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Last Activity:
Mar 21, 2011
Feb 16, 2009
Across your house, aiming at your head....
Doing nothing


┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐, from Across your house, aiming at your head....

M4stah was last seen:
Mar 21, 2011
    1. NeCrO_OwNeR
      Hey are you dead? :O didnt saw you on for ages
    2. qwerty36
      aye you matsah mastah??

      im richard(ja die)
    3. breebree123
      lol ^^
    4. NeCrO_OwNeR
      I was off war3 during a time... my job ask me to do too many hours :O
    5. Slaydon
    6. Sephalo
      You got 666 posts!!!!!!
      You're so evil!
    7. sonicstorm
      :) I've got another rpg map in construction. :p I found most rpg are quite borin in single player since i mostly play alone (al of my maps are available in solo play r hav ai 2 test wit), so my rpg is a bit different cos it has a lot of cinematics wit story line of dark legion from my previous 2 maps. >( The main problem is TIME n another annoying thing is my poor english. I can use only common words n sentences, not the story style. :( N it's Very Very Very hard n complicating 2 create a good rpg. It's 5 times harder than my td. I might spend more time in developing my td. (~_^)
    8. sonicstorm
      I'd like 2 thank u 4 the message if i do't misunderstand the word "congratz" means "congratulate". However, i'd stil like 2 thank.
      oh, does the approved map refer 2 my "crk.TD FoL"?
      I don't know if u mis understand with my rejected map called "crk.CD The Demonic Gate". The map i asked u 4 points is the rejected map not TD map. But stil it's a pleasure 4 ur congratulation. Thanks again! God LucK !
    9. sonicstorm
      Thank u so much. Good Luck.
    10. sonicstorm
      Hi M4stah
      i think u might remember my map, The Demonic Gate. It was rejected by Bounty Hunter 2. He said the packaging n the terrain was bad, the icons n spells are similar 2 DotA, n the map is unoriginal. I think i can replace some spells n icons, but how about the package? I don't understand what he wants 2 mean. N i think the terrain is ok, he said it's bad. I don't what to do with it now. Could u please give me some points. Thank u in advance.
    11. Zack1996
      Thanks for the green gem :D
    12. Zelda.Alex
      Could you test the map in this post in multiplayer?
      Thanks in advance. :)
    13. NeCrO_OwNeR
      Lets me know when you are done with the map so i can continu to work over it!
    14. Zelda.Alex
    15. NeCrO_OwNeR
      I will give you the last version with the test version of the set system
      and please just do an example with Bonus stats and bonus ability for each part of set!
      i have no idea how to add new thing and to remove then when item is droped
    16. syltman
      Zetta cool!
    17. NeCrO_OwNeR
      nevermind i get it it s the number of letter in the word :P
    18. NeCrO_OwNeR
      i dont under stand how the number in the substrng work :O
    19. NeCrO_OwNeR
      Btw we need to use a Bonus spell book(like you click it and you can see the bonus gave by the set!
      That could be a update
    20. NeCrO_OwNeR
      btw did you find a team name cause i got none :O
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    Across your house, aiming at your head....
    Doing nothing
    Current Project:
    Blades of Honour
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    High Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I like cake

    Warcraft, Wii, Guitar


    Blades of Honour My melee-style map with unique gameplay in development! Any ideas or help can be posted here I also ned a skinner.
    Hey RPG makers! need a easy system to add triggered bonuses to item sets? try this!
    Want your map reviewed?My tutorial will help you make it attractive to review!
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