Element TD Survivor 4.3b

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What is Element Tower Defense?

Element TD is an eight player Warcraft III Custom Game. Following the tradition of past Tower Defenses, invading hordes follow a specific path from start to finish. Towers must be built, creeps must be killed, victory must be earned!

A Proliferation of Strategy: Earth, Fire, and Water...

Unlike most Tower Defenses, Element TD has two major innovations that allow for a depth of strategy unseen in contemporary Tower Defense gameplay.

Whereas traditional Warcraft 3 Tower Defenses overlook armor type and attack type, Element TD creates its own world wherein each invading horde and attacking tower has a specific corresponding element.

Each elemental armor takes additional damage from the element preceding it and retains near-invulnerability from the element following it. Consequently, each tower deals damage based on its attack element versus the armor element of the invading creeps.

The circle of elements goes as follows:
Light > Darkness > Water > Fire > Nature > Earth > ... Light

Is That All?

Element TD retains a unique form of leveling up defensive towers that opens the door for a new dimension of strategy. Beginning at level 5 and for every 5 levels after that, the player chooses an Elemental Guardian to summon. These guardians channel the secrets of deep and powerful elemental magik, and when killed they grant the user the use of a specific element.

These elements either infuse existing towers with their specific qualities or inhabit their own, specialized elemental tower. Beginning with two elements, the user can combine elements and create unique dual and triple element towers. Each tower has its own offensive and support capabilities. No two elemental towers are alike in Element TD.

The Devil's in the Details...

Each element can be chosen again in order to create base element towers of levels 1, 2, and 3. In this way the 6 base elements create six base towers, each upgrade corresponding to how many guardians of a single element a user has slain.

Each element combines with another element to create a unique dual tower, and each dual tower can combine with a third and separate element to create a triple element tower. There are 15 dual towers and 20 triple towers in Element TD.

Furthermore, each hybrid tower can be upgraded to increase its own specific attack or support capabilities. Towers may only be upgraded if all of their component elements have been brought to the next level. In Element TD, better towers are only available by killing more Elemental Guardians.

Example: Two dead Fire Guardians and two dead Water Guardians allows for a level 2 Fire + Water dual-element tower.

The Rich Get Richer?

While players' instincts might be to build as strong a defense as they can manage in a Tower Defense, you are rewarded for putting off building that expensive tower and hoarding your money in Element TD. Every 15 seconds, all players gain interest on their unspent gold to the tune of 2% of their current cash. Players may also increase the initial interest rate once every five levels at the cost of an Element pick. In higher difficulty levels survival depends upon proper tower placement and cash management.

In allowing some gold to accumulate, you may find that early level creeps sneak past your defenses; however, Element TD does not trade off money lost in kills for money gained by hoarding.

Players no longer lose gold for missing out on a crucial creep kill. In most Tower Defense games, if you let a creep reach the end of its path, you lose a life and whatever gold you would have gotten from killing it. In Element TD, leaked creeps respawn at the start of the path. This gives you another chance at the gold they carry, but gives the creep another chance at you.

To reach the end of Element Tower Defense, all 60 waves must be completely defeated.

At the End of the Road there Lies a Dark and Disturbing Victory...

Visit the site at http://www.eletd.com

Element TD Survivor 4.3b (Map)

15:25, 11th Jul 2009 PurplePoot: A quite famous and well-respected map which doesn't really need another review to tell people it's awesome. Rated Highly Recommended based on user input, fame, and quality ingame.




15:25, 11th Jul 2009
PurplePoot: A quite famous and well-respected map which doesn't really need another review to tell people it's awesome. Rated Highly Recommended based on user input, fame, and quality ingame.
Level 5
Jun 7, 2008
This is a really great map. Very Strategic and the towers are very expandable ^_^

I have played a map like this before that its players who choose which creeps spawn.
So like for example. If Player one tends to spawn 5 Rabbits, 5 Rabbits will spawn on all other player's lane or whichever you call it.
Do you know where that version of this game went to?
Level 16
Jun 17, 2007
Element TD Survivor is a map that had much to live up to; the quality of excellence brought by the previous versions.

