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Tower Survivors

Tower Survivors

Roguelike Tower Defense


Tower Survivors is a Roguelike TD where the player competes with up to 7 other players.
Inspired by games like Vampire Survivors and Halls of Torment, Tower Survivors takes passively killing enemies one step further,
removing your ability to move and interact with the world directly.
Instead, the player must manage which weapons and upgrades to purchase for their Tower,
balancing gold income, damage output and the Tower's survivability.

  • Saves your wins, losses and last stands
    To win, be amongst the last half of players left.
    You lose if you're among the first half of players to die.
    You achieved a last stand if you're the last player alive.

  • Choose your game speed
    Map has multiple different game speeds available to cater to different kinds of players:
    Normal (100%) - Fast (150%) - Faster (200%) - Hyper (300%)
    Player 1 (Red) decides the game speed
  • Complete challenges to unlock up to 42 different tower skins
    Skins are cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay

  • 80 different weapons to acquire
    Weapons can be Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic.
    Weapons can have the Normal, Piercing, Magic, Siege or Chaos damage type.
    Additional extra damage types can be found on some Weapons.

  • 88 different upgrades to acquire
    Upgrades can boost income, buff damage, increase survivability or provide utility.
    Many upgrades have the Spikes damage type, causing damage to enemies that attack the Tower.

- Magic Coins Only Skin: Now checks the correct challenge for completion state
- Treasure Hoarder Skin: Should now be unlockable
- Areafire: Fixed bug where it wouldn't fully unlock

- Skins: Added 3 new skins
- Magic Coin: Survive for 10 minutes with the only gold-granting upgrades you buy being Magic Coins, +250 Score for unlocking
- Treasure Hoarder: Survive for 15 minutes after buying a Magic Treasure in the opening turn and never using it, +250 Score for unlocking
- Marine: Come in first place (Last Stand) with the map author coming in second place (died as the last before you), gives 0 score
- Upgrades: Added 1 new upgrade
- Areafire: +10% damage and +10% area of effect for Area weapons.
- Added new icons for some Upgrades
- Samwise: More health, less damage
- Enemies: Gain less damage per hit at first, but stacks over time
- Enemies: Now also gain a small amount of damage each second
- Enemies: Gain more CC reduction over time
- Poison Weapons: Duration reduced from 3 to 2, damage per second increased by 25% but total damage reduced
- Flamecaster: Rotates 25% faster
- Lightning Generator: Targets hit 8->4, Attack cooldown 5.0->3.0, Damage 1250->1200, DPS 250->400
- Flame Generator: Duration 2->1, Damage 6000->5000, now deals Splash damage
- Ice Generator: Damage 1000->1500, now constantly rains ice shards down on the Tower, with the area of effect increasing by 75 with each additional purchase
- Storm Generator: Damage 2000->4500, attacks per second 1.0->0.66, duration 10->15
- Liquid Fire Hurler: Fire damage buff 30%->20%. Now also increases damage by Liquid Fire Hurlers.
- Goblin Land Mines: Now an Area & Wave weapon that plants mines around the Tower in a circle rather than in a line outward. 300->600 range.
- Spikewheel Launcher: Now a Wave weapon that shoots out a big wheel that goes +900 range out. 1200->300 range.
- Locust Swarm: Replaced with Parasite: Stackable damage over time effect that heals.
- Duplicator: Can now be used directly from the inventory to grant a copy of a 5000 Gold (Rare) Weapon you already have
- Ankh of Reconstruction now gives 2000 Max HP instantly instead of when activated
- Other changes I probably forgot because I accidentally deleted the list of changes.
- Blessed Armor: Armor bonus/30 sec 15->10
- Entangler: Damage 2500->3000 (In total 1500->3000 due to a bug being fixed)
- Poisonous Spikes: Poison damage 50->100
- Ankh of Reconstruction: Now adds its +2000 Max HP buff upon purchase
- Solo Mode: Scaling from Upgrades, etc no longer stops at 15 minutes
- Entangler: Damage was incorrectly set to 1500 rather than the 2500 it should be doing (also buffed to 3000 this patch), also no longer disqualifies you from the Stun challenge
- Lightning Generator: Should obey its target priority now
- Renew: Now works properly on 1.5x speed
- Entangled Gold Mine: Now stacks properly

- Fixed Spikes not triggering

- Disabled Up/Down Arrow Zoom Out/In, will make buttons for it eventually but think it's best to have it gone for now.
- Enemies: Damage bonus per hit increased
- Bloody Spikes: Base damage 20->25, no longer adds exponentially more damage as it stacks, instead it stacks normally
- Shadowglaive: Changed how it detects units in range. Seems to work fine and should be less performance heavy
- Overloaded Catapult: Increased attack arc 0.35->0.50, since some were saying it looked like it was shooting straight
- Necromancer's Tome: Skeletal Mage can no longer move
- Inferno Stone: Infernal can no longer move, Infernal size increased, Infernal damage 500->2000, Infernal Immolation damage 150->500, Infernal Immolation Fire stacks 50->100
- Locust Swarm: Duration 15->12, no longer has to return to the Tower to heal it
Locust Swarm is likely to be redesigned so enjoy your bugs while you can.
Impaler: Area of effect 300->250
- Red Dragon Roost: Challenge completion message should now appear
- New Weapons: Fixed some incorrect settings for challenge qualification
- Shadowglaive: Fixed wrong hotkeys
- Overloaded Catapult: No longer prints a debug message, fixed button positions, splashes damage properly

Hive release version.

Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) - v3.0.1 by TriggerHappy
GameStatus - Replay Detection by TriggerHappy
Orb of Ice model by General Frank
BTNSteelSword, BTNPiercingArrows, BTNMagicMissile, BTNBoulderSiege and BTNChaosBolt by genin32/Blizzard Entertainment
Demon Tower model by HappyTauren

Tasyen for helping me a lot with figuring out frames
Mayday for helping me get started on editing icons
OverClocked for helping me set up the Clear button

Tower Survivors v1.66 (Map)

Quite a creative and smooth TD. Good use of core game mechanics and RNG. Small UI elements make it really enjoyable too. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map...


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Quite a creative and smooth TD. Good use of core game mechanics and RNG. Small UI elements make it really enjoyable too.


If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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