ragingspeedhorn's medals

    Weekend Mapping Madness #1 - Second Place
    Test Subject Survival
    PayPal Donor
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    Former Staff Member
    This user used to be on the Hive Workshop staff.
    Paired Mapping Contest #4 - Winner
    Fallen Angel - Lucifer's Keep
    Paired Mapping Contest #3 - Winner
    Warcraft Arena
    Winner of the 3rd Paired Mapping contest with his and Fulla's entry Warcraft Arena
    Paired Mapping Contest #2 - Winner
    Hell Scream's Party
    Winner of the Paired Mapping Contest #2.
    Cinematic Mini-Contest #1 - Winner
    The Escape & The Premonition
    Winning the Cinematic Mini-Contest #1.
    Mini-Game Contest #1 - Winner
    Pirate Tag!
    Mini-Game Contest Victor: Pirate Tag!