The map was presented incredibly; all of the imported material and terrain were done beautifully. I see you used the tile ~Void~ copy&pasted created. The only thing I can recommend is changing 'Quests' to 'Map Info' or 'Readme'. Other than that, it was golden. The terrain was the best I've seen in a TD. You credited ~Void~ as 'Void', although that is small in contrast to the many positives of the map.

The gameplay was the best in a TD I've ever seen, and I've played a fair number of TDs. The game was largely configurable, making each game play-out different from the last. The exceptional number of commands contributed to the excellence of the gameplay. The way elements can be combined combined with the polished gameplay was pure fun. Every element felt unique, balanced, and specialized depending on the current situation. Take it from me, this map is good.

Rating: 1.0 and not recome- kidding!

5.0 and recommended for approval.
Level 5
Jun 7, 2008
Im not sure if this bug is possible or not.
But i think you can build Buildings on some areas you're not supposed to have buildings built on(Like the place for the Element thing). Some of the players(depending on which side they're on) can create buildings on that side of the map.

Though, im not sure though.
Level 1
Apr 21, 2008
Map looks great, is fun to play, With enough options that u cant help but try them all. With just a few imbalances n bugs that bother me such as the multiple builders bug in player choice mode, life towers getting people to 150+ life's, some of the pures being to weak for the price. Overall great work cant wait for the next patch. Also the terrain is wicked looking n all but still a few players spaces that r bland im sure the host wants to play on the cool terrain too =). 5/5 Keep it up
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
4.1 Released!


-Fixed the multiple builder bug
-Fixed Ronald crash bug
-Fixed healing heals upon leak

-Major improvements to creep pathing (they stay on path and don't cut corners anymore)
-Improvements in performance for Radius, Poison, Roots, Electricity, Gunpowder, Ice, Hydro, and Flesh Golem

-Ronald tweaked (see below)
-Terrain for area 4 (Purple) and 5 (Yellow) remade
-Builder now has a custom skin and voice (not so boring anymore!)
-Ronald's custom skin was improved, notice the hair, belt, and shoes

-Elemental trophy terrain visibility fixes
-Fixed misplaced pure essence trophy
-Fixed SW (Super Weapons) Life Boost/Waygate hotkey conflict
-Fixed extra investment tooltip error

-Renamed some of the dialog boxes to make the mode less ambiguous
-Buildable areas behind portals removed, accessibility to random/extreme forbidden
-Contributor builder added for MagicalHacker, cohadar, and Isin (Void)
-Added race mode message to announce first clear

-Each upgrade now boosts both movespeed by 15 and hp by 15%, as opposed to just hp by 15%
-There are now only 15 levels of upgrade as opposed to 20
-New upgrade rates are: 10/20/30/50/75/100/150/200/300/400/500/750/1000/1250/1500
-Performance optimized, a lot
Level 2
Sep 26, 2008
I've always loved this TD, and the full 4.0 version was quite amazing. I can't wait to start hosting this much needed update. (As soon as I finish writing this and downloading and moving the map and yadda, yadda.) This TD is just built so well, I do have to agree with what some people have been saying tho, you really should give players a little more control over what terrain they get, I get bored of the grass at times. (It does look nice tho.)

5/5 (Kickass Map)



Level 14
Nov 29, 2006
This map must be approved asap!!!

This TD is so awesome I think it really does deserve recommended or perhaps Directors Cut award.

One of the most refined TD's there is. I find this td as awesome as Gem TD! The only few TD's I like.

Level 18
Mar 13, 2009
My favorite td by far and one of the few td's I actually care for :)

Gameplay is a huge improvement compared to all those td's focusing on having a lot of boring towers rather than some really interesting ones. I think it's good that you wont lose gold due to leaking (resulting in more leaks) and interest keeps things interesting compared to my bad puns. Terrain has been well done (gratz ~Void~) and at least the maze is not unnecessarily huge.

Only downside is that some spells like that Bat Wave could get laggy and I don't like scare Ronalds, but that's not keeping me from giving a 5/5 for this awesome map :)
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
4.2 Released!


