[Terraining] Alternative Pathing Technique

Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
Alternative Pathing Technique(For Lazy People)

This tutorial will show you a new technique for creating pathing blockers so that you don't have to spam tiny ones all over your map.

The benefit of this technique:

  • Will greatly reduce doodad counts and for bigger map it will have less lag than when you use tons of pathing blockers.
  • Easier to apply on complicated terrains.

Some cons on using this technique:

  • If you're making maps with more complicated terrains you might need to make lots of pathing on the object editor.

Tutorial level: Very Easy.

  • First do a dummy pathing blockers, just CnP a default pathing blockers.
  • Then change its pathing texture to "None".
  • Make sure that the Art - Fixed Rotation is set to -1.00
  • CnP the dummy pathing blockers as many as you want.
  • You can change the pathing texture of the dummy pathing depends on your need.

  • Recommended Pathing:
  • Gates, Fences, Forgotten One paths.

Sample Pictures:

  • fladdermasken

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Aug 18, 2009
Why would you prefer destructables over doodads? And it does not need a model at all. Would not plunge it into ground, so you can change the model later on to have an easier time removing pathing again. And you can mark your custom pathing in editor with some outstanding color.
Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
its easier on that technique... how can I make it more easier? Just some few clicks and there you have it. The technique also allow use of other doodads like fountains, fences.. depends on you want it to be.... No one can teach you how to make a exact thing because when they do then your creation is not yours, its them since they're the one who teach you and guide you how to make that thing....


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Dec 27, 2006
I'm just showing a technique....
Clearly one beyond criticism.

Probably not.
If people understand what I'm explaining here, they will know how to apply it.
You probably just didn't understand the criticism at all.

First: This is a really roundabout way of doing it. You don't need a visible model, and you don't need to to lower it into the ground. All you're after is the pathing map, and you get the very same result as what you're suggesting if you just put "Doodads\Terrain\LOSBlocker\LOSBlocker" (or its converse: setting the pathing map of the pathing blocker to that of a gate) in the model file field, and place it.

Which also makes it easier to reverse by just switching to a model file you can see and select. I don't know if you tried, but selecting objects that are lowered into the ground is not a walk in the park.

I can't put the spoon on their mouths y'know.
That's literally the only thing a tutorial is supposed to do.
Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
Hidden tag could help not kill the page.


Also, jay, maybe you could show the other alternative via triggers, where you pick all pathing blockers and set the Walkability to off.

Linking to maddeem's post: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2163386-post403.html

Also, wouldnt hurt to improve your presentation and use explain the steps further.

I'll see what I can do on my freetime. I'll try it first before I put it as part of the tutorial.