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  • Hey man, sorry to bother you but I have a question about two player campaigns that I couldn't find a clear answer for around Hive. I'm making a custom campaign that would be doable with 1 player, but would be more interesting if it was 2 players. However I don't really understand how save codes work right now. Does the use of save codes (which I'm pretty sure is the only way to save heroes for two players) require me to know JASS well? If not, is there a good tutorial somewhere on how to use save codes?
    2 player warcraft3 campaign levels lmao, you sir are a mad man -- well done though -- must of been hard. to 2 player an entire campaign like that. bravo.

    though theoretically could you not just ''increase'' the supply cap of one hostile ai faction and make the campaign levels ''3'' player? lol jk but seriously this is pretty awesome dude -- pretty dope
    spoon can you give me your disc i need a favour. Can you recomend me any warcraft 3 pirate version to download to play 2p campaign with my friend
    The 2P campaign(s), can it unlock progress as though I'm playing the campaign solo for the first time?
    Spoon Can i ask a favour?

    Im trying to disable the trigger which requies 2players to start. Can you please tell which specific Trigger it is to disable this? I've been removing everything in hopes for it to start lol.
    Yoo, i have some trouble playing 2P campaign can you help me pls. I downloaded the maps and i put them in my "maps" folder, but when i want to create game i select 2P campaign and than i select chapter one but there is nothing to select afterwards. Can you help me :/. I have :D version of the game
    how copy the code or find code for copy paste that just i most get screen shut? for this?
    hey Spoon do you know how I can fix my problem. When I play your 2p campaign I can only write -insane or the load code. Is it a gimmick of making it harder on insane or can I somehow do both?
    the save code contains the difficulty from the previous map
    hello, I have a question how to copy the code where I finish the first campaign, and I start the second one and give -load and that code
    Chapter 2 in Human campaign isnt working btw, it doesnt detect it!
    Playing with a friend , we have to skip it i guess.
    But the campaigns seem good
    Edit: Also, we're tryna discover how Save works
    Edit2: Learnt about the Save, just "1" and "L" mess up sometimes.
    Hey, do you have 2 player campaign for the campaigns of TFT? Or just ROC?
    TFT is not finished yet, still working, sorry!
    Hi! Can you share with me your sourse maps? I want translate this maps on Russian. And I want improve a little things. Maybe you help me with my trouble. I can't play an undead campaign. I can't play on this maps, because my game not see them. And I can't open broken maps in WorldEdit. I hope you can help me. Thank you for your job! I like these maps.
    Spoooooon! Im'a wait till the end of June 2019 to release my v of Zombination on HIVE. It would be great to have your approval beforehand--thanks...
    K. I am going to post anyways due to lack of response, crediting you as OG maker, of course.
    Hello there,

    Me and my girlfriend have started to play the 2P Campaign. IT IS AWESOME!!! We have reached the Sentinel Campaign and were frustrated by the fact that we couldn't share units between us. Usually she builds units/structures and I attack. Could you please tell us what trigger/function/variable should we modify in order to be able to share the units between us?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!!
    Ive added additions to your zombination map. I am hoping to show them to you and get your permission to post on HIVE.
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) If you enjoy the 2p series, can i suggest you try my coop series? Its the first custom 2p campaign series on hive, if you have a friend you will enjoy it!
    I play with a stranger in Gameranger and now we are friends thanksto your map. I found a small bug in your Night Elf map named "Chapter 6: A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow". After Illidan reachs the Skull of Gundal, the another hero will be glitched (can select all 3 flying orbs - sprite of this hero as a unit group).
    Thanks for so many entertaining hours for me and my friend! Im also very happy that Gismo took over the project to try to complete it which he is doing a great job with. Would love to see you, Gismo and Mqvablood finish the last 2 maps on NightElf and TFT Campaign.
    Hope you continue your 2P campaign! I'm looking forward for the extra undead mission like in the human campaign.
    Oh man, you don't even know how i appreciate the work you made there. If you can continue this project... I can even pay for it
    Hey man, why did you stop making 2p campaign? I tried a couple of missions with my best friend and felt that i was my hero and he was his. I won't speak of my other feelings about that project, because they are undescribable. Today we'll go play forth and we kinda wanted to play every mission.
    If you need help or something, just speak of it. I started a project that is not finished by now too. After a year of being offline in it, I patch it piece by piece every day. No matter will I spend 15 minutes or hour per day. And it's progressing I got to say.
    With my message I want to give you a natural right to say 'Job's finished'. Please find a minute and write me back. Best wishes~
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