-Added new gamemode: Draft Pick
-Reworked Magic/Sorcery/Wizardry to function with buffs correctly (DF)
-Reworked Quark/Electron/Atom to function with buffs correctly (EL)
-Reworked Flesh Golem/Patchwork Abomination Tower (ENW)
-Reworked Flamethrower/Flamespewer Tower (DEF)
-Reworked Disease/Decay/Death Tower (DN)
-Reworked Oblivion/Necromancy Tower (DLN)
-Reworked Poison/Pollution/Pestilence Tower (DW)
-Reworked Vapor/Mist/Steam Tower (FW)
-Reworked Mushroom/Toadstool/Fungus Tower (EN)
-Added a zoom library, type in -zoom xxxx (500-3000) to zoom in (lower value) or out (higher value). 1700 is the default.
-Added Game Time to multiboard
-Added "Sudden Death" for Ronald round at 2000 kills (becomes Undead/Healing/Mechanical and leaks for 3 lives)

-Tier 3 dual support down to 120%
-Tier 1 triple support to 10%
-All instances of 1100 range changed to 1125
-Napalm duration buffed to 3 seconds from 2 (DEF)
-Flame buffed to 150 damage up from 120 (FN)
-Voodoo/Witchcraft range buffed to 700 up from 500 (DFN)
-Tidal/Tsunami reverted to 0.31 speed and 10 attacks to charge (LEW)
-Zealot/Fanatic changed to 1 speed and 11%/20 cap on ability, changed range to 900, up from 700 (EFW)
-Laser/Phasor reverted to 0.31 speed (DEL)
-Flame/Solar/Sun changed to 0.66 speed (FN)
-Shrapnade (Gunpowder/Mortar/Vulcan) is now homing (DE)
-Hail/Comet to 1125 range from 900, and 3 targets from 5 (DLW)
-Hail buffed to 1200 damage from 750 (DLW)
-Buffed Spew Acid (Corrosion (DFW)) and Faerie Fire (Enchantment (ELN)) to 3 armor penalty
-Hydro/Spout/Geyser (EW) and Quaker/Earthshaker (EFN) now have "fairer" randomization
-Buffed Shrapnade (Gunpowder) to 150 damage from 133 (DE)
-Disease/Decay/Death range to 500 from 900 (DW)
-Disease damage to 500 from 375 (DW)
-Autocast added to Tidal/Tsunami Tower (LNW)

-Extreme Mode indicator removed, you can now build there too
-Difficulty selected by the host is now MINIMUM difficulty for all players in the game
-One life now counted as "full life" in Extreme Mode
-Mechanical creeps now play a blinking animation at 9/10/11 mana to give some indication of "going off"

-Fixed creep "stutter" when towers massed or speed too high
-Buildable on path bug for area 7 fixed
-Problems with Race Mode fixed
-Fixed attack delay after casting an ability for Magic/Sorcery/Wizardry (DF), Mushroom/Toadstool/Fungus (EN) and Hail/Comet (DLW)
-Element Query (on your builder) does not have a useless ability anymore
-Fixed maximum HP for Elementals/Ronalds
-Added message to announce round clear
-Added gold effect (like interest) above creeps when killed
-Removed "Not Enough Votes" message
-Singleplayer now has the same dialogs as if you were hosting the game
-Fixed position of default essences (the free ones)
-Fixed a bug when players left during loading that ended a game unexpectedly

-Optimized spawn performance throughout the game
-Optimized floating text and prevented limit cutoff
-Optimized trigger dealing with random bosses, hopefully reduced spawning lag
-Optimized loading time slightly
-Hopefully fixed the rare "towers stop attacking etc." bug
-Optimized kick system, now uses -kick only
-Fog removed for better compatibility with zooming and also performance increase
-Optimized Same Random trigger just a tiny bit

