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Tyrande Whisperwind (Re-Classic Pack)

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Tyrande Whisperwind

Base Model Credits
Unit Type
Ranged Hero
Author's Notes
Visit Johnwar's Models Discussion for updates and links for my models.:smile:

Shimmering Arrow Missile (Model)

Tyrande (Model)

Tyrande A (Model)

Tyrande A Portrait (Model)

Tyrande Arrow Missile (Model)

Tyrande Dismounted (Model)

Tyrande Dismounted A (Model)

Tyrande Portrait (Model)

Level 21
Sep 7, 2018
Fantastic job, you clean negetive extent from your models, but I think you shouldn't have done it because i worked on my mod and tried to fix all problems from sanity check and the result was terrible, unfortunatly in game the game merges extents together. For example when a peasant builds a building some part of birth animation goes on units that they don't have negative extents.
However I think we shouldn't fix all things from sanity test such as negative extents and same animation tracks.
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