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Jun 17, 2015
May 9, 2007

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    1. Deolrin
      Kwah, do you have Skype? There are a couple of ex-Hiver Skype Groups that you might be interested in joining. :O
    2. vince759
      Sorry For That Admins, sorry for the epicwar link.. my video is older than my account here in Hiveworkshop.
      Sorry for the Grammar Also.
      that Epicwar link is the first i've used to download maps.
      so when i make that video, i use Epicwar to download it (because i don't know where to go to upload my maps{i don't discover this site in that time}). i will Promise that when i make a video next time, i will use the hiveworkshop link. because From now on, i will use the Hiveworkshop site. SORRY FOR THAT.
    3. Crayons
      warning for what?
    4. Crayons
      I hardly find that to be a reason for a negrep.
    5. Skycraft
      That "Yo Mama" thread was witty and involved the community in something fun; moving it to the recycle bin was horrible and you should feel horrible.
    6. MasterHaosis
      Kwah, :cgrin:
    7. BlargHonk
      I love you.
    8. rcshaggy
      Thanks for closing that damn thread.
      Served no purpose.
    9. MGCǂSpectre
      I will feel whatever way I like about THW and call it as I like, do you understand? It's a miserable place for noobs on a 10 year old game as most good mapmakers have left long ago, yet alone ppl who know to play the game other than silly TDs, RPGs and whatever.

      If you make it look like you are removing the crap posts from offtopic, then why not take a look at 50% of the threads and delete them all? Good to see you did some job there. I also never liked crap posts but around seeing them every day I started posting the same. You bite, I bite back!
    10. takakenji
      Can U tell me Where it is
    11. takakenji
      Why u do that
    12. -Peper-
    13. Lembidi
      Wath dude?? I never post another leanguage!! Nevermind.
    14. Orcnet
      dude a question about animations, how come the "Stand" animation doesn't work with abilities? an example for the Infernal unit, I use the Stand 2 cause it looks cool with a roar ability but when executed, it does nothing, what can I do to make it work?
    15. DEAD FiSH
      DEAD FiSH
      About that thread it`s okay...
      But I realized that Hive is stronger than I expected. I tried to leave and focus on what I`m doing now, but I can`t without people I met here.
      It just isn`t the same.
    16. Jake Command Wolf
      Jake Command Wolf
      Thanks for taking care of that advertising thread, I hope that "Criminal Scum" learns his lesson! lol :grin:
    17. Traxamillion
      If you are closing the tast thread than you have to close the pony thread too.
    18. Vengeancekael
    19. Magtheridon96
      WAIT! Now I get it :D
      Kwah backwards is Hawk ^_^
    20. Magtheridon96
      Hey Kwah :)
      I made a pretty sweet update to my WC3 Name Generator ;D
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