels rebalanced.
  • Fixed item sell rate bug.
  • Fixed, remade and made new items.
  • Counter Attack Combat King is now Retaliation made by Doomlord.
  • Fixed evasion, works finally!
  • Fixed critical, works finally!
  • Instant Slash is now Crissor Stab.
  • Fixed Soul Burn and made it little stronger. I plan to update it even further in the future.
  • Fixed a lot of other bugs.

Beta 1.7c to Beta 1.7d

  • Fixed Experience bug.

Beta 1.7b to Beta 1.7c

  • These items are edited: Animal Set, Sargatanas, Rikhano's Set, Zyl orb, Blade of Death, Holgro, Crown Of Magic, oelivert and some more items
  • New items added: Jade Set, Wrytt, Improved Animal Set, Three Ways and some more
  • These items are temporarily not yet remade: Dragon Buster, Holgro, Aero, Silver Set
  • Made chapter 3 second epic puzzle easier.
  • Fixed Critical Strike.
  • Added Zozi to chapter 6.

Beta 1.7 to Beta 1.7a

  • The campaign is now optimized and should work faster.

Beta 1.6f to Beta 1.7

  • Chapter 8 is now playable
  • Changed the layout of the whole campaign(interface, mouse, etc.)
  • Changed difficulty settings and now higher difficulties are a bit harder.
  • Changed unit classifications, right now updated to chapter 8 only.
    • Regular: Basic enemies
    • Empowered: Basic enemies / Mini-bosses
    • Superior: Mini-bosses / Bosses
    • Mighty: Mini-bosses / Bosses / Elite-bosses / Epic-bosses
  • Added Ultimate Sets.
  • Reworked some items like Magma Set and Elexorien.
  • Vitality system upgraded in various ways and I've some plans to upgrade it even further in the future. One big note is that now max vitality will only increases when an item is in a character's inventory.
  • Now every fourth ranked synthesis Item will require a Zozi to reduce player from getting too many powerful items at early chapters.
  • Now each STR gives 20 health instead of 25.
  • Now each INT gives 10 mana instead of 15.
  • Chapter 4 Wisps are now easier to catch
  • Black merchant can only be seen between 24:00 to 6:00 o'clock.
  • Fixed Instant Slash
  • Fixed Power Heal
  • Fixes and small changes all around the campaign...

Beta 1.6e to Beta 1.6f

  • Added new ability for Phodom: Power Heal.
  • I made some changes to items(Cripple Triple Axe, Tera Ring...).
  • Fixed Meditate.
  • Fixed Instant Slash.
  • Fixed boss archievements.
  • I removed Berserk Combat King because I relised it can't be fixed(If you have ideas for high tier physical Combat King enter the competition).
  • Elite and Epic quests are from now on counted as optional quests also.
  • Fixed save/load espers.
  • Rearranged ability positions and hotkeys. Now categories goes like in this order: Single(Z), Aoe(X), Heal(C) and Element(V). Special(S) and Ultimate(D) abilities stay where they were before.
  • Rebalanced ability damages.
  • All recipes cost now 50% less.
  • Fixed item & split system.
  • Fixed bugs from chapter 5 Elite Boss(over half of his moves were not enabled).
  • Remade chapter 5 Vampire Lord battle.
  • Remade chapter 6 Xada second battle.
  • Removed a lot of useless things around the campaign.
  • And fixed a lot of minor bugs around the campaign.

Beta 1.6d to Beta 1.6e

  • Fixed combat king load bug from Fradz and Galeoth

Beta 1.6c to Beta 1.6d

  • Chapter 4 boss remade
  • Remade the ending cinematics of chapter 4
  • Remade chapter 5 beginning
  • Added new abilities: Defensive Roar, Soul Burn, Spinning Death, Colossal Slam, Instant Slash and Seal of Resurrection
  • Fixed save/load bug
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed some more bugs
  • And fixed tons of other bugs

Beta 1.6b to Beta 1.6c

  • Fixed Combat King Bug
  • Fixed a lot of other bugs

Beta 1.6a to Beta 1.6b

  • Fixed shovel bug

Beta 1.6 to Beta 1.6a

  • Remade Opportunist starting pack for Galeoth
  • Added Sunrise Item set
  • Added stealable items to chapter 1
  • Added stealable items to chapter 4
  • Fixed Phoenix Strike(no more invulnerable bug)
  • Fixed save/load combat kings
  • Fixed save/load alchemist
  • Remade Chromatic item
  • Fixed shovel bug
  • Re-checked Black Merchants
  • Fixed Heaven's Bless ability
  • Fixed alchemist description bugs
  • And fixed tons of other bugs

