Pathing - Everything about it

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May 1, 2008
Pathing - Everything about it [2.0]

Seas =)

1.0) The first words
First of all I want say why I want write this tutorial:

- Pathing Textures and Pathing Blocker are an important part of mapping. With Pathing you can do a lot of things and improve your own map. Also in the last time I got some questions about it, so I want write this tutorial.

2.0) Where can you see the pathing?

If you open your World Editor go to the "Terrain Editor". This is the basic window of the world editor. ( Else you can get it when you press "F3" ) Now press "P" and you can see some different colors. <-- These colors are the pathing. You can see pathing at structures that has pathing, at un-build-able terrain and at the pathing blockers.

3.0) Different pathing types
--> 3.1) Structures

You can see different pathing with different colors. Each color has an own function. Now we want look to a normal structure pathing


Here you can see two colors:
Purple: No ground unit is able to walk over this area. Also you can't build on this area.
Blue: Units can walk over this area but you are unable to build at this area.

If you want to change this pathing do the following:
- Open the Object Editor and search for your structure, where you want change the pathing.
- Search for the line: "Pathing - Pathing Map"

For example I will change the pathing of a tower. I change normal tower pathing to the lumber mill pathing:

Left side: You see the tower with the pathing of the lumber mill
Right side: You see the tower with the normal tower pathing.

Why I did this?
- If I would increase the size of the left tower but it still has the normal pathing, you can walk through the tower until the unit reach the pathing.

--> 3.2) Trees and Doodads

After we looked to the structures, lets get another useful example for pathing: The Trees and other doodads!

If you want change the size of the trees, to get a better feeling that trees must be higher then structures, then it's recommend to change the pathing as well. Because if you don't, again units are able to walk through the tree until they reach the pathing.
The same thing is with ( for example ) rocks. If you see the following picture, you will understand, what I'm talking about:


The left pathing: Pathing from a lumber mill
The right pathing: Pathing from the normal rock

( Both rocks have increased size )

And here you see where you can change the pathing texture of doodads:

4.0) Naval Pathing ( water )

First let us activate the Naval Pathing view. If you are at the Terrain Editor ( press F3 ) press: "N" ( "N" is for: View > Pathing - Naval )
Now we see an orange pathing at all places, where you don't place any terrain water areas.
This orange pathing means that you are not able to put "water structures and water units" on it.
Don't worry, I will explain it =)

--> 4.1) Structures
To get a "Water Building" you need only to change one option: "Pathing - Placement Requires".

Now, after you change the pathing to "Sea-Pathable" you are only able to put or build this structure on non-orange areas so only in the water.

--> 4.2) Units

Almost the same thing you can to with units, if you want them only place or walk in the water. Here you need change: "Movement - Type "

For this "non land walking" you need to change the movement into "Float". Now the unit can only be put or walk in water areas.

5.0) The Pathing Blocker

Now, after we got the pathing of structures and doodads, lets get a look to Pathing Blocker. Pathing Blocker can be useful if you don't find the correct pathing texture or if you want create an area that should be un-walk-able.

The type of Pathing Blocker:

Now we got three different colors but don't worry!
The White Pathing: No ground and no air unit can leave the circle here. It's the > Pathing Blocker (Both) <
The Purple Pathing: No ground unit is able to leave the circle but the air unit can escape. It's the > Pathing Blocker (Ground) <
The Teal Pathing: The ground unit can leave the circle but the air unit not. It's the > Pathing Blocker (Air) <

-> You can't create buildings on all pathing types.
-> You can use "normal" or "large" pathing. For everything the correct pathing =)

6.0) Create your own Pathing

- You need a photo editing program that is able to save images as tga files.

The first step: Think of the size you want create the pathing with. The smallest size here is 1x1.
( Reminder: 2x2 is the normal Pathing Blocker - 4x4 is the "Pathing Blocker -Large" )
Also you shouldn't create the pathing to big ( look at the two screens I give for an example):



( For the example I used the map size: 96x96 )

Also an important part of the creating are the colors:
0000FF: Unbuildable
FF00FF: Unbuildable / Unwalkable
FFFFFF: Unbuildable / Unwalkable / Unflyable
00FFFF: Unbuildable / Unflyable

You can create your own pathing as you want. You don't need to use the same two values, you are able to create ( for example ) 2x4 - 4x6 - 1x3 pathing. So you can create pathing that supports everything you need.

