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Last Activity:
Dec 31, 2020
Aug 14, 2006

Awarded Medals 2

Mar 30, 1989 (Age: 31)
Home Page:


Mighty Map Maker, 31, from Finland

Aeroblyctos was last seen:
Dec 31, 2020
    1. deepstrasz
      Hope you're doing fine during these crazy times.
    2. SeedinAethyr
      Hey Aero! I’m playing through TCO and your other old maps again and am having a really fun time. Thanks for making all your maps.
    3. Mythic
      Happy Birthday!
    4. Martyr
      We miss you a tiny bit.
    5. Mamut
      So i just want to ask something. when i play the second chapter of the campaign when i die i cant reload the game or even quit from the game beacuse then game is no responding. and also i cant go to the third chapter because of that . ant one anothet thing. when i relod game from the chapter 1 there is no music until i dont speak with someone (and not its no ctrl+m). PLS help
    6. PKCrafty
      hey, long time no see.
    7. Kyuzo_dono
      dude. come. back. u know u want to.
    8. Doug
      Hello there. Please make an ai for War of the kings map.
    9. hamed
      hi mate. i recently played the campaign chosen ones and it was absolutely stunning. can you help me finding the music on "mystic forest" where tallons located in chapter 5? im searching for it for days and i cant find it.
    10. Airkryle
      hi Aero, any chance about makin/polishing TCO for Warcraft 3: Reforged in 2019??
      Reforged will be a good chance to show your masterpiece to the world and let more people enjoy your creation.

      or.. is there any chance for other mapmaker that's passionate in TCO that willingly to develop TCO more could lay a hand on this masterpiece?
      (of course by contacting you, have discussion, and other stuff first)

      no pressure, just curious..
      thank you for TCO
    11. skywolf
      hi aero
      first of all thanks for the awesome the chosen ones campaign.It has far more better story than blizzard campaigns.I have faced a major bug.I have finished the game in normal difficulty but when I want to start over with the starting bonus.the map says 'failed to load' and I have to start over without bonus:-(
      what should I do? is there any help you can do for me? my hunger for knowing the end of story is killing me.please inform me when you see my message.
      thank you ;-)
      1. nik
        I havent encountered this,but it might have something to do with new versions of warcraft.Try getting a older version of wc3 and playing in it.
        Jul 29, 2018
    12. Kallel

      There's A FATAL BUG THAT LEADS THE GAME TO CRASH in the same way described here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/problem-with-saveing-the-game.234640/ (very sorry for the caps lock, it's just to attract your attention, don't mean to be rude :) )

      The error following the crash is "not enough storage available to process this command", the cited command changes very often but most of the time is the execution of the object "Chunk" of warcraft3.exe

      I contacted Blizzard's assistance and according to them, the problem is linked to the texture size or something, as described here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/fixing-a-texture-that-crashes-we.291221/

      I'm sure the problem is not linked to my own device because with the old one I had, I had the same exact problem; I just assumed that it happened because my old computer was a decade old!

      Please, fix it!! Now that I have a new and vastly more powerful computer I was really hoping that I could complete the Zylcious fight :(
    13. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
    14. Ahman
      I heard you're writing a book. I like your campaign, the story more than the game itself. Inform us here on hive once you finish and publish it. Good luck
    15. MasterHaosis
      Aeroblyctos, :cgrin:
    16. ShogunFromBrazil
    17. emperor_d3st
      Didn't you have Age of Empires-y type strategy maps as well? I remember loving your maps, but I can't find the ones I think I was most enthusiastic about in your Resources tab.
    18. xcelosce
      Hello Aero, love your work on The Chosen Ones! It's extremely fun to play it! I am wondering if you have the latest version of it that you can upload. Tried to find it around the net but no avail.
    19. DanTDMzikri
      Cool Maps!! :D
    20. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
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  • About

    Mar 30, 1989 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:
    Current Project:
    The Chosen Ones

    The Chosen Ones is a single-player Campaign, made by Aeroblyctos.
    Never before did anyone attempt to create a project at this scale, the imported files combined with an epic story of dragon slayers and a daring gameplay, make this campaign remarkable in every way.
    It is the largest Warcraft III campaign ever made, featuring:

    * 11 chapters, 2 interludes, a prologue and an epilogue.
    * Over 10 hours of gameplay
    * A lot of Elite and epic bosses
    * Over 500 custom items
    * Custom Spells
    * Strategic battles
    * Dazzling effects
    * An exceptional story
    * Beautiful cut-scenes
    * Secret treasures
    * ...


    Twelve peaceful years after The Great War, where humanity stood victorious against the dragons after years, ages of despair, bloodshed, loss and grief.
    The war of which only a few recall the reason of it.
    This gave the oppurtunity for human kingdoms to rise, humanity has fought itself free from the grip of the Dragons.
    The kingdom of Balgaron is one of those kingdoms, the kingdom where this story starts...

    The honored Dragon Slayer, Phodom has given up his life as a warrior and began a new life his wife and children, far from the capital.
    He needs to gather money for food and clothes to survive the upcoming winter.

    Fradz, a young energetic Dragon Slayer is less known and is very impacient.
    When a strange voice calls him towards the Dragon Inn, he meets Phodom and teams up with him.

    Galeoth, the son of a legendary Dragon Slayer lives up to his father's name and became one of the leaders of Balgaron, his obsession to find dragons led him towards the Icy Mountains,
    there he will uncover a horrible secret that will unveil another dangerous adventure.

    The three Dragon Slayers meet eachother and team up, going on an adventure, even they do not know what they are going to face and what the result is going to be.
    Control them in an epic world, guided by a storyline that covers hate, grief, despair, love and peace and face the dangers on their path.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    Years 2002 - 2005

    The first years of Warcraft I only played ladder and custom games. I managed to get some excellent ranks at northrend realms such 4v4#1, 3v3#1 and 2v2#1. I also have both last 1500 random icons.

    Year 2006

    Kitabatake introduced me the world editor of Warcraft III and my map career started. I made my first two maps: Land Of Legends and Poison River(now know as "War Of The Kings").

    Year 2007

    My map making skills improved quickly and I created some maps: Mystery Of Friza and Art Of Life.

    Year 2008

    I once again started to play in battle.net and I interested to do some multi-player maps. I also joined to clan "FoL". Members in this clan helped, tested and inspirated me to do more and more maps. I made many maps: Midnight Rush, Aero TD, Oblong War, Gardens of Zirmiath, The Snowy Fight, Lava Race, The Ultimate Fight, The Protection, The Generals, The Zre Diamond and The Fallen Heroes. End of the year I started to do my my last project: The Chosen Ones.

    Year 2009

    I continued working The Chosen Ones. The campaign became larger and larger by everyday. I also completed three cinematics: Awesome Robbery, Chosen Twice and Phodom's cinematic from the past. At the summer I went army and I stopped doing The Chosen Ones.

    Year 2010

    At the early of 2010 I continued doing The Chosen Ones in army. Once I get out from army I had a long pause again. At the end of summer I created with Kitabatake Path Of Blood and then continued The Chosen Ones to the end of year.

    Year 2011

    Still doing The Chosen Ones.

    Year 2012

    Still doing The Chosen Ones. I started my book that is linked to The Chosen Ones.

    Year 2013

    Still doing The Chosen Ones. I continued more heavily on the book than the campaign.

    Year 2014

    Book, book and book. At the end of the Summer I suddenly decided to finish the campaign.

    Year 2015

    Most likely book as the campaign should be finished already.

    Warcraft III, badminton
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