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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    Oh no... don't tell me you retired :/ It's getting tough to deal with the pending maps nowadays and I could use of your help.
    The map reviewers are in need of you! The group has been very inactive for the last 2 months and I would like to see you back into action in the maps section and help moderators like myself to speed up the process of moderation.

    Thanks in advance.
    Map Reviewer News
    Hello fellow map reviewer or moderator. -Kobas- recently lent the group maintainer position it to me. Whether you are inactive or not, I feel it would be best to know than not know. If you have any questions please message me or post in the group.

    Happy Hiving and take care!

    Yes I do!

    I'm doing well, I've still been mapping on and off all these years.

    Great to hear from you, what have you been up to?
    My god, I recently paid a visit to the old website, it brings back memories haha. Sorta miss that really... What have you been up to anyway Bounty?
    I swore I'd stop giving people their happy birthdays, but it's bounty, I am obliged :) happy birthday or sad one if you don't like aging.
    I would love if you would stick around and say hi now and then :)
    Good luck to you and your projects.
    Things are pretty much sorted out and running smoothly again.

    I am doing well. Busy with studying but I spend more time on the site than I have in years.
    I am planning on getting back to wc3 modding when I get more time on my hands.
    Thanks Rui :) It was a happy birthday, though I'm not okay with the aging part. Did you know that I'm 20 allready? Where did the time go. I wish I could go back to the date I registered to the Hive and start everything again :p 2005, that year seems fine by me.

    Oh well, no use looking back. See you in chat sometimes, hope you are doing fine :)
    bounty! =D 'Tis your birthday today? Happy birthday, or sad birthday if you like aging as much as I do (>.<)
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) he is a excellent reviewer and should be given credit as i have now seen all my maps are completly shit house :p
    hey bounty, I'm kinda busy with school aswell, exams in 2 weeks. I kinda stopped mapping, probably won't start again either, maybe when sc2 comes out, but I probably won't be able to play it.
    hey sry i didnt say thanks. Have sort of quit visiting the site. Also a late happy birthday! :)
    Imam nazalost posla ovih dana. Treba da odem na faks pa zbog toga moram da spremim ispit...znas kako je.
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