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Tool Submission Rules

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Level 8
Jun 30, 2016
  • Submissions must have an adequate description. They must clearly detail the purpose of the tool and the core features and functions alongside system requirements such as the Warcraft III version and Operating System it is intended to work with.

  • Tools must be related to Warcraft III.

  • If applicable, tools must support the latest Warcraft III patch, or have intentions of doing so.

  • Tools must be in accordance with all international copyright laws.

  • No tool may violate the End-User License Agreement of Warcraft III or any other software.

  • Tools may not contain illegal cracks, hacks, viruses, worms, trojans, mules, root-kits, key generators, exploits, or any other potentially harmful scripts or macros.

  • Tools containing any other type of adware, malware, or spyware are also prohibited.

  • All required files for the execution of the tool must be included in the download excluding any that the tool is specifically created to interact with, but cannot be included due to violation of any other rule (e.g. reliance on Warcraft game data). An exception to this rule are C++/C# frameworks, which can be linked to instead of bundled in.

  • Tools may be rejected by moderators at any time for any reason.

  • Tools not made by the submitter must credit the tool's author and provide evidence of the author's permission for the submission of that tool on the site.

  • Tools must have as many relevant tags as possible to improve filtering.

  • All relevant contributing members must be added to the bundle as authors. Currently this is done by posting in the Staff Contact forum with a list of usernames and a link to your bundle.

  • All tools must bear a fitting title. (e.g. a submission titled "Elephant" with an icon depecting a tree will not be approved.).

  • Bundles must only consist of tools that belong together, but preferably separate bundles.
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