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    (Post) Thanks for sharing - I can relate to some similar situations, myself. You take care also, and best of luck to you as well.
    hey there, do you mind making an attachment version of your repair key. Would be pretty useful :)
    Are u kidding me?
    She's Valeera Sanguinar, a Blood Elf, artwork from Hearthstone.
    Yeah, i remember these times too. :D
    It should work in the viewport too, not sure where is the problem. Did you tick display material in the viewport ?
    Put the PNG as opacity map and set its mono channel output to Alpha. But it really depends on what material you are using.
    That is what you would do with the default Blinn max material.
    That is pretty good stuff you have actually, though I'm afraid I can't help you with that one.
    I'm very bad at hand drawing lol, I don't draw my textures they are all either generated or photo edits.
    I would check polycount forums, they have mostly 3d but it also comes with a lot of hand painted stuff.
    Great for inspiration, and people also post their tricks and workflow sometimes.
    Sure gimme, I'm working on a commission though so it may take a time until I can look at it.
    Perhaps the video gave an illusion of the room size, but it is actually very small gym. Thanks by the way.
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks. Actually admire you for the skills you have and I wish have those as well. You really taught me something even if you are being a jerk to me (probably) in the past and it is to learn something instead of just lurking in Hive and commenting stuffs.

    I do not know if I can do that but probably soon, I would try.
    Very clever signature you have there.

    Oh shit, I guess the world would a better place without me.
    nope, I don't really buy wheys or creatine or any supplements, no budget. I just eat meats <span style="font-size: 9px">(and fruits sometimes)</span>, don't really have optimum amount of nutrition, but still work for me since I can gain mass easily by just increase my food intake <span style="font-size: 9px">(and vice versa)</span>.

    Why I'm depressed? It's quite deep, my depression already started around 3 years ago, it's just getting worse. Whenever I'm doing something, the only thing on my mind is like 'why am I even doing this... my life is just gonna end someday... why even bother trying so hard...'.

    Also, I have this incredible hate towards human <span style="font-size: 9px">(including family, excluding the woman I fell in love with)</span>.

    And then people around you keep breaking promises just make it even worse. Many more, and living through it every day is as hard as gasping for air in a closed box.

    I tried to be kind to others, so that I can smile when they smile. However, my disease is slowly rotting my willpower.

    But when it comes to lifting, it felt so alive. I thought to myself, 'finally I have something that I like and quite decent at it... finally...'. I just want to become stronger and stronger.
    I've never used gloves before, no matter what kind of workout I am doing. I'll just get my hands used to it.
    Spawning does not work that way as far as I am aware. It only works for activities which are done as a party since the player is only spawned as long as he is inside your party. As the campaigns are single player only one player can play them (not a party). Also I think the campaigns were one of the few exceptions from spawning as they cannot give you everything for free.

    However do not feel down. Although he cannot earn achievements some mappers have kindly made ports of the campaign missions as arcade maps. They use the original campaign assets and are even based on the original maps (not some cheap rip). The arcade is completely free even with starter edition so might allow him to experience the campaigns without buying the game.

    In short, I would love to help you but I do not think it is possible.
    I can't really work on 3D engines right now, my lappy can't run them effectively...
    Yea, my max deadlift is performed using mixed grip. I just don't want to make a habit out of using mixed grip.. lol

    Guess I have to start doing some intense farmer's walk. Hope it works.
    Thanks, that positive comment really helped a little with my motivation. :)

    Well, I don't really have those aesthetic looking body, but I still have some muscles. The thing I'm worried about right now is that my grip strength is somehow nearing to plateau, gotta find a way to strengthen it.
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