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Last Activity:
Jun 26, 2019 at 12:50 AM
Mar 6, 2008


Mapper - vJasser

Robbepop was last seen:
Jun 26, 2019 at 12:50 AM
    1. honestabe34
      hey Robbe was hoping to tweak some things with the game are giving out the code by any chance? will gladly give credit where credit is due
    2. TatarusStrich
      Hey robbe, i played goh yesterday and noticed that my lovely necromancer has a bug with the skeletons, they stay at basic stats, wich makes the necromancer totally useless. Would be cool if you could fix that problem :D
      1. Robbepop
        The problem was introduced by the blizzard patch 1.29 or 1.30. (not sure) So actually Blizzard has to fix it. Won't put my time into fixing stuff that will probably change again with the next patch anyways.
        Apr 17, 2019
    3. deepstrasz
      1. Robbepop
        Reverted my mistake
        Mar 25, 2019
    4. Shanasmira
      I'd love it if you got back to us back at GoH :) Necromancer really needs some work done on the summons :(
    5. Ragnaros17
      2nd melee contest poll started, in the link you can (if you wish) download all the maps from the zip file, see them all and rate what do you think are the 5 best maps. If you donĀ“t have competitive melee knoledge, is okay, you can use other criteria like: enviroment, effort, map shape and others. The general public opinion is important to define 20% of the final score https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/melee-mapping-contest-2-poll.308814/
    6. Hunterzin
      Hello! Sorry to bother but i've been playing GOH a lot by myself in Local Are Network. Went to battle.net to play with other people but the game said the code was wrong, i left and tryed on Local Area Network and it worked, is it a bug or it works that way? Thank you in advance.
    7. KaszankaSzatanka
      you will continue the map Monster Master RPG, If not I could continue for you?
    8. water_Knight
      What have you been up to these days? Also any chance you could release a fix for GoH? The Neco skels aren't summoning with the latest wc3 patch.
      1. Robbepop
        Hey, I am not aware of any bugs related to my maps since the newest patches. So thank you for reporting it. I might fix them but first I need a windows PC. Would be awesome to have WarCraft III run natively on Linux ... But maybe Wine is just good enough.
        May 17, 2018
    9. TheHappyMapper
      i wish you'd return to us and work on Guild of Hyppos more
      1. Robbepop
        maybe one day ;)
        patch 1.29 seems promising for a decent WarCraft III future.
        but at the moment I try to be not too optimistic and watch the process instead.
        Mar 9, 2018
      2. TheHappyMapper
        omg you actually responded to me, i am now filled with hope
        Mar 14, 2018
    10. xXxMKDxXx
      Is there any chance of Updating "Magistraga ORPG" ??? headlessone is nowhere to be seen..
    11. CanFight
      Just to note, the save/load for guilds of hyppos version 1.35c wont save in your folder though simply writing it down by hand does work. (no file appears in your wc3 folder, and no nothing wrong with my computer everything checked)
      1. Dat-C3
        Did you check the CustomMapData folder?
        Mar 15, 2017
      2. CanFight
        Oh he moved it? Ive played the map for ages and now its changed lol. MB
        Mar 17, 2017
      3. Dat-C3
        Blizzard moved it.
        Mar 18, 2017
    12. RagnarokBazil
      You around Dear sir?
      1. Robbepop
        rarely but sometimes I am
        Apr 16, 2017
    13. Ardenian
      There is a huge difference models. A 3D can be used like a building, but a 2D cannot. a 2D can be used like an interface. So, a 2D would be MUCH easier, speaking of many hours, whereas a 3D model is very complicated and time-consuming, sadly.
    14. Ardenian
      Does the globe has to be 3D or 2D, like an interface ?
      I tried a 3D one and successfully created the base, but the fill is quite challenging to do, a 2D would be much more comfortable for me
    15. Ardenian
      Alright, I start with it now, I think it should be done in max 3 days
    16. Ardenian
      Great news, I think I am able to do the globe request, if you still need it. I found a glass ball in the MPQ.
    17. ILH
      Lol no problem
    18. ILH
      if it isn't too much work for you
      Neither of them is a hard work xD
    19. ILH
      Hey, if I make the distance between arrows a bit further I think it will still likely be the same. The only way to fix this is by making the material non-opaque (alpha/transparent), are you okay with that?
    20. Ardenian
      Yes, it definitely would be awesome and useful, but as I said, I don't know how to create it efficiently or at all. I will try these days and if I achieve something I let you know :)
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