-Added new effect for Quaker/Earthshaker Tower (EFN)
-Added new effect for Radius/Orbit Tower (DFL)
-Added new effect for Nova/Supernova Tower (FLN)
-Added new effect for Vapor/Mist/Steam Tower (FW)
-New effects for Impulse (FNW), Radius (DFL), Periodic (DWFNEL), Flamethrower (DEF)
-Added attack animation to Disease/Decay/Death Tower (DN)
-Improved tooltips for Vapor/Mist/Steam Tower (FW)
-Improved tooltips for Polar/Ice Age Tower (ELW)
-Fixed Sunburn tooltip error (FN)
-Fixed Orbit (upgrade) tooltip error (DFL)
-Fixed Focus (Laser) tooltip error (DEL)
-Incantation build tooltip error fixed (ELN)
-Various other tooltip improvements and fixes
-Electron model changed (EL)
-Steam model changed (FW)
-Impulse projectile scale reduced (FNW)
-Changed texttag color of Impulse/Velocity (FNW), Laser/Phasor (DEL) and Quark/Electron/Atom (EL)
-Slight color tint change for Electricity/Lightning/Energy (FL)
-Pure Essence model changed
-Returned Attack/Stop/Patrol/Hold/Move icons back to default
-Interest texttag duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1
-Updated "Element Query" icon
-Stopped "You're the last survivor" message from popping up multiple times
-Added message to announce round clear
-Added gold effect (like interest) above creeps when killed
-Added new effect for Mechanical Creeps
-Order of elements in map description fixed

-meateor, Deaod added to credits
Level 7
Dec 18, 2008
I never say good comments for maps easily.
Most times i found more cons than pros.
But this time, as i say the bad things, i will tell the good things, too.. ITS AWESOME!
My favorite TD i ever played.
However (there comes the cons) the old ELement TD was better i thing in some ways as the Lazer tower and the Rainbow Tower Where my favorite Towers and in new versions i cant find the rainbow and the Lazer Tower is completly Destroyed.
Also, i cant build towers that well as in the old terrain.

But i will keep saying.
Just awesome! Needs some things to fix wich are not big problem.



Vote for Approved.
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
4.2b Released


-Optimized TextSplats (floating text)!
-Fixed Comet tower
-Fixed Necromancy tower
-Fixed construction cancel abuse with clones
-Fixed loss of interest and message display when players leave after being the last survivor
-Fixed "Switch" (Vapor Tower) hotkey conflict
-Fixed timed out difficulty selection (now sets to minimum possible)
-Fixed Sunburn (Flame) text display not decrementing
-Removed text display from Napalm (Flamethrower)
-Various performance optimizations
-First to clear round message only shows in multiplayer now
Level 6
Feb 27, 2008
well, said it before (and rated it before) but i have a few strange bugs to report

1. One guy had built an awesome defense, and it was clear that he would get the most ronald kills. However, at the ronald stage, his towers didn't attack at all!
2. I was going for the DNEF build... starting with N so i can get E and then D = slow which can carry on until the next lumber at which i finish my build. H
However, the fire element was missing! I didn't know what to get so i got water and i lost a few levels later.
Why the hell was the fire element missing?
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
4.2c Released!


-Added a minimum range of 500 to Impulse/Velocity towers
-Buffed Fire to 12 damage from 11
-Yet another performance tweak to TextSplats
-Minor bug fix for TextSplats (regarding fading)
-TextSplats (combat ones) are now slightly larger but last a shorter duration
-Changed color of Quantum Beam TextSplat
-Added autocast option to Magic/Sorcery/Wizardry and Hail/Comet towers
Level 1
Jan 22, 2010
the newest version 4.2c still has that bug where towers randomly stop attcking all togethere... (exept casting towers)
its sometimes called a rare bug but it has happend to me the last 5 or 6 times i played this map... for me it this map is unplayable... maybe it is becasue i played easy mode and always get pretty far in the game but at some time my towers always stop attacking
here is a replay attachment where the bug also takes place. please fix it.


  • Ele TD BUG.w3g
    227.5 KB · Views: 160
Level 3
Apr 1, 2009
Full List Of bugs i Found personally.

1. Draft Pick is Equal To All Pick . So Basically draft pick doesnt work
2. On normal mode , purple normal difficulty is really Very Easy.
3. orange doesnt have nature.


tower stop attacking creeps.
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
1. Draft Pick is Equal To All Pick . So Basically draft pick doesnt work
2. On normal mode , purple normal difficulty is really Very Easy.
3. orange doesnt have nature.

Can you elaborate on all three?

