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Rule Updates

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Oct 6, 2004
We have updated the rules

Hosted Projects, please read this:
Rules -> Hosting -> Hosting Requirements said:
The hosted project is required to have the text "Hosted by hiveworkshop.com" on the map or campaign loading screen. The text should be clear and easy to read. Project leaders may decide if the text is displayed in the loading screen image or the loading screen text. Special projects must credit The Hive Workshop in a splash screen or readme file. The credit text must be present within 30 days of the project's initial publication.
We would like all hosted projects to fullfill this requirement within four weeks. If they are not fulfilled, they may be suspended.

Due to so many users wanting to change their username, we have made the following rules:
General Rules -> Username Changes said:
Users may request that their account name be changed by creating a thread in The Hive Workshop's Admin Contact forum.
A user may request a name change only once.
The proposed new name must not presently be in use.
Users must have no infractions and the administration shall judge each case on an individual basis.
Users with fewer than 100 posts may be renamed without further obligation.
Users with 100 or more posts may be renamed only for a fee.
For accounts with fewer than 1000 posts, the fee is $20.00.
For accounts with 1000 or more posts, the fee is $20.00 per 1000 posts, fractions rounded UP.

[Edit by Wolve] An important addition regarding the discussion of private game servers:
General Rules -> Private Servers said:
The Hive Workshop does not support and will not condone the use of private servers for Warcraft game play. The advertisement, discussion or promotion of private game servers is prohibited at THW. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to World of Warcraft®. Threads or signature files including such content will be closed or deleted without notice. Violators will be punished.
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Well here's the one I'm currently using. (The white parts are transparent)


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Oct 23, 2006
Oopsie Daisy.

It looks like the Chieftain did not mention another recent addition: the private server issue.

These kinds of discussions have appeared from time to time. To respect the EULA of Blizzard's products, such content is henceforth prohibited at our Hive.
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