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Site Rules

Level 9
Jun 30, 2016
Site Rules

These are the site rules. They are to be followed at all times. Any violations of these rules may lead to disciplinary actions, such as warnings, negative reputation, infractions or ultimately bans. Abide to the rules and you will have a peaceful stay on our site, break them and you have no rights to complain about how you're being treated. These rules are in place to ensure a peaceful and hospitable environment for the general user-base of our site.

1. Double Posting
- Double posting, consequently posting multiple posts in sequence, is strictly prohibited.

Amendment: Thread Bumping
- However, if a thread has gone without activity for the duration of 48 hours or more, you may bump* the thread.

Second Amendment: Updates
- In cases of rapid content progression, update posts* are allowed.

2. Duplicate Threads
- Posting threads with the same subject/content as another thread is prohibited.

Amendment: Time-lapse
- If the duration between the thread you want to post and the former of the same kind is 6 months or longer, it is allowed.

Reprimand: Re-visiting
- If you want to re-visit a subject before 6 months, kindly ask* a moderator to open the original thread.

3. Spam
- Spamming is not allowed. A message is considered spam if it has no content or is posted multiple times.

4. English Only
- This is an English only site. All meaningful public statements must be in English.

5. Thread Topics (Also applies for Social Groups)
- A thread must have a topic that can be of value to other users, such as debatable and discussable topics.

Reprimand: Going Off-Topic
- The topic of a thread must be followed at all times, any posting that is irrelevant to the main topic is prohibited.

Amendment: On and Off Topic
- You are allowed to have an off-topic discussion as long as the major part of your post contains content relevant to the main topic.

6. Threads about Specific People
- Posting threads to chastise single individuals is prohibited.

Amendment: Farewells and Comebacks
- "Goodbye"- and "I'm back" threads are also prohibited.

Second Amendment: PMs in Topics
- Private messages are private, it's content are not to be made public without the consent of both users.

Reprimand: Discussions
- Discussing a persons statement, if done so inoffensively and anonymously, is permitted.

7. Posting for Others
- Posting on behalf of someone else is prohibited.

Amendment: Account Lending
- You may not lend your account to someone else. Especially not to circumvent a ban.

8. Keep a Civil Tone
- Any instance of flaming, trolling, insulting, patronizing, threatening, harassing and bad-mouthing of any members is prohibited. This includes both clear and masked language and/or links to websites containing such language or images.

Amendment: No Pornographic, Sexual, Vulgar, Obscene or Gory Content
- We're not aiming to be a family friendly site, but we're also not anarchists. All content
should be relevant, non-intrusive and civilized.

Second Amendment: Preaching/Hatred
- Any instance of Nazi, racial, ethnic, sexuality, gender, national and religious hatred or preaching should also be kept to a minimum. This includes satire.

9. Advertising
- Advertisement: Advertising for the sole purpose of advertisement is not permitted, excluding this thread. (Where advertising other sites is allowed).

Amendment: Signature Advertisement
- Signature advertisement is allowed, as long as it's not the account's primary function.

Reprimand: Helping and On-Site Advertisement
- Referencing on-site items and linking to off-site items for the purpose of helping someone else is not considered advertisement.

10. Global Laws
- Any discussions about illegal activities/products is prohibited. This includes piracy and drugs.

11. Reputation Trading
- Offering rep if somebody reps you is not permitted.

12. Impersonation
- Any attempt at impersonating others, especially as other users or the staff, is prohibited.

13. Multiple User Accounts
- Making more than one account is prohibited.

14. Trading (Selling/Buying)
- This is not an auction site. Attempting to sell or trade products is prohibited.

Reprimand: Paid Services
- Money payments for modding services may be sanctioned by the staff.

15. Discussing Disciplinary Actions
- Any discussions concerning disciplinary actions are to be directed to the Staff Contact forum.

16. Formatted Messages
- Message colours, bold, italic and size should be used sparingly. Use it to highlight a specific word or sentence, but not the whole post.

Amendment: Signature Ethics
- A signature should serve a purpose. And should not be needlessly ostentatious, any
signatures that are without an apparent purpose and is unsettling to the eyes will be
removed. Continuous violation of this rule may lead to signature forfeiture.


17. Common Sense
- If you are uncertain if something is against the rules it probably is. You are expected to think on your own and use common sense.

18. Removal of / Circumventing Map Protection
Map protection and deprotection is by nature imperfect, as there is no official way to encrypt a map to render it completely unreadable unless authorized. Maps cannot be entirely unreadable as the game must still play them. Hence this rule.
- The topic of removing or circumventing map protection (corruption) for the purpose of editing another's work without permission is prohibited. This includes offering to help and requesting help.
  • Discussion of the general methodology and technology behind map protection and deprotection is acceptable.
  • Discussion on deprotection of specific maps is allowed in cases where the original map author is inactive/unreachable and the map is considered abandoned, or where it is your own map. Otherwise, the map author's permission would be required before proceeding.

There are many ways of contacting the staff, read here for further information.

Forum Glossary:

Bumping: Is to post in a thread to move it back up to the top of the forum, in order to gain the thread more attention.

Update Posts: An "update post" is a legitimate double post within the otherwise restricted time-
frame of 48 hours between posts, use them sparingly.
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