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Describing Your Melee Map

While I was browsing the Pending Maps Section and looked into some melee/altered melee maps, some contents of their description isn't right so here I am specifying what should be the contents of a melee/altered melee map description.

Describing Your Melee/Altered Melee Maps

The Title

This tells us the title of your melee map and if possible should contain how many players are there to play. The title should be stated as for example: (10)The Raging Waters

The Description

Describe your map briefly. Should contain at least 3-5 sentences preferably the description you have in the Map Properties of WE.

The Features

The features of your map include the number of neutral buildings including the goldmines. You might also want to tell here the number of golds in each goldmines. If the map is altered melee, you should include the things you have altered in the map. Is there a new race/races you have created? Specify the race/races.

The Screenshots

It is not very much required for a melee map to have in-game screenshots. It is best to have the map's preview image. You can achieve this by clicking Advanced in WE menu >> View Entire Map and then click SysRq PrtSc. Minimize WE. Open any image editor you have. Press Ctrl + V in your keyboard. The screenshot should appear. You may now save the image and upload it into your Album for use.




The Changelog

Whenever there are changes you've made in your map, always put them in your change log. If there are many changes done, put them in a hidden tag.

The Credit List

Every resources used in your altered melee map should properly be credited. All helpers can also be given credits. List all of them in this section of your description.

The Font Color Choice

Be wise in your choice of font colors. You can use lime, yellow, white, and other light colors for headings. It is also a wise decision not to add colors to none-heading fonts.
You might as well use the following colors in your heading, as suggested.





The Font Sizes

You can use h1 for the title and h2 for other headings. Big text for none-heading fonts/texts is not good to look at.
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Hmm. Apart from "the features" and the "screenshot", this isn't too different from Orcy's tutorial. :\

I think the green headings are too bright. Generally I prefer any of these colors:
Good colors you could use:

As for this:
What is required is the map's preview image.

It isn't necessarily 'required' for a melee map (you can still have regular screenshots), but usually the map preview is the best. Anyway, I think you should include an example of what it looks like so that the reader knows how it should look.

Also, I recommend placing "The Changelog" and "The Credit List" above "Font Choice" and "Font Sizes". It is a little better organization, because then the first few headers will represent what the reader must include (title, description, screenshots, changelog, credits), and then the last two will just be friendly reminders.

Also, "Change log" is usually written as one word "changelog". Same for "screenshots". Make sure you detach your signature too. :)