Starcraft 2 Submission Rules

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Jun 30, 2016

Starcraft 2 Resource Section Rules

General Submission Rules

  • English only!
    in-game text and hive description. The grammar and spelling must be adequate.

  • The description of the submission (if sc2mod) must also state on which servers it is uploaded on.

  • All submissions must state their dependencies, if any.
    • This includes both blizzard and external dependencies
      • Submissions using external dependencies are only approved if the dependencies are being hosted on the hive workshop.
        • Maps are excluded from this rule if the dependency exists online.

  • No resource may have multiple resource pages for different versions. Use the Edit button.

  • All submissions must obey the site's code of conduct.
  • All submissions must bear a fitting name.

  • Minor modifications are not allowed.
    • A mod containing a big number of minor modifications is allowed.

  • Imports from other games are not allowed.
    • Blizzard game exports are allowed only if they're modified for the sc2 engine (normals, speculars, animations, etc) and have great visuals.

  • All submissions must have documentation about their usage.
  • An asset created by a different author requires proof of the author's documented and verifiable permission.

  • Galaxy snippets belong in the galaxy script section.
  • No unedited assets found in any blizzard archive are allowed whatsoever.
  • Your submission may be rejected for various reasons. If your submission was rejected and not enough information was given about the rejection, you can request additional information from the moderator that rejected your asset.
  • Submissions that are bound to insult some people (racist, etc) are not allowed. Minor exceptions allowed under consideration from the staff.

Icon Submission Rules

  • Submitted icon resources have to be at least 50% freehand work. Filter works, recolors and copy-pasting of other artworks are not considewheat freehand content. Drawing a complete artwork and then copying/rotating it around multiple times in a single icon is not considered freehand work!
  • All icons must include at least one invisible light source for highlights and a set of shadows to follow it.
  • All icons must have no borders whatsoever. border packs can be uploaded as packs.
  • Stealing artwork, or in other words, cnp (copy and paste), is prohibited - these resources will not be approved and might result in punishment, if done continuously.
  • Screenshot icons are only allowed they accompany the model they represent.
  • Hue changes (changing color) of your uploaded icons or of original, ladder blizzard entertainment icons, will only be approved if they show great usefulness and are in the same mod.
    • Otherwise, please attach color variations to the first post (or upload them to the pastebin) of your resource thread.
    • Recolored icons still need to be at least 50% freehand work.
  • Edited original blizzard entertainment icon submissions that do not fulfill the 50% ≤ freehand content criterion, but the criterion of usefulness, will be approved like the following:
    • The submitter's nickname will be set as "alternative author", while the main "author" will be renamed to "Blizzard Entertainment".
      This is done to store all original blizzard entertainment footage in one place - Blizzard Entertainment.

Model Submission Rules

  • If parts from other custom models are in use, permission must have been granted from the author along with credit given in the description of the submission.
  • All models should have proper animations and portraits. No excuses.
    • doodads and other non-selectable units are excluded from the portrait rule.
  • The mesh must be clean, with no unnecessary edges, faces (triangles) or polygons (quads).
  • The uv map must be decent and continuous, with as few seams as possible and proper stretching of the texture.
  • Buildings, destructible, and unit models that require animations should be properly animated. If the model has custom animations, they must be good and smooth. Animations cannot be too slow or too fast and should be as realistic as possible.
  • The model must have proper reference points.
  • Model edits are allowed as long as the model is changed significantly, with appropriate acknowledgment by a resource moderator.
  • If the model has any custom textures, they must adhere to the texture/skin submission rules.
  • The submission must include an in-game screenshot with natural lighting (e.g. Aiur).

Map Submission Rules

  • Submitted map resources need to have a good description on the hive. Map title, author, features list, short gameplay explanation, a credits list, screenshots, a changelog, etc.
    A map description that only contains "hope you like it, my first map" or "power core v3 new updates, see loadingscreen good map" will be rejected.
    Suggested links: bbcode list

  • A valid author:
    If the author's name is different from the uploader's name, please tell us if it's just another one of your usernames.
    If you are simply uploading the map of another user to share it with people, without the author's permission, then the map will be rejected.

  • A full credits list:
    Both in the hive description & quest log in-game. What needs to be in the list? Name of the authors. (optional: Name of the resource)

  • Map type+category:
    Please do not spam several types, just stick to 1 or 2.

  • Protected/open source? let the community know in the hive description.

  • All maps must bear a fitting title.
    Example: "Just another starcraft 2 map" is not allowed.

  • Ripped resources from other games are not allowed to be used, unless they are from another blizzard entertainment game.

  • Work in progress (wip) maps are not allowed, the map needs to be a complete release.
    Alpha and beta versions, "teasers/trailers", etc. Can be posted in modifications development presentation.

  • Average quality standard - a certain amount of quality is required, the gameplay needs to be somewhat fun, the terrain must not be lacking and a bit of originality should be present.
    Note: Replicas are not allowed!

  • Efficient triggering - the triggering needs to be efficient and mostly leakless.
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