The second step: After you create you pathing you need to save it as a 32bit tga file.

The last Step: Now you can go to the editor, import your created file and use it as your own pathing.

7.0) Invisible platforms

Another important part of pathing are invisible platforms platform.

( the blue parts one the cliff )

When you put those platforms on a cliff, you are able to walk over this cliffs.
Note: You can't put them on buildings, so you can walk over them ( remind: The blue pathing = unbuildable )

8.0) Pathing and Triggers
--> Create and remove pathing blocker
You can create pathing blockers with the trigger actions:
  • Destructible - Create a Pathing Blocker (Both) (Large) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing (Random angle) with scale 1.00 and variation 0
Of course you can delete pathing blockers as well:
  • Destructible - Remove Pathing Blocker (Ground) (Large) 0057 <gen>
--> Trees with pathing

Also you are able to create trees with pathing on a pathing area. For this example...:


Here you see the pathing area ( Pathing Blocker - Large are used here)

Now I use this trigger. This trigger create trees in a circle:
  • Create Trees at Pathing Area
    • Events
      • Time - Elapsed game time is 2.00 seconds
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set TempPoint = (Center of Region 000 <gen>)
      • For each (Integer A) from 1 to 10, do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Set TempArray[(Integer A)] = (TempPoint offset by 250.00 towards (36.00 x (Real((Integer A)))) degrees)
          • Destructible - Create a Summer Tree Wall at TempArray[(Integer A)] facing 0.00 with scale 1.00 and variation 1
          • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_TempArray[GetForLoopIndexA()])
      • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_TempPoint)
As you see at the following screen: you are able to create trees with pathing on the pathing area


--> Locust units on Pathing area

If you got a unit with Locust, you can let them walk over a pathing area with a trigger: ( I used that simple trigger )

  • Move Locust Unit into the Pathing Area
    • Events
      • Time - Elapsed game time is 2.00 seconds
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Create 1 Test Unit for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of Region 001 <gen>) facing Default building facing degrees
      • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Move To (Center of Region 000 <gen>)
( After testing the created unit ( with locust ) walks into the pathing area ( the screen in "Trees with pathing" ))

9.0) Now the last words:

- Maybe you see there are > Pathing Blocker (Dead) < They don't have any color and you can walk and build on them.

- To the pictures I give you where you can see, where to change the pathing: I got the English World Editor. For the German World Editors I don't know, if this Pathing option are at the same position <-- sorry for that.

- I hope I got everything about pathing. It would be cool if someone read this and found some mistakes, errors or improvements please and would post it.

- Here again "thanks" to all who give a feedback for my tutorial. As you see I edit many things while [1.0] to give the best help for pathing for you.

== 1.0a ==
- Add: The Changelog
- Change: The Pathing Colors
- Change: Some typos

== 1.0b ==
- Add: "Create your own Pathing!"
- Add: "Invisible Platforms"
- Add: The Directory
- Add: Links from the Directory to the Tutorial
- Add: "Special thanks to" tag

- Change: Some typos and colors

== 1.0c ==
- Add: "Pathing and Triggers" ( Create / Remove Pathing Blocker + Trees with pathing + Locust units)
- Change: The Directory

== 2.0 ==
- Add: "Naval Pathing ( water )
- Change: The Directory

- Crazed_seal2 <-- thanks for helping with the colors / idea with the invisible platforms / help with fixing some typos

- ap0calypse <-- thanks for helping with "Create your own Pathing" / helping with "
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Jan 26, 2007
Verry good, people should watch out with pathing, they're a huge part of nearly every game.
TD's use them so the creeps don't get stuck all the time (note that when TD's don't have that, you also say the TD has a bad "Pathing", if that clears it up a little ^^).
All other maps... well, look at the screenies above, especially the paladin-screeny should be obvious :wink:

Dr. Boom said:
This colors are the pathing.
These (plural).