1. You realize that Draft Pick is basically All Pick with some elementals and towers removed from the game right?

2. I could not confirm this, in fact my testing shows otherwise. Replay?

3. Huh? Never ran into this. Replay?
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
4.2d Released!


-Fixed "Towers Stop Attacking!" bug
-Fixed the location you could build on Blue's path
-Fixed 1 hp Karawasa's essence
-Interest upgrade cap decreased from 2 to 1 in random mode
-Ronald upgrade interval changed from 10/20/30/50/75/100/150/200/300/400/500/750/1000/1250/1500/2000 to 10/20/30/40/50/75/100/125/150/200/250/300/350/425/500
-Ronald "Sudden Death" spread over three instances...resurrection at 75, healing at 250, mechanical at 500
-Changed texttag display of bounty to WC3 default (for performance)
-Added texttag display for mechanical countdown (uses WC3 default)
-Added texttag display for Napalm (Flamethrower) (uses custom)
-Texttag displays are now local to the player (i.e. you only see your texttags)
-Tower texttag display duration shortened from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds
-Fade point for all texttags (custom ones) from 66% of duration to 80% (for performance)
-Added texttag display for Douse (Tidal) (uses WC3 default)
-Added texttag display for Wrath (Zealot) (uses WC3 default)
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
4.3 Released!


-Added a 5 second fade in cinematic with web address
-Fast creeps now move at normal speed and speed up periodically instead (see below)
-Added 6 abilities to the builder by default via items (see below), "Disable Weapons" mode removes them
-Added new creep type "Image" (see below)
-Ronald upgrade system tweaked (see below)
-Balanced bounty (see below)
-Nerfed Life to 1500 damage down from 1625 damage
-Fixed multiple Trickery autocast issue
-Nerfed Hail to 1140 damage down from 1200 damage
-Shortened singleplayer dialog menu by eliminating multiplayer only options

**Builder Weapons**
-Builders have 600 mana with 1 mana per second regen, the six abilities are cast via items
-Heal creeps in 500 AoE for 25% of max HP instantly, 300 mana cost
-Give creeps max armor in 500 AoE for 5 seconds, 300 mana cost
-Give creeps max speed in 500 AoE for 5 seconds, 300 mana cost
-Steal 4% of target player's (builder) gold, 150 mana cost
-Put target builder to sleep for 5 seconds, 150 mana cost
-Instantly sell target tower (giving full refund), 150 mana cost

-When this creep has full mana (15), it will spawn an image the next time it is damaged
-Image lasts 5 seconds and takes normal damage, image doesn't leak or give gold
-Levels 13, 23, 27, 38, 42, 51, 57

-When this creep reaches full mana (3), it will burst for one second
-Burst gives 100% increased move speed

**Bounty Balance**
-The base number used in the calculation of bounty is now variable depending on difficulty level
-VH is 1.1, this was the past default value
-H is 1.0985, N is 1.097, E is 1.095, VE is 1.0925
-Bounty is equal to Base^(Level-1)

-Gains Undead at 75 killed
-Gains Image at 200 Killed
-Gains Healing at 350 Killed
-Loses Image, Gains Mech at 500 killed


Map Reviewer
Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
Cool map.

I like the way blood goes on the floor :X.
What's interest for ?
I would like to see some random start locations. At first I didn't know where the creeps would come (you could change one of the portal's color or something). :thumbs_up:

I see your not a team playa'.
Last edited:
Level 9
Apr 13, 2006
Happy New Years!


-Fixed the can't attack images bug
-Reduced level three elemental boss HP to 37500 from 75000 (Karawasa's Essence to 75000 from 150000)
-Made "builder weapons" optional through Super Weapons mode
-Added periodic advertisement of SC2 version
-Removed both buildable spots in Blue's area
-Changed Mushroom to a boomerang type attack
-Change Vapor to an AoE chain reaction type attack
-Changed Oblivion to a reload ammo type attack
-Changed Poison to an increase AoE overtime type attack
-Fixed builder for one of the beta leaders
-Fixed the trickery tower no clone bug
-Changed countdown timers (see below)

**Countdown Timers**
Level 1-20 = 15/12/9/6/3
Level 21-40 = 20/16/12/8/4
Level 41-60 = 25/20/15/10/5