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  • No worries, I'm not in a rush, I really don't have much time during the week to work on my project as it is, so take your time and deal with what you've gotta get done. I'll take a look at CR's icons, thanks.
    Well after a little bit of trigger fixing I improved the fps from 14-23 to 18-28. The improvement took combining around 15 triggers into 4 triggers, but it still wasn't enough. After around 2 min in-game the fps just dropped back to the previous 14-23. I'm going to conclude that your map simply has to many doodads/effects. PS: Looks like this is a multiplayer map, it will lagg even more with more than one player. Sorry that I wasn't able to fix up your system =/
    Alright I'm taking a look at the map now. I'm checking out the system in-game and then in the trigger editor, ATM I've noticed that it has extreme lagg. Most maps play at around 35-60 fps for me, but this one is within 14-23 which is way to low for the map to be playable. I'll PM you if I can figure out how to fix your problem.
    Set filter mode to Blend instead of additive. You can also set it to Modulate, but that requires that you replaces the textures with textures ending on "mod".
    Ok, I want you to send me the map you transferred the spell into. Use pastebin and send me the link via PM. ;]
    Oh, didn't see that, sorry. What's the problem? Did you transfer everything? The ability and triggers? Did you forgot to refresh the condition "(Ability being cast) Equal to (Your ability)"?
    Still workin on it. kinda busy with my life. D: but you know what people says. You can't rush art. =)
    yea but dont steal!! xD
    ganonendorf made them for me
    he make nice smileys
    i want more![IMG]
    i really like them :)
    Will work on it. ;]

    Give me more info about the effect though. The dummy caster will spawn there, what will the main hero be doing? What will the dummy caster be doing (animation/effects on hands for example)?
    i will make something and then i give it to alone and mabye he can add something with freehand or anything else
    hmm left troll could be a little brighter while the right more dark green
    and is there way to make them more blend ot terrain lolz? so it doesnt looks liek pasted troll so much and might wanna do smth with jungle with some filler to make it more warcrafttish type or smth
    still overall its good
    a short preview in which way it goes.
    please say wheather it is ok when i make it like that or it is shit
    the trolls arent so nice imo but look first :)
    i think i will make that with alone together he can a bit freehand
    i will try my best but cant promise such a great ls for such a great game
    Your avatar has been changed because it was inappropriate.
    Have a nice day!
    Well technically speaking yes, but the spell never got finished so.. just do..

    Say X is the starting point, offset by 700 from the target location.

    Set Pos1 = Position of (Target Unit)

    Set X = Pos1 offset by 700 towards Z degrees
    Create Unit at X
    For each Int A from 1 to 10 do:
    -Set x2 = x+(A*100)
    -Unit - Create Unit at x2 towards 0/90/180/270 degrees
    -call RemoveLocation(udg_x2)
    call RemoveLocation(udg_x)

    It will create a line of units.. the square basically is the same aside from that I used all four above mentioned degrees.

    Should be done really easy
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