Beta 1.5c to Beta 1.6

  • Chapter 7 is now opened.
  • Boss points are now removed from the game. You can still change your Boss points to Honor points by writing this code: "-change".
  • Remade all item, ability, spell, esper and all other descriptions: they are now shorter and easier to read.
  • There is only fire, ice, and lightning spells now.
  • Improved multiboard by a lot, added some new stats to it also.
  • Added new combat kings and new spells. Combat Kings now only go up to level 5.
  • Added some more tactical meaning to the battle: some abilities can do or use buffs called Brittle, Stagger, and Bleed. For example some other abilities can use these buffs to deal increased damage.
  • Now Special abilities will increase by every level instead of every fifth level.
  • All professionals are now universal.
  • The Critical Damage bonus starts from 100% instead of 0%. The chance to do a Critical Hit is still 10%.
  • Once again, more items.
  • New Spell System: Instead of spell books you can easily use spells from left corner just like potions.
  • The file size is now bigger because I imported some resources to the campaign. The expected file size in the end will be about 120mb to 140mb. I hope the file size won't be a problem.
  • New balanced attack and armor types: Sharp, Blunt, Magic, Light, Medium, Heavy, Sturdy and Elemental.
  • Now some enemies are categorized as Summoned, Undead, Drgon and Monster. Some items and abilities can do extra effects to them.
  • Now enemies won't do their abilities while stunned.
  • The campaign is now optimized and protected. All thanks to Shadow Daemon for creating the awesome "campaign optimizator" program".
  • Fixed some bugs.

Beta 1.5b to Beta 1.5c

  • New Steal System.
  • Most of the item descriptions are updated.
  • Some of the items are remade.
  • Upgraded Lucky Boxes and put new unique items.
  • And a lot of bug fixes.

Beta 1.5a to Beta 1.5b

  • Fixed a starting bug from chapter 3. It should now work properly.
  • Added proper descriptions to the difficulties.

Beta 1.5 to Beta 1.5a

  • Removed some test items from chapter 1 beginning.

Beta 1.4c to Beta 1.5

  • Chapter 6 is now opened.
  • Now Item Sets have own unique icons.
  • Honor Shop Disabled. "Ability Bonus" system will be added later to the campaign that replaces Honor Shop Items.
  • Remade Esper System.
  • Remade Summon System.
  • Remade some of the spell book spells.
  • Chapter item descriptions to easier to read.
  • Now there are only two magical balls instead of three. Also now they give solid magic bonus instead of percent.
  • Removed Phodom's speciality that gives plus one Dig Power every 10th level.
  • Also changed Professions bonuses.
  • Some of the spell book spells are remade and balanced such as first Fire Spell.
  • Added Game Panel where you can for example eat food, move your boxes and cast espers.
  • And many, many other changes. Once again so many changes I simply cannot remember everything.

Beta 1.4b to Beta 1.4c

  • Save & load combat kings and spell book spells are fixed.
  • Restore Panel fixed.
  • Fixed vitality system.
  • Six new Galeoth abilities: Chill of the Frost Master, Frozen Storm, Icy Barrage, Inner Light, Mesmerizing Ice Crystal and Piercing Shard.
  • Combat Kings are remade. All high tier combat kings aren't remade yet.
  • After every cinematic units you had selected before will be selected for you automatically.
  • Now quests will give experience like before.
  • Fixed chapter 5 ending.
  • Chapter 1 Boss, Chapter 1 Elite Boss, Chapter 3 Boss and Chapter 3 Elite Boss battles are now improved.
  • Fixed Code Puzzle.
  • Fixed Kaza Leader Dialog.
  • Remade Chapter 5 Elite Boss Fight and fixed few problems of it.
  • Now Main Quest 3 can be completed right after watching The Bridge Cinematic at chapter 5.
  • Fixed many more minor bugs...

