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Jan 8, 2020
May 4, 2007


retired coder | real life

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Jan 8, 2020
    1. Dat-C3
      It's sad how bad GUI'ers were when they could have been just as good as jass'ers and sometimes better. Massive fails 2002-2009. Stuff actually started to get better 2010+ where people finally realized you don't have to jass to mui lol.
    2. 1)ark_NiTe
      I fills me with joy to see one of my old old friends didn't leave wc3 yet.
      And it looks like I am still here while you are not! Hopefully real life is treating you nicely though!
    3. Mythic
      Hi. Should you decide to come back, I pose you a question. While viewing your tutorial about vJASS, you mentioned JESP. You said that you never saw a GUI trigger with that.

      Nowadays, GUI spells without 'configuration' will most likely be rejected. Wasn't it the same back then, or was there a turn of events some time in the past that the mods decided to impose setup upon coders?
    4. Alince
      Hi Flame phoenix, I am reading your "Making a spell in vJass" and I wanted to ask 2 things because I love instant spells so much.
      1)How to make a line of lets say 100 distance from the hero that make instant damage
      2)How do I attach an AoE spell to my hero so that it follows him (The hero blinks to the derection hes facing, after the blink is done there is an AoE around the hero that follows him and damages enemies for 10 sec)
      in the second spell the only problem is to make the AoE follow the hero, I have no Idea how to write it
      can you please help me?
    5. Kleera
    6. Kleera
      O.K. thanks :)
    7. Kleera
      Oh yeah, my e-mail was kleera@hotmail.com :) thanks also for the tip :)
    8. Kleera
      um.. would you mind, if you remove me from ban on msn? :) - thx
    9. Kleera
      Hey thanks very much for the tutorials you made :) really helps a lot
    10. Septimus
      hard to explain everything.. i would make 1 full statement pm for a massive amount of question and etc etc.

      my right arm was rather painful, that is why you hardly see me online at hive.
    11. Septimus
      i am not losing interest with it.. i am just being at hell.. (yeah!! busy week).
    12. Septimus
      hey sorry for not replying in this couple of day.. was way too busy.. i did't even have the time to touch the program.. i need to discuss and settle it by tommorow as my exam was closing it.

      I was wondering what time zone you are in.. my time zone are gmt+8
    13. watermelon_1234
    14. Septimus
      whats your msn?
    15. Septimus
      sure.. are you on chat now?
    16. Septimus
      yeah.. create a data structure for it.. i would send a private message about the question and my current program to you soon..
    17. Septimus
      do you know how to use stack in c programming? i was hoping some1 would know well enough to guide me :P
    18. Septimus
      do you know c programming??
    19. Septimus
      you mean just the engine or?
    20. Septimus
      i know how to use it, but i don't know which necessary part to be import to the map in order for it to work.
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