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Last Activity:
Mar 4, 2021 at 9:33 AM
Sep 17, 2009
Jan 27, 1988 (Age: 33)


Intensifies, 33

Zwiebelchen was last seen:
Mar 4, 2021 at 9:33 AM
    1. Mythic
      Happy Birthday!
    2. looking_for_help
    3. Darklycan51
    4. deepstrasz
    5. deepstrasz
      1. Zwiebelchen
        Nothing i can add to the discussion. Im not into Sc2 modding and never was.
        Jul 19, 2020
      2. deepstrasz
        Jul 19, 2020
    6. Baffoult
      Hi, sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but is there a way to use Extension pack with WC3 Reforged, now that all custom map data is located in documents folder? thx
      1. Zwiebelchen
        Just place it within the CustomMap folder and it should work.
        Jul 6, 2020
    7. marcos candine
      marcos candine
      Hello Zwiebelchen,
      im a huge fan of gaias, i saw that you have a new project and it will be a role new gaias.
      I want to know if i could have the honour to have the old gaias map, so i could improve or update it! if its not possible at least you could send me some of the systems that you implemented like (save/load, pet, threat, spellbook), so i can make a "gaias" like new map with many new things!
      I'm a very good terrainer because of your maps inspirations and i also love your style (equipments attachment effects, the AI controls of pets, boss fights)!
      So if you please could send me the old map or these triggers, it would be very happy!
      1. Zwiebelchen
        Gaias Retaliation is not an asset compilation for lazy mapmakers.
        Feb 24, 2020
    8. Misha
      hm.. have i dropped by your page before? with an idea to ask you about applying animation skills on some of my models? O.o
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Misha
        the transformers is human-shaped, if we ignore the extra bones it has.
        you think you could give a robot some fluid human anims? he already has a lot from one other guy, who went off the site, a long time ago
        Aug 8, 2019
      3. Zwiebelchen
        Hm. I don't think I'm interested in animating a robot. It is too far detached from what I usually do, unfortunately.
        Aug 14, 2019
      4. Misha
        i don't really have anything else for ya .u.
        Aug 14, 2019
    9. Stefan.K
      Hey there! I have some plans of making some Female paladin model/s so I thought about asking about permission to use the bones and animations from your Valkyrie model. So can I? I will give the credits for your work, of course.
      1. Zwiebelchen
        Feel free to use bones and animations from my model.
        Jul 15, 2019
      2. Stefan.K
        Jul 15, 2019
    10. chanckaka
      Hi Zwiebelchen, bag system in Gaias Retaliation ORPG is really useful, the bag always at the same point of hero, but hidden HP bar, may I know how to make this works?
      1. Vasialalko
        Make it a building-type unit
        Jun 20, 2019
      2. chanckaka
        Thank you Vasialalko!
        Jun 21, 2019
    11. BjornWotansson
      Hello, Zwiebelchen Greetings from Venezuela, I have a question
      Is necesarry download the extension pack if I'm playing the last version?
      Good job man I love You
    12. DatBoi
      How does the dungeon generation in Blackfire work in Gaia's Retaliation?
      1. Zwiebelchen
        I uploaded the whole system to hive. Just search for dungeon generator.
        Feb 14, 2019
      2. DatBoi
        how did you make that stamp system? The copying all doodads in region and pasting it in other place
        Feb 14, 2019
      3. Zwiebelchen
        Just read the tutorial on it.
        Feb 16, 2019
    13. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
    14. pyf
      Happy Birthday, Zwiebelchen!
    15. deepstrasz
    16. cyemekaray
      Hi I am a new mapmaker who doesn't have any experience with vJASS or JASS. I have only used GUI triggers. I am trying to import your Threat Detection System into my map but i can't get it to work. I followed all the instructions you wrote but I still can't see the threat leaderboard in the game and i'm not sure its working. No compiler errors.

      I did these things
      " - Create a trigger called "ZTS"
      // - Convert it to custom Text
      // - Replace everything inside with this code"

      I also tried copying in the other scripts too but it didnt change anything

      Could you please help me? Thanks!
      1. Zwiebelchen
        The leaderboard is not part of the system.
        Dec 12, 2018
    17. divinehelper
      hello man. if you need i can help you're with new quest or new items or balance. or add new content.
      new mehanics and etc. pm me. and we can talk about it.
      btw i you're fun guy. you're so pretty man. which is worth admiring
    18. WolfFarkas
      2nd melee contest poll started, in the link you can (if you wish) download all the maps from the zip file, see them all and rate what do you think are the 5 best maps. If you donĀ“t have competitive melee knoledge, is okay, you can use other criteria like: enviroment, effort, map shape and others. The general public opinion is important to define 20% of the final score https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/melee-mapping-contest-2-poll.308814/
    19. RamiBlack
      thank you for making such an awesome map!
    20. KirisakaKagura
      Hi I am sorry have problem at Gaias Retaliation discord.

      and I have that game video
      because Administator make willful distortion of the facts and kick me.
      So I want to let you know what happened.
      And I really love this game.

      there have video. I won't delete and already copy it.
      also I have reason for that video comment. you can see it.
      thank you very much.
      Zwiebelchen Gaias Retaliation Orpg author.
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    Jan 27, 1988 (Age: 33)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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