Beta 1.3a to Beta 1.4

  • Chapter 5 is now open.
  • Fradz model is now changed. Thanks to Kitabatake who made it from the beginning to the end.
  • Galeoth model is now changed. Thanks Fan for starting the model and making most of it and Kitabatake for finishing it.
  • Whole stats based systems combined to one big, simple and more powerful system. Credits to Kitabatake for helping me creating this new system.
  • A new system! Boss status system. All thanks for Maker who created this system.
  • Now Agility Stat will give critical dmg and evasion chance.
  • Chapter 1 Boss and Chapter 1 Elite Boss are now slightly stronger and they have some new special abilities.
  • Multiboard is now slighly different.
  • Fixed a large amount of smaller and bigger bugs.
  • And many, many more changes...

Beta 1.3 to Beta 1.3a

  • Added new starting packs.
  • Fixed(hopefully) loading problems with combat kings and spell book spells at chapter 4.
  • Fixed saving and loading professions.
  • Fixed a bug in chapter 4 that didn't load Heaven's Bless ability.
  • Fixed Synthesis item descriptions and fixed some problems players couldn't create some of them. Also removed the ones who I have not yet remade. Don't worry, all of them will come back at later versions.
  • Fixed bug that players couldn't create alchemist potions.
  • Fixed Silver and Thief Set combination.
  • Edited Restore Panel system. Added restoration potions.
  • Increased Mini-Bosses hit point regenerations.
  • Chapter 1 Mini-Bosses are now a little stronger than before.
  • Added 2 low magic orbs to chapter 1. Now you can create Zwill Blade or Aerial Shoes at chapter 1.
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs.

Beta 1.2a to Beta 1.3

  • Chapter 4 is now opened.
  • Credits are now updated.
  • Illusory Double illusions now will take 500% damage compared to Fradz from 1000% damage.
  • Dozens of changes in items, for example Miraga's Set can now be found from chapter 1 and Silver Set can now be found from chapter 2.
  • Fixed Zwill Blade's synthesis, now it should be able to create.
  • Increased Phodom's base movement speed from 250 to 275.
  • Spell book spells are cooldown are now changed. Here are the cooldowns from first to fourth 90/180/300/once per chapter.
  • Dozens of smaller and bigger bug fixes.

Beta 1.2 to Beta 1.2a

  • Fixed a bug and now Black Market sells the correct item: Third Hand. Now you finally can actually get the Thief Set at chapter 2.
  • Fixed Anthenex Esper's attack type.
  • Fixed Bronze Shovel bug and the dig power at multiboard.
  • Now Lightning Orb's buff should not give any advance to enemies.
  • Fixed Omega Orb and now it should summon Elemental Golems every 15 to 90 seconds.
  • Items Zwill Blade and Aerial Shoes are now made stronger

Beta 1.1b to Beta 1.2

  • Chapter 3 is now open.
  • Fixed Combat Kings where they were always rested to level 1 after loading.
  • Fixed a difficulty settings in chapter 2 as they were too weak for the stronger difficulties. Now enemies are stronger as they should be(ATK: 0%/0%/10%/20%/30% & HP: 0%/0%/15%/45%/75%).
  • Changed Ground Zero's cooldown from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Edited Aura Of Fire, now it also do damage per second.
  • Fixed chapter 2 epic boss' passive spells. Now there's something actually.
  • Fixed Alchemist bug that didn't allow Phodom to reach further levels.
  • Fixed Bless Of Lightning attribute bug.
  • Fixed hotkeys in Command Panel.
  • Fixed bug that boxes could also learn spells.
  • Fixed tons of other minor bugs I have forget to add here.

Beta 1.1a to Beta 1.1b

  • Fixed a major bug that freezes the game when entering to honor or combat shop
  • FIxed multiboard a little: Now honor points show honor points and boss points shows boss points, before they were mixed up
  • Correct Treasure Hunter abilities are now shown
  • Correct Battle Thief abilities are now shown
  • Fixed Alchemist Potion creating
  • Fixed problem where enemies didn't have items at all(chapter 2)
  • Fixed some ability descriptions
  • Changed chapter 1's puzzle reward
  • Increased Heaven's Bless' cooldown from 6 seconds to 12 seconds
  • Fradz's starting items are now sligtly stronger