This gets my vote of approval :)
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May 1, 2008
Seas =)

First of all I want say "THANKS DUDES" =) Really cool that you help me with the tutorial =)

@Slaydon: I only add the thing with the destructible, because I try that with the locus units but this doesn't work ( or I missed the way how you put locus units on a pathing area )

Edit: Ahh now I understood what you was talking about: Add this to
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Sep 29, 2008
My only dilemma with pathing now is making small blockers for those diagonals that you don't wanna chunk off or cover up with some trees off to the side. Hmmm..

On another note involving pathable doodads : is it possible to make part of a doodad walk-under-able while keeping other parts walkable? I got something like that to work by making hills under platforms on something so you walk on it and under the archway, but that takes too long to be worth it for each little building.
Level 3
Apr 25, 2010
Hawidere! ;)

Great Tutorial, was interesting to see how some things work, especially i forgot its possible to LOOK at pathing...
I was reading the tutorial because i am searching for a way to use the visionblockers. They appear as little checkered boxes and i cant figure out how to use them properly... So i thought maybe you know more about them?
Level 1
May 18, 2009
i have one question.. if i make a mountain with height tool i saw ground units can climb it..
to make it unpathable i need to use pathing blockers or are there any triggers i can make/use?:D
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Wouldn't triggers overcomplicate things?
You can't make terrain unpathable with triggers, but you can make it so units cannot walk over certain regions.
Isn't that two times the same thing, you ask? No it isn't: terrain pathability can't be changed in-game, so there is no easy way of doing it.
You can, however, create a system that moves units away from the region they're in (if you take your time to make it smooth enough, it'll almost feel like pathing blockers).

I still highly suggest you use pathing blockers though, I can't see anything wrong with them.
If you're afraid you might've missed a spot, just turn on terrain pathability and make all doodads/units/shadows invisible so you can have a clear view on the pathing.
Level 8
Oct 1, 2010
Oh great Pathing One, I have a question for you. I want to make it so that units cannot attack through things like walls that are actually doodads, when fog of war is disabled, but still have the agrod unit find a way around the wall or doodad like it regularly would. Is this possible? Please help me Path Master!

Edit: Also, any great insights on bridges and ramps to your pathing tutorial would be nice :). Not sure if there are any, but it would be fitting and very helpful.

Edit: also, appocolypse, isn't JNPG better to use for unpathable tiles? I ask because I may switch to JNPG if so.
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Sep 29, 2008
Also, for chunky rocks, you can give them no pathing and place in blockers yourself.. Most people reading your tutorial for the first-time knowledge probably don't know this, so it may be handy to mention in your tutorial.
Level 6
Mar 18, 2011
Any idea why are pathing blockers counted as Destructibles, therefore I can't place more than 6144 INCLUDING TREES. This is so silly. Any ideas how to efficiently fix it / go around this?
Level 14
Jan 5, 2009
Any idea why are pathing blockers counted as Destructibles, therefore I can't place more than 6144 INCLUDING TREES. This is so silly. Any ideas how to efficiently fix it / go around this?

I havent touched the World Editor in years but maybe you can use triggers/scripts to remove pathing blockers since they are destructibles which is something you cant do with normal props.
Level 24
Feb 2, 2006
Hi, invisible platforms have the same pathing as shallow water (look at the color when showing ground pathing). You can change the movement type of a floating unit to foot and place it on an invisible platform. Then change the movement type back to floating. You can move the unit ingame on the invisible platforms. Maybe you should add this info to the tutorial. It might be useful when you want to move ships on non-water areas etc.
Level 21
Mar 27, 2012
Unless you've tested this, I think you're wrong. Here's why:
The normal pathing map doesn't actually show whether something is water-pathable. Water is a separate pathing map - blue just means unbuildable, which water typically is.
You can easily see that this is true by placing any rocky tile - they are typically unbuildable, hence blue, but you can't place water units on them in editor.
Level 24
Feb 2, 2006
It's not blue. Invisible platforms have some purple pathing (not the same purple as shown in the first thread) and it is the same for shallow water. You can use a floating unit like a ship change its movement type to foot place it on invisible platforms and change it back to floating. Then you can move the ships ingame over the invisible platforms but not outside of them. I tried it in the editor. You can just try it.

I am not sure if it has something to do with the invisible platform itself (some destructible setting).

You might be right about the flag if something is water or not but apparently the purple color means that it is pathable for floating units?