Map Submission Rules

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Jun 30, 2016
Rule revision 21 Jun 2019

The following rules must be followed in order for your map to be approved. If rules are broken but the map can be fixed, you may update the map further in order to meet the standards. If a map is markedly below the standards, it will be put in the substandard section, but is still visible for anyone to download. Maps are only totally removed from public view (restricted) if they're completely inappropriate or blatantly stolen submissions. Just follow the rules and you're good!

1. Good Detailed Description
Include thorough, detailed information on what the map is about, its features, and how to play it.
Recommended: Screenshots, videos, changelog, and organized formatting (BB Codes, Description Guide - Maps).

2. Rightful Author
In most circumstances, the map must originally be by you. However if the following conditions apply, you may submit an edited version of someone else's map:
- If you are editing an existing map by someone else you must request permission to create your own version. If the author cannot be reached or does not reply, you have permission to edit the map. However, if the author ever replies or comes back, he/she may request your map to be taken down.
- If the author has made it open source, you may upload your radically edited version of the map.
- The map does not contain any license or message from the author denying you from submitting a version of the map.
- In all cases, you must give credit to the original author.
3. Uniqueness
The map must bring something new to the table. It can't just be another clone of X popular map. It must be significantly different from existing maps.
You can't just take DotA, add a few heroes and call it a new map.

4. Quality Standard
- Fully functioning gameplay

- Tool-tips should have descriptions and broken icons (DISBTNs) should be kept to a minimum.​
5. Complete Release
When uploaded, the map must be out of the developmental or alpha stage. You may still add onto a map after updates, but the upload should be a full release. ALPHA and early-BETA versions, "teasers/trailers", etc. can be posted in Map Development. Furthermore, do not upload maps and use it as a request thread. If you want a user to add something to your map for you (system, etc.), then please make a thread in WEHZ.

6. English Language
The map must be in English in-game and on the Hive description. The grammar and spelling must be understandable. Bilingual maps are acceptable.

7. Credits List
The authors of imports you used (models, icons, skins, spells, etc) must be credited in your map submission post/description. Crediting imports in-game is not required but is encouraged. Note that if you're missing any, you can "View Resources In Use" below your map description of the map page.​

8. External Imports
The use of external materials from sources outside of Warcraft III is only permitted if the under which they are released allows it, or it can be classified as Fair Use.
- Any material created by Blizzard Entertainment can safely be used.
- If they are released without terms / license, having permission from the author is preferred but not required, because the original author has full rights to have it removed.
- The Hive Workshop deems the usage of copyrighted material in maps Fair Use as long as the map does not take value away from the source (e.g. a game) and the usage is non-profitable.
9. Appropriate Content
- Any instance of Nazi, racial, ethnic, sexuality, gender, national, and religious prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism should be kept to a minimum.
- Pornographic or excessively obscene / gory content is not permitted.

10. Tags

All selected tags must be relevant and all relevant tags must be selected.

11. No Resubmission

Resubmitting a previously submitted map is not permitted. Even when deleted first. You can request your map to be undeleted and re-reviewed in the Staff Contact forum.

12. Title

All bundles and maps must bear a fitting title. (e.g. don't use the title "Footman Wars" for a Maul.)

13. Compatibility

All maps must run in an unmodified version of Warcraft 3 and preferably work in the latest version of the game.
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