Beta 1.1 to Beta 1.1a

  • Fixed a problem where chapter 2 started instead of 1 after prologue

Beta 1.0a to Beta 1.1

Beta 1.0a to Beta 1.1
  • Opened chapter 2
  • Added a puzzle to chapter 1
  • Increases Chapter 1's Epic Boss' Basic hit points from 15,000 to 20,000
  • Created two new spells for Chapter 1's Epic boss
  • Increases Chapter 1's Epic Boss' Special Spells' damage
  • Made stronger some of the Mini-Bosses in chapter 1
  • Changed chapter 1's Boss' wall to different looking
  • Azureus Set can now be obtained in chapters 1 to 7 instead of 5 to 11

Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.0a

  • Installed "Game Point" System
  • Added a new heal ability for Phodom: Heaven's Bless
  • Fixed Combat King Bug Shop where combat kings are teleported to middle of the map
  • Elite Boss' "Cave Collapse" event no longer deal damage to Elite Boss and its warriors
  • Phoenix Strike: Attack damage increased from "(strx1)x12" to "(strx3)x12"
  • Fixed texts from dig rewards.
  • Added a new mini-boss: "Habtat Spider Mother"
  • Added four recipes to chapter 1: Potion Of Strength, Potion Of Agility, Potion Of Intelligence" and "Potion Of
  • Added and removed some spells for Epic Boss in chapter 1
  • Chapter 1's Epic Boss second stage is now a bit easier
  • Removed Inta-Sell
  • Remade Great Mana Gem

Alpha 3.3a to Beta 1.0

  • Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and interludes 1 and 2 are closed for now
  • Now only Prologue and chapter 1 available to play
  • The whole game-play is remade
  • A new system, Professions: Each character will have a primary and secondary profession
  • A new system, Gold: Now items and abilities can increase the gold amount from enemies
  • A new system, Experience: Now items and abilities can increase the experience amount from enemies
  • Total remade of spell books: Less spells, but more tactical, unique and practical. 4 spells for each element.
  • Doubled the maximum level of characters in each chapter to the maximum of 100 levels
  • Remade almost all the bosses of the campaign
  • Espers remade
  • All items are remade and added about 50 items more
  • Remade vitality system, now items can increase the maximum vitality

The Chosen Ones, RPG, Single, Campaign, Dragon, Dragons, Aeroblyctos, Aero, Phodom, Fradz, Galeoth

The Chosen Ones 1.0 (Campaign)

Vengeancekael: Private Message Date: 2012/Feb/11 11:05:00 Reasons: Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object...
  1. ArneXis


    Nov 24, 2007
    a chubby little one,10min of dl,ill be sure to play it and give you a feedback
  2. Tikat-Lando


    Nov 23, 2007
    Gl i hope it is good ^^
  3. Tikat-Lando


    Nov 23, 2007
    lol it is big cause it take some time to download i relly look foward to see it ^^
  4. ArneXis


    Nov 24, 2007
    well,where should i start...the bad spelling,the invincible bosses,no cheat usage.i dont know man. . .
  5. Aeroblyctos


    Aug 14, 2006
    Where? When? Who?

    Yup, no cheating!
  6. ArneXis


    Nov 24, 2007
    the shadow gollem in mission 1, around 2k hp fast hp regen and a skill that takes around 45% off my hp when used.
    And if it's no secret why did you ban cheating on your map?
  7. zetanno


    Dec 4, 2007
    Yup, 3 minutes of downloading . I will test it during the weekend cuz Friday I have an important exam ..
  8. Aeroblyctos


    Aug 14, 2006
    You can avoid that. Just ran further away!

    So people won't cheat. It's stupid if people just do "whosyourdaddy" and complete campaign in no time. It needs some hard work to finish my campaign.

    EDIT: Oh yes I forgot to say two important thing:
    - Save often! Before every boss at least!
    - Do not try to use cheats in this campaign! It's pointless.
  9. redscores


    Aug 9, 2006
    Excellent feeling, good story, currently at map 2 (the first mission), you deserve a 10, but 5 is only possible.
  10. gerbal_warfare


    Feb 1, 2006
    You for get aero, some people just want a quick game. Taking cheats out is all well and good, but you have to have at least some way of making it easier, even if it's just adding difficulties.

    I'm downloading it now.
  11. Ur1z13L


    Sep 27, 2007
    This map is slow and boring and when i tried to write something and it failed the campaign.
    Last edited: May 15, 2008
  12. redscores


    Aug 9, 2006
    The Guys above me.... stop it, you give no arguments or suggestions, oh man, simply stop it, your just making yourself fools, he put so much afford in it, and it turned out great, if you want quick shit games go play dota, ffs.
  13. Aeroblyctos


    Aug 14, 2006
    You can choose your difficulty from easy, normal or hard. Choose is yours.

