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Element TD Survivor 5.0

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Background Story

As a fan of Element TD, I always got some idea on improving it, but the original map was not released. I was thinking to rewrite the map by myself (for sure, it will take me ages to do that).
Now, Karawasa and his team is no longer working on Element TD for Warcraft 3. He hoped public to continue the map.
Seeing this as a good chance to improve it, I decided to start working on it.


Elements : Normal, Fire, Nature, Earth, Light, Dark and Water.
Each elements are weaker against another element and stronger against another element.

Special Abilities : Normal, Fast, Regeneration, Illusion, Undead, Mechanical.
The towers that can be built are based on elements, while creeps spawned may have special abilities. Have fun.

They are way too much for me to post here, so I linked it to the official site of Element TD.

Changelog :
Tower :[/b]
Spore Cloud :
- The spores are seperated once the primary spore expired.
Contamination :
- Reverted back to older version.

Performance improvement :
Replaced AutoIndex with my own unit indexing system.
Uses Alloc(by Sevion) to allocate structs.
Modified some spells to use T32(Jesus4Lyf).
Rewrote ORBEngine(my damage detection system-based).
Replaced large amount O(n) search with O(1).
Improved some spells's script, making them more efficient.

Rescale time between level to 14/11.5/9/6.5/4
Removed special workers.]

Credits : kawarasa, emjlr3, Deaod, jesus4lyf, cisz, sevion and more!
You can download the open source version by karawasa, from here
Official thread is here.

Element TD, Element, TD

Element TD Survivor 5.0 (Map)

07:29, 5th Jul 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected