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  • Sure vJass is way better but if its worth it .. hmm maybe still when you wanna know something just ask ._.
    SpoonTooSmall I'm back :D

    Yes I took some timeout from hive for some business reasons, but I think I'll be online for more times now.

    How are ya?^^
    Missile with a casting bar ?
    AFAIK, a "casting" bar needs an interval to increase the progress of the bar, therefore making it should have 2 triggers, at least.
    Haha damn dude - your message was so big that it confused me for a second wtf was going on with it :wgrin:
    Write in english as this site do not tolerate foreign languages, except for private messages I suppose.

    That's odd to see a project so abandoned by the community, yet sometimes it turns out like that. If there are no people interested in it, it would be best to quit it. I cannot fully review your map, because I cannot play online, and if all my points that have been mentioned are fixed, I wouldn't discover anything really new.
    you must create this for 10 times.Actually,you can.But you have to configure it first.

    I liked your terrain. :D
    Of course I did :).
    I just don't have time right now (just enough to post a short message every now and again).
    If you write at least one post, I'll include you in my drawing as a ball on the Christmas tree :)
    I'm sorry, I don't share my Skype with anyone else (and I don't have MSN, AIM, or any other instant-messaging stuff).
    If you would really like some help, then sending me a PM with all information is the best (or in extreme cases where I really don't get it, the hive's chat should do).
    Dabar iš tikrųjų jokiu, nelabai laiko yra, retai čia pasirodau. :D
    Bet paskutinis prie, kurio buvau, tai kažkas panašaus į evoliucinį, nežinau, žaidimo nepavadinčiau. Tiesiog toks žemėlapis, kuriame per Jass'ą viskas koduota ir padaryta, kad pvz yra Vienetas, ar tai jis gyvūnas ar ką, bet jis pats, kiek įmanoma elgiasi. T.y. medžioja kitus, tada žinoma karkasas lieka, ėsti pradeda, kiek reikia ir pan. Ta prasme tokį, kaip dirbtinį pasaulį ir pažiūrėti, kiek įmanoma viską padaryti, be savo paties kontrolės. :D
    Pats prie kokių? :D
    Edit: Well I'm install it now - will take a little time for updating then^^

    DUDE - lets go where are ya? =o
    Damn you freak -_-

    I delete LoL yesterday, because it was f**king boring for me =S

    Well but if I restart the game - I'll create a new account then =D
    Moin moin =)

    Well I played LoL as well, but it gets to boring for me, since I owned them all - and the fucking europe split ruined half of my friend list there^^

    Well in skype I'm alpha_wurmi, so if this dude write to ya, then its me =)
    You play WoW? What a boring way to waste the free-time x)

    But I think playing this game is possible better as lie in a hospital for week and more and for the next two weeks at all ^^

    Well but when you are nearby out of hive, are they other possibilities to communicate (if you don't forget this while playing wow^^)? like ICQ or Skype - whatever
    Ai pradedu nauja map kurt Gladiators kuri sukurem su cosmas jau mires... Cosmas jo nebekurs o vienam nera ka ten veikt...
    Moin moin ;)

    Yeah, the imba spoon is online ^^ - nice to see you again ( long time ago I saw you online )
    What going on?^^ how are you ? - hope everything is cool^^

    Greetings and Peace
    Dr. BoooooooooM
    The avatar picture is a character from League of Legends called Annie.
    You said that my spells would be good for your map, but I can't find it in the resources, I would love to see your map :).
    Would you mind sending me the two flag models you use in your Warsong Gulch Project? I could really use them for a project I am doing.
    I want you to answer as fair as possible, and don't say anything bad if you don't really think it:
    Do you really don't like my ORPG? I mean, what is the bad point there?
    Or, did I messed you with my review?
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