    Slow and boring? Well then it's not your type campaign! And there is "anti-cheat" system which won't allow people to cheat.

    Thanks for being friendly!

    Ohh I forgot to write this so here it is now:

    Maybe you have seen that all completed campaign chapters(1-6) are opened from the beginning. There is a wise reason for this: alpha testing. If you have completed any of the campaign chapters heroes will be saved for next map. Even for future version.

    So, let's have a example: If you have completed chapter 6 in version 1.6 alpha. And you start to play chapter 7 in version 1.7 alpha your heroes will be there. But of course if you start in version 1.6 and you continue in 1.7 you maybe have missed some nice items and quests(example in 1.6 there was no three item sets but in 1.7 I made them).

    If you open chapter 4(Phodom chapter(Phodom chapers: 1, 4, 5, 6, ...)) at the beginning without finished chapter 1 you will not have hero. There is a simply reason for this: at the end of each chapter your hero(level + items) will be saved for next chapter.

    If you are searching for more information about the campaign here is a little list:
    - Old information about the campaign(Some more information + over 100 comments).
    - Old pictures about the campaign(Some nice pictures from campaign, over 30 pictures).
    - Alpha Version 1.4 Thread(Previous version of campaign + some comments).
    - Hosted project forum at Clan X2O(Some old suggestions and other infromation).
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  14. kyo_fight


    Feb 6, 2006
    1.I think the cinematic is too boring and some are unnecessary. More, they are not skippable.
    2.We should have a stock box or something. I cannot carry too much items, only 6 inventory. Too inconvenient!!
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  15. Magamdy


    Apr 17, 2008
    A F*ckin Half Year! It doesen't maater if it isen't reaally good, after all that time I would lie dead behind my pc =P
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  16. Chorale


    May 12, 2004
    I played Mystery of friza and was impress by the quality of the work. I for one, love long and hard game.

    I just watched the prologue and i've noted that when the movie pass above the bridge in the ice forest you can see that you used the same area 2 time, from different angle.

    Cinematic are not skipable, i think you should add the possibility for us to skip it, if we have to retry the map countless time.. we might not want to watch the cinematic over and over.

    I do LOVE the lava dragon skin O_O

    The music is great.

    ho and yes: About cheater, i approve the anti-cheat thing.

    Keep up the good work.

    Edit : im in mission 1, and Firts bug i found is that the music of war3 and your custom music are both running right in the opening of the map when you sayd " chapter 1 blabla". After that the War3 music is turned off.

    When you sleep in your house, both the sleeping music and the custom music play on top of each other, making a nice little mess :S

    Quest : Worm killing, i killed all those worm and Sir Richard is not speaking to me, so i cant complete it.

    Item : The firebolt dont interrupt spellcasting.

    Quest : Revenge... Hu... Where is that boss.. i scouted the whole map 4 time.. and i dont see him anywhere. .. Nevermind that one. found the caravan and got 2/3 right answer to the question ^^ Nice reward by the way ! -hint hint hint-

    Mission 2 :

    - Same music bug than mission 1 when you start the map.
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  17. gerbal_warfare


    Feb 1, 2006
    I like it, cheats are unnecessary.

    It's not even much of a challenge, it just takes a bit longer to do, with all the running away to heal and then running back.
  18. Aeroblyctos


    Aug 14, 2006
    What cinematics are boring? Maybe I can delete them? Also I won't do skippable cinematics! It's just my way, because I never skip cinematics in any game. I think cinematics are the best in games! You can't skip "cinematics" in Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 for example.

    Yeah I have been thinking of it. So how should I do it? Somekind of box at every chapter's beginning? Give some ideas and I can do it! But it's not so big deal in later chapters because you have three heroes(3 x 6 = 18 inventory space).

    Ooh.. hmm... I will check this out because it will be then in every chapter.

    Ohhoh? I will also check this out!

    I just finished it 35636346275th time and I completed easily! I really wonder why you can't complete that quest.... Are you sure you killed all worms? Because there comes 10 extra worm when you are killing first ones.

    Yeah it's not yet. It's in later chapters. But I see there should be more information what to do after killing boss. I will put some more text!

    Okay, everyone who have commented something helpful have gained some reputation in here! Also I will put those to "credits list" in campaign